Melina dating

Make no mistake, internet dating is an expensive deal if you are not careful. So before you use the adult dating websites, read the guide I have written down to help you save time, money and effort and stick away from scam sites. Melina talked about the pros and cons of dating someone in the wrestling industry. 'Dating somebody within wrestling, yeah they understand wrestling but at the same time they don't understand. Dating and Travel Partners! 3 . Elaine. Bisexual. Sydney, Australia. 3 . 2 . Marjorie. Straight. Sydney, Australia. 2 . 3 . Delia. Madrid, Colombia. 3 . Meet thousands of dates and travel partners! We are the number one destination for online dating with more dates, more relationships, & more marriages than any other dating or personals site ... Melina Perez’s Boyfriend. Melina Perez is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Melina had at least 3 relationship in the past. Melina Perez has not been previously engaged. She has been in a committed relationship with fellow wrestler John Hennigan. According to our records, she has no children. This is all about Melina Perez relationship history! Right now, she is not into dating stuff but let us all see that when she will get back to her dating session. We will for sure let you on timely basis, as she reports to be in next relation. Who is she dating right now? Melina Perez is currently single. Relationships. Melina Perez has been in relationships with John Hennigan (2003 - 2014) and Mike Knox. Melina Perez has had an encounter with Dave Bautista (2007). About. Melina Perez is a 41 year old American Model (Adult/Glamour). Born Melina Nava Perez on 9th March, 1979 in High ... Melina Aslanidou’s Boyfriend. Melina Aslanidou is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Melina had at least 1 relationship in the past. Melina Aslanidou has not been previously engaged. She was born in southern Germany and was raised in her family’s native Greece. According to our records, she has no children.

Bianca Belair vs. Asuka (c) - WrestleMania: How to get there (Part One)

2020.09.25 16:15 Rogan4Life Bianca Belair vs. Asuka (c) - WrestleMania: How to get there (Part One)

I will stop at TLC in December as the dates for the 2021 events are not set yet. I’ll alternate between each wrestler, PPV to PPV. 4 weeks of Asuka, then 4 weeks of Bianca.
Basic Story Arch - Asuka goes into WrestleMania as the RAW Women’s Champion - Belair becomes the challenger without losing a singles match by pin fall or submission - This will begin after Clash of Champions - I will write PPV to PPV switching between the two characters until they come together - Melina will join RAW
Asuka retains against Zelina Vega. ———————————————————
Asuka, Mickie James, Natalya, Lana - Mickie James wins a enchantment match on RAW. Mickie has an interview post match saying even though she lost last week, she feels a title shot is owed based on their last match with the questionable finish
Bianca, Peyton Royce - For the next two weeks, air more of the same workout vignettes.
Asuka, Mercedes, Mia Yim - Asuka is doing a backstage interview but before she can speak, she is attacked viciously by Retribution.
Bianca, Peyton Royce - Medical update on Bianca and promote Peyton for next week
Asuka, Melina *Melina has already debuted and hasn’t lost yet
Bianca Belair, Mandy Rose, Peyton Royce, Zelina Vega, Mickie James, Shayna Baszler
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2020.09.11 23:31 oneboiinalltheworld Melina rejects Incel boy that tries to ask her out on a romantic date!

Melina rejects Incel boy that tries to ask her out on a romantic date! submitted by oneboiinalltheworld to littlemelina [link] [comments]

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  1. 382962 points, 67 submissions: Strike_Gently
    1. Kofi on being called the first African American champion: “I think it’s silly that people try to not count The Rock in that category. Regardless of what you look like, you are what you are. He’s black. Whether he’s half black, he’s black.” (12403 points, 1443 comments)
    2. Orton: “It took me a little time, but what I had to do was realize, Kaepernick, he wasn't shiting on the flag. He wasn't disrespecting the people that have given their lives for our freedom. He was taking a stand against police brutality.” (11866 points, 1027 comments)
    3. Kevin Owens with a video on his thoughts on COVID-19: “If you’re belittling people for wearing a mask, you’re making fun of people who are trying to do what’s best for their community.” (11740 points, 464 comments)
    4. Big Show won't wake up after a match, so the referees try to put themselves over (9919 points, 222 comments)
    5. Chuck Taylor uses a live grenade on Ciampa and feels the effect (9044 points, 581 comments)
    6. Sammy Guevara: “I’ve made stupid, inappropriate and extremely offensive comments in my past. In my idiotic mind, I thought I was being funny in using words and terms that represent nothing but horror and pain. I am truly sorry for my hurtful words and actions, and I will never forgive myself.” (8521 points, 1484 comments)
    7. HBK gets hugged by a fan in the crowd mid-match, Michaels hugs back (8107 points, 380 comments)
    8. Bray Wyatt has his own special face mask for when he goes out in public (7611 points, 321 comments)
    9. John Cena drops his title and gets the smooth assist from John Cone (7517 points, 255 comments)
    10. Jericho on a possible HOF induction: "If I continue to work for the Khan family for the rest of my life, I'll never go into the WWE Hall of Fame. I'm a hall of famer in the minds of the people who want me to be in the hall of fame. I'm a hall of famer in my mind. That's all that matters." (7263 points, 888 comments)
  2. 217417 points, 38 submissions: FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo
    1. [Royal Rumble Spoilers] Entrant #21 in the Men's Royal Rumble (13156 points, 1607 comments)
    2. [WWE Backstage Spoilers] It finally happened... (12553 points, 3172 comments)
    3. Road Dogg's reaction to seemingly hitting someone with one of the DX glow sticks at the Hall of Fame ceremony (8041 points, 344 comments)
    4. Roman Reigns: "Thank you to everyone who’s reached out...I can’t put into words what it means to me. Your energy and positivity motivate me to get better quickly to get back in the ring, but for now I’m going to spend time with my family and focus on health. Thank you - Joe/Roman" (7981 points, 432 comments)
    5. [Raw Spoilers] Damn Kurt... (7167 points, 828 comments)
    6. What is known so far about the travel issues that have left many of the WWE Talent stuck in Saudi Arabia (6830 points, 2748 comments)
    7. [AEW Double or Nothing Spoiler] Surprise appearance after the Main Event (6248 points, 1341 comments)
    8. (Raw Spoilers) Ladies and gentlemen, Braun Strowman... (6209 points, 879 comments)
    9. Roman Reigns gets distracted after seeing Dana Brooke rub oil on Sonya Deville (5997 points, 439 comments)
    10. Becky Lynch to Nia Jax: "You gave me your best sucker punch, but I got back up to destroy your whole roster. They won’t let me fight, but I’ll get back up from that too. It’s what I do. So enjoy your one free shot, because as bad as my memory is now, I haven’t forgotten you, bitch." (5958 points, 844 comments)
  3. 83439 points, 15 submissions: GetDown90
    1. Kevin Nash: "The company is called World Wrestling Entertainment. I was entertained. @StephMcMahon said we're bringing this to you to take you away from where we are. I was immersed and not watching the news. Thank you @WWE for going beyond what every other product has. Delivered!" (7785 points, 560 comments)
    2. Jake Roberts: "AEW was the first wrestling promotion that ever had a birthday party for me. That was pretty cool. They had cake and everything for everybody; it was really nice. The people at AEW are like that – Tony Khan is a wonderful man and a brilliant man." (7715 points, 488 comments)
    3. Vickie Guerrero: "I met Eddie on a blind date. I didn't get home until 4 A.M because we danced till 3 A.M. I said, 'Dad, punish me how you want. I just met the greatest guy. I don't care what my punishment is.' And we started dating ever since and it was history after that." (6360 points, 263 comments)
    4. Kane: "Bryan and I are on such opposite ends of the political spectrum. But we respect each other as human beings and value each other's opinions, so we had conversations and learned from each other. I learned a lot from Bryan, even if we didn't always agree." (6128 points, 1379 comments)
    5. Maria Kanellis: "WWE doesnt want to build new stars, they want to spike the ratings for a couple weeks to keep the investors/networks happy. What WWE doesn’t seem to get, is ratings improve when people care about the story/stars. Invest in talent, spend the time building stars, stop the laziness." (6079 points, 846 comments)
    6. Bret Hart: "Goldberg to me was one of the most unprofessional wrestlers there ever was in the business. For Bill Goldberg to be in the Hall of Fame... he hurt everybody he worked with." (6006 points, 1022 comments)
    7. Batista on his Favorite WWE Match: "It was with Rey Mysterio at a house show in Mexico. We went and gave them a pay-per-view match. We went back and got a standing ovation. Rey kicked out of my finish, we gave them every bell and whistle we could think of. That's what I wanted my career to be." (5606 points, 237 comments)
    8. Ric Flair on the Boneyard Match: "I texted Taker, 'You did it again.' That and the Fun House, it was incredible. If I'm dying as an adult who's been watching this forever, can you imagine what a 12-year-old is thinking? They gotta be going, 'Wow! Daddy this is the coolest thing!'" (5388 points, 438 comments)
    9. Luke Gallows: "When I got there (WWE) in 2016, I was pleasantly surprised because the locker room of old had changed. The old guard was gone. It wasn't everybody walking around on eggshells. I give big credit to Roman Reigns for that." (5335 points, 561 comments)
    10. Steve Austin: "I've had zero alcohol for right at 14 days now. I'm also doing my DDP Yoga shit. Hell, I'm going to jump up here and do the splits like a goddang cheerleader in a minute! I'm flexible as a motherfucker." lol (4928 points, 575 comments)
  4. 77859 points, 15 submissions: Naweezy
    1. “Motherfucker”. Stone Cold steals the Rock’s moment. (7065 points, 425 comments)
    2. Two legends with their signature rises (6617 points, 288 comments)
    3. The Rock attempts the Rock Bottom on Eddie Guerrero (6313 points, 411 comments)
    4. Wrestling 101: Don’t drop a beer Stone Cold throws you (6227 points, 206 comments)
    5. That time CM Punk and Daniel Bryan copied a spot from the Sonnen and Silvia fight on the Raw after the event (5820 points, 322 comments)
    6. Remember paper always beats the rock (5249 points, 221 comments)
    7. Scott Hall and Zack Ryder holding each other’s Intercontinental Championships 20 years apart (5098 points, 262 comments)
    8. Swig of beer for the working man (5042 points, 257 comments)
    9. Beeper. Fanny Pack. All Denim clothing. Stone Cold and The Rock. This is as 90’s as it gets (4648 points, 220 comments)
    10. HBK fools Melina who thinks he’s John Morrison (4601 points, 179 comments)
  5. 61927 points, 11 submissions: sylvester_terkay
    1. A Series of Wrestlers popping out of nowhere (8098 points, 288 comments)
    2. What reminds me of Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn lately (6535 points, 234 comments)
    3. Sami Zayn popping outta nowhere (6213 points, 198 comments)
    4. Big E meets Little E (6047 points, 245 comments)
    5. Orange Cassidy joining what he thought was a slumber party (5879 points, 206 comments)
    6. Ric Flair makes a young Hurricane fan cry (5712 points, 386 comments)
    7. Roman gets his payback (5305 points, 153 comments)
    8. It took almost 2 years for Randy to get his revenge on AJ (4993 points, 233 comments)
    9. Billie Kay breaks Peyton Royce & Cathy Kelley (4517 points, 320 comments)
    10. [Raw Spoilers] Kurt Angle having some flashbacks (4334 points, 204 comments)
  6. 61503 points, 7 submissions: RealWWE
    1. Daniel Bryan medically cleared to return to in-ring action (26808 points, 6506 comments)
    2. Rey Mysterio’s reaction to seeing AJ Styles backstage at Royal Rumble (8587 points, 493 comments)
    3. [Rumble Spoilers] This Is Brock Lesnar, Hear Him Scream - The Remix (6395 points, 180 comments)
    4. The champ Becky Lynch has a special surprise for SquaredCircle ... (5661 points, 561 comments)
    5. Hello SC from Stamford! R-Truth and Carmella are enjoying their all-expenses paid vacation to WWE HQ (5397 points, 356 comments)
    6. Not-so-official artwork for NXT TakeOver in the year 2050 (4463 points, 203 comments)
    7. I am WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch and the Superstar everyone wants to see at Evolution, the first-ever all-women's pay-per-view. Ask the champ anything! (And boo the woo!) (4192 points, 1738 comments)
  7. 54103 points, 10 submissions: hall198
    1. Deadspin: WWE Allows Alleged Child Sex Predator to Waltz Back Into the Ring Like Nothing Happened (8645 points, 1551 comments)
    2. Ric Flair's ringtone is set to 'Ric Flair Drip' and Charlotte is shocked by this discovery. (7829 points, 548 comments)
    3. Renee Young announces she has COVID-19 (5137 points, 983 comments)
    4. (SD Spoilers) This fan went all out for Holloween (5112 points, 153 comments)
    5. TMZ: The Columbus police department launch an investigation into Marty Jannetty's facebook comments from earlier today "We are going to look into this. The first step will be seeing if we have any missing persons or unidentified remains cases that match the limited information in the post." (4992 points, 776 comments)
    6. Tommy Dreamer: "Yesterday. AEW packed, ROH sold out, WWE tokyo packed, they ran Jackson as well. NXT Venice (packed), I did an indy (with) over 700 people. I keep reading all these other indies ran last night, So many people were entertained by professional wrestling. YESTERDAY WAS A GOOD DAY" (4575 points, 237 comments)
    7. The IIconics are amazing, pass it on. (4565 points, 433 comments)
    8. The PPV poster for Hell in a Cell (4523 points, 426 comments)
    9. (NXT Spoilers) YEET. (4420 points, 383 comments)
    10. Ric Flair: "It's Official, Charlotte Is No Longer Ric Flair's Daughter. I Am Charlotte Flair's Dad! All The Accolades That Have Come My Way Over Time Are Diminished By Her Accomplishments Now! I Am So Proud Of You Charlotte." (4305 points, 503 comments)
  8. 52599 points, 8 submissions: Bigbenn0
    1. I present to you the first and only time John Cena did a suicide dive. (8006 points, 382 comments)
    2. On this day 2 years ago, the greatest moment in WWE history happened. (7898 points, 364 comments)
    3. To be honest, this alone should get R-Truth inducted into the Hall of Fame (7364 points, 381 comments)
    4. A reminder that Ricochet isn’t human. (6457 points, 517 comments)
    5. The Usos forfeiting the Gauntlet Match out of respect for Kofi and The New Day was perfection and one of the best part of Kofimania. WWE gets a lot of criticism for their storylines and bookings and whatnot but Kofimania shows that they can be great when they want to. (6380 points, 358 comments)
    6. I often forget how crazy Bobby Lashley was back in the day. (6138 points, 387 comments)
    7. In Honor of Money in the Bank this Sunday, here’s what I think is the greatest non-Wrestlemania entrance in WWE History. I also don’t think there’ll come another time where a superstar elicit this big of a ovation off their entrance alone. (5455 points, 849 comments)
    8. John Cena and Sting congratulating a 7-Year old Girl on beating cancer after Raw went off air. (4901 points, 273 comments)
  9. 49307 points, 10 submissions: woo_hah
    1. John Cena: “I can say with the utmost sincerity that I believe Brock Lesnar is best in-ring performer that I've seen. His performance at the Rumble was a clinic on how to establish yourself, how to establish those around you, establish the championship, establish the importance of one event.” (5922 points, 853 comments)
    2. WWE confirms move to Amway Center (calling it WWE ThunderDome). There will be drone cameras and 1,000 virtual fans, with crowd audio mixed in. Kevin Dunn says pryo, smoke and projections will allow for “a big, beautiful entrance, better than WrestleMania.” (5685 points, 1123 comments)
    3. Big E on Xavier Woods: “If Woods doesn’t come up to me in 2014 and say, ‘Hey, I have an idea for a group. You want to join me?’ If that doesn’t happen, who knows if I’m even still employed here. He changed our lives. And the fact that he got the trombone over in wrestling? That’s incredible.” (5625 points, 294 comments)
    4. Drew McIntyre: “I don’t know why, but Kurt Angle chose to work with me for one of his final matches in TNA. He made me look like a million bucks. Then, a few years later in WWE, he made me look like an absolute killer. I can never thank Kurt enough for what he has done and continues to do for me.” (5314 points, 120 comments)
    5. Terry Funk on AEW: “Vince and WWE, they’re not fresh. Yes, Vince does big business. They have the best talent in the world, but they have no fresh ideas. They should be selling out every arena. Vince thinks he’s fresh, he thinks he’s the best. That’s when you get knocked on your ass.” (5128 points, 613 comments)
    6. Jake Hager: "When I look now at guys like Cesaro, guys like Bobby Lashley, they’re just lost. When I look at them, that whole cloud of doom comes right back over me. [WWE] knows exactly what they’re doing and I hate to say it, but it’s on purpose. They want you lost in there so they can control you" (4660 points, 1256 comments)
    7. Chris Jericho: “One of my mission statements in AEW is to build new talent. People complain, ‘We don’t have any idea who this people are!’ It’s only been nine weeks, and we’re focusing on one person every couple of weeks. Building new stars will make this promotion successful.” (4578 points, 491 comments)
    8. Otis on winning MITB: “I found out and was like, ‘What?’ When the briefcase got into my hands, that’s when it felt real. I remember watching the first ‘Money in the Bank’ match at WrestleMania, and it blows my mind that I woke up right next to it this morning.” (4214 points, 475 comments)
    9. Mandy Rose pitched the Otis storyline directly to Vince McMahon. It was inspired by their real-life friendship. (4093 points, 347 comments)
    10. Renee Young on WWE's reaction to her positive COVID test: "Did I feel a little slighted? I didn't really feel like anyone was all that concerned that I got sick. That bothered me for sure." (4088 points, 521 comments)
  10. 49071 points, 3 submissions: LazyCanasian
    1. Earthquake (my dad) playing Tetris while my brother and sister look on. (18154 points, 541 comments)
    2. In memory of my dad today, here he is on his birthday excited for some hot disco hits! (17092 points, 429 comments)
    3. In honor of Father’s Day, here’s Earthquake and me around 1996-1997. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads that are still with us and those that aren’t. Much love! (13825 points, 363 comments)
  11. 47977 points, 1 submission: Macaveli54
    1. Nearly 50 hours of work, here’s my drawing of The Rock (47977 points, 1413 comments)
  12. 40346 points, 7 submissions: KhabibTime
    1. Ric Flair: I Ain't Dead Yet Mother Fuckers! WOOOOO! (11185 points, 581 comments)
    2. Big E: Sometimes you forget the dude you’ve goofed off with for the last 4+ years is a legend. Putting in an actual hour against (and DEFEATING) world champs & future HOFers was awe inspiring & humbling. Last night was one we will never forget. (5573 points, 562 comments)
    3. James Ellsworth: When I wrestled Braun Strowman the match didn't last 2 minutes, and with that neither was my WWE career suppose to. Thanks to fans all over the world, in those nearly 2 minutes I lasted a year and a half a WWE, I'll never forget what wrestling fans did for me (5366 points, 175 comments)
    4. Jon Moxley: “Pressure is having a 2-page script written by a 74-year old mad man that makes no sense, that’s gonna make you look stupid on TV” (5000 points, 737 comments)
    5. Big E: Kofi has the most days as a tag team champion in the history of WWE. Never failed a drug test. Never had a brush with the law. Always a professional to the highest degree. Give this man his flowers while he can still smell them. (4858 points, 385 comments)
    6. [WWE After The Bell] Randy Orton Confirms AJ Styles is a Flat Earther (4264 points, 1336 comments)
    7. Kayla Braxton: @WWE I’ll forego my paycheck to never see Lana and Lashley together on television again (4100 points, 448 comments)
  13. 37282 points, 7 submissions: WorkFriendlyAcct
    1. Fan misreads request for assistance. (9173 points, 306 comments)
    2. Triple H marks out for Randy Orton (5212 points, 201 comments)
    3. Picture perfect hurricanranna off the top rope to the outside. (5023 points, 182 comments)
    4. The most dramatic running clothesline in the history of professional wrestling. (4703 points, 344 comments)
    5. Daniel and Brie share a moment (4629 points, 556 comments)
    6. 30 Years of the Royal Rumble (4346 points, 638 comments)
    7. Mayoral Candidate Abuses Cheerleaders (4196 points, 128 comments)
  14. 35508 points, 1 submission: MustacheDiaries
    1. 1992 and 2020 have identical calendars so I'm using the 1992 WWF Calendar this year. (35508 points, 640 comments)
  15. 34503 points, 6 submissions: thebobbyshaw33
    1. Sign catches Rock’s attention and he’s gotta set the record straight (9731 points, 389 comments)
    2. (HIAC SPOILERS) Xpac is all of us (5967 points, 837 comments)
    3. This has to be one of the greatest photos ever captured in wrestling. (5939 points, 242 comments)
    4. Kane comes out to Slow Chemical for his victory speech. (4505 points, 559 comments)
    5. The accuracy of this tweet is amazing and even Dolph found it hilarious “undertaker 2000 & undertaker 1999” (4189 points, 185 comments)
    6. [HOF Spoilers] crowd favorite (4172 points, 270 comments)
  16. 33054 points, 3 submissions: suzukigun4life
    1. WWE has confirmed WrestleMania will not be taking place in Tampa Bay. It will instead air live on PPV/WWE Network and emanate from the WWE Performance Center. (22353 points, 4591 comments)
    2. [GRR SPOILERS] Greatest moment in Royal Rumble history? (6164 points, 498 comments)
    3. [RAW Spoilers] Superstar's update (4537 points, 821 comments)
  17. 32590 points, 5 submissions: Knoxlag
    1. "Rusev literally gave $25,000 of his own money to pay WWE production workers cause they weren’t getting paid." (9391 points, 1076 comments)
    2. 2 Generations apart (7862 points, 328 comments)
    3. Dave Meltzer: "What horrible news, Rocky Johnson passed away, Dwayne's father. Our best to Dwayne, Ricky, Ata and the entire family." (7091 points, 323 comments)
    4. Cody with some legendary company on the Jericho Cruise (4170 points, 262 comments)
    5. Photo of the new AEW faction (4076 points, 636 comments)
  18. 31221 points, 5 submissions: mcm123456
    1. That time Triple H KILLED Shawn Michaels. I'm glad he retired this dangerous move. (8396 points, 650 comments)
    2. 27 years ago to this day, WWF Champion Hulk Hogan faced IWGP Champion The Great Muta (7093 points, 837 comments)
    3. Triple H disguised as Goldust shooting Kane with a Flamethrower. You can't make this shit up... (6706 points, 412 comments)
    4. Eddie Guerrero realising he's in trouble a little too late. (4610 points, 312 comments)
    5. Booker T, Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho stealing each other's Finishers. (4416 points, 300 comments)
  19. 26914 points, 5 submissions: will_upvote_beer
    1. Kurt Angle: “Wrestlemania is around the corner. My very last match. I know its not the old Kurt Angle everyone has wanted, but im proud knowing its the new Kurt Angle thats been clean for almost 6 years. Thank you to all those who have been supporting me through the good and bad. I love you all.” (8364 points, 508 comments)
    2. Batista turned down WWE Hall Of Fame invitation because his in-ring career is not over: "I would love to go back. I've been very vocal about that" (5233 points, 626 comments)
    3. Rusev is selling more shirts than The Shield and everyone else in WWE (4829 points, 606 comments)
    4. Jim Ross signs with All Elite Wrestling for most lucrative deal in commentary history (4310 points, 772 comments)
    5. Meltzer reporting that Fox wants Smackdown to be less comedy and more sports (4178 points, 966 comments)
  20. 26079 points, 4 submissions: KneeHighMischief
    1. CM Punk with a fantastic display of sportsmanship after Chris Hamrick suffers a gruesome knee injury (9746 points, 416 comments)
    2. Sami Zayn finds out that Ska isn't cool anymore (6840 points, 601 comments)
    3. A dazed Michael McGillicutty (Curtis Axel) thinks he got the better of Sheamus 1/19/13 (5337 points, 236 comments)
    4. Alberto El Patron has no concept of physics (4156 points, 335 comments)
  21. 25796 points, 3 submissions: Bradleyharheez
    1. TRAGIC UPDATE: LA County lifeguards confirm body found in Venice Beach is former WWE star Shad Gaspard, via @tina_patel. (15688 points, 1545 comments)
    2. R-truth crashes drake Mavericks wedding to become 24/7 champion again! (5218 points, 762 comments)
    3. Tommy dreamer posted this photo of him and Howard finkel and his sign in the background just makes me shed a tear (4890 points, 203 comments)
  22. 24259 points, 4 submissions: AJ-Naka-Zayn-Owens
    1. Eddie Guerrero wins the 100M race (8565 points, 286 comments)
    2. Kurt Angle reverses everything The Undertaker does into an Ankle Lock (5774 points, 438 comments)
    3. Eddie Guerrero’s last cheeky smile before he would sadly pass away (5559 points, 282 comments)
    4. Great sequence from Adam Cole at NXT Takeover NOLA (4361 points, 315 comments)
  23. 24199 points, 1 submission: serenawilliams
    1. kn0thing said you all wanted to see the belt. Banana for scale. (24199 points, 990 comments)

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2020.09.06 14:00 naveljunkie We're near 1000 members! Thank you very much for posting and interacting on this subreddit! As a thank you for that I'll share an overview of every not listed video on youtube :)

We're near 1000 members! Thank you very much for posting and interacting on this subreddit! As a thank you for that I'll share an overview of every not listed video on youtube :)
Here Are The Categories
Worship (M/F):
- (perfect [email protected])
- (during workout)
- (He licks her belly during a walk in the forest)
- (Scarlett's Bellybutton)
- (beautiful skinny belly part I)
- (couples belly adventure)
- (lick after date)

Worship (F/F):
- (Phoebe's First Time)
- (Melina Full)
- (Afternoon Belly Kissing Mandy Candy)
- (in the park part I)
- (in the park part II)
- (ninas bellybutton)

- (Skinny Asian Belly Punching)
- (belly punch so hard that her piercing falls out)
- (Asian Belly Punching)
- (knife roleplay)
- (belly pressing)

- (Piercing Fingering)
- (Melina Full)
- (Piercing)

- (Russian Girl Gets Tickled) (POV Tickling)

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2020.09.02 17:56 botnextdoor is NymN dating Destiny and Melina?!

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2020.08.25 19:13 Franticalmond2 Been wanting to play this for a while. Game was on sale so I bought it yesterday afternoon on the Xbox store and finished it today. Without a doubt one of the greatest games I have ever played.

This was one of the best $15 I’ve ever spent on anything. What an absolutely incredible piece of art. 100% intending to buy the next one as soon as it releases.
The sound in this game is hands down, no debate, the best sound I have EVER heard in a video game. Playing through with a Turtle Beach headset, I had to take my headphones off several times because the thunder in the game is so perfectly mixed that I kept thinking it was real. The same goes for the constant voices throughout the game, the spatial audio was unbelievably good.
Senua is one of the best characters I’ve seen in a game to date and the performance by Melina Juergens was phenomenal. This is what a powerful and compelling character should be like. Can’t think of anything that comes remotely close to this.
Really wondering why I haven’t heard so much more about this game in the past 3 years. This is an absolute must play IMO.
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2020.08.19 09:39 Chris_R2001 Fanatasy booking the Straight Edge Society

Hell in a Cell 2009. CM Punk (C) def. The Undertaker - Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship.
CM Punk's feud with Undertaker is all the same at this point. In real life this was one of the worst Hell in a Cell match of all time imo so lets make it longer and not a squash match in Undertaker's favor here is where Luke Gallows debuts he runs down the cell starts trying to break in. Undertaker hits Punk with a tombstone 1..2.. the referee is distracted by Gallows, Undertaker stares at Gallows for a bit and then walks over the the cell door he and Gallows argue for a bit until, Undertaker breaks open the cell door drags Gallows in, throws him into the ring. CM Punk who has recovered hits The Undertaker with a GTS 1..2..3 CM Punk retains the title.

Bragging Rights 2009. CM Punk (Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion) def. John Cena (Raw's WWE Champion) - Raw vs Smackdown Bragging Rights match.
On the October 9th 2009 episode of Smackdown Punk introduces Luke Gallows and talks about his new society of straight edge, he will allow people to join but they have to shave their heads in a sign of commitment to the cause.
CM Punk begins a mini feud with John Cena, this isn't a story of John Cena vs CM Punk its a story of Smackdown vs Raw and which is the dominant brand. CM Punk argues that Smackdown is better because he the straight edge superstar is at the top and he makes Smackdown more pure while John Cena claims Smackdown has always been in Raw's shadow (which is sort of true I won't lie). CM Punk tells Cena that he was made on Smackdown Cena argues his career really took off when he was on Raw (again true). The match is set up for Bragging Rights. Smackdown's World Champion vs Raw's WWE Champion. At the PPV CM Punk cheats his way past Cena.

Survivor Series 2009. The Undertaker def. CM Punk (C) - Casket match for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Undertaker at Bragging Rights reunited with his brother Kane to represent Smackdown against D-Generation X who were representing Raw they lost but at the end of the show right after CM Punk has cheated his way to winning against Cena the lights go out, when they come back on CM Punk is staring down at an unconscious Luke Gallows and in the ring behind him is The Undertaker, Punk turns around and is given a chokeslam and a tombstone.
For weeks CM Punk & Luke Gallows are taunted by The Undertaker, Undertaker really wants his rematch for the title then on the final Smackdown before Survivor Series after CM Punk has won a main event match against some babyface, the lights go out, again Gallows is found unconscious at ringside and Undertaker is standing face to face with CM Punk. CM Punk backs up grabs the mic and says "Undertaker, can have your match for the Heavyweight title at Survivor Series" Undertaker then does the throat slit and the lights go out again, this time CM Punk is on the ring apron being choked by Undertaker who says he wants a stipulation added to the match, CM Punk agrees for it to be a casket match.
At Survivor Series CM Punk finally gets his comeuppance and he loses the World Heavyweight Championship. He is put into a casket which is then burned (obviously Punk isn't still inside when the casket is lit on fire).

TLC 2009. CM Punk segment:
At TLC 2009 CM Punk doesn't have a match but he has a segment, where he talks about staying clean about straight edge, he even mentions Jeff Hardy and says "WWE is now more pure, cleaner and better now that Jeff Hardy is no longer here" he then offers a spot in the society to the fans then he handpicks a WWE diva posing as a fan Serena to get her head shaved and join the straight edge society.

Royal Rumble 2010. 30 Man Royal Rumble match for WWE or World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania, Winner - Edge.
CM Punk participates in the Royal Rumble as he did in real life and he cuts his promo where he talks about how he can lead the superstars to a better life until that segment is ended by Triple H who eliminates CM Punk from the Royal Rumble. Of course Edge returns and wins the Royal Rumble and faces Jericho at Wrestlemania.

Elimination Chamber 2010. Chris Jericho (C) def. The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, CM Punk & Batista - 6 man Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship.
First things first, Jericho faces Undertaker & Batista for the WHC at the Royal Rumble and wins. Batista & Jericho are guaranteed entry into the Chamber match since Batista lost the title and Jericho is the champion. Punk, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio & Undertaker all qualify for the Chamber match. Rey eliminates Punk in the match and Jericho goes on to retain the WHC.

Wrestlemania 26. CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio - Singles match. Since Rey Mysterio lost he had to join the Straight Edge Society.
So I'd keep the build up to this match the same as it was in real life because that was good story except CM Punk wins and Rey Mysterio is forced to join the society and this is where the real fun begins.

BTW after this I take heavy inspiration from whatculture just with a good few changes.

Extreme Rules 2010. The Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows & Rey Mysterio) def. The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) (C) - Ladder match for the Unified Tag Team Championships.
At first Rey Mysterio doesn't like being in the society, he's very hesitant and doesn't like CM Punk, Mysterio is being told all these things about being clean, being straight edge and how Mysterio is a better man for joining the society. Then he & Luke Gallows become number one contenders to the Unified Tag Team Champions. At Extreme Rules they have their match for the titles with the extreme stipulation being its a ladder match for the titles. Gallows & Mysterio win and they become the new Unified Tag Team Champions.

Over the Limit 2010. CM Punk def. Edge (C) - World Heavyweight Championship.
At Over the Limit. CM Punk becomes World Heavyweight Champion. In recent weeks Edge & Christian have started a feud with the S.E.S. Edge back at WM 26 defeats Chris Jericho to become World Heavyweight Champion and he reunites with the Intercontinental Champion Christain (who wins the title at Wrestlemania from Drew McIntyre). Edge & Christian really want to turn Rey Mysterio back into the light, however it soon becomes apparent that he has been turned, that's right Rey Mysterio turns heel, all the brainwashing has worked. Mysterio says CM Punk was right and now that he is straight edge, he is a more clean, more open man. Edge says so be it. CM Punk becomes number one contender and thanks to help from Rey Mysterio & Luke Gallows Punk become the World Heavyweight Champion.
Also at Over the Limit Luke & Rey retain the Unified Tag titles against the Hart Dyntasty Serena becomes Diva's Champion, so the S.E.S holds all the gold and to end off the show you have Punk, Mysterio, Gallows & Serena on the entrance ramp with their titles.

Fatal 4 way 2010. CM Punk (C) def. Edge, Christian & Rey Mysterio - Fatal 4 way for the World Heavyweight Championship.
So in the lead up to Fatal 4 way Edge & CM Punk carry on with their feud but since the next PPV is Fatal 4 way we need to have a fatal 4 way. Edge requests his rematch for the title and Punk is the champion so the 2 other spots are taken by Christian who qualifies after he pins Luke Gallows & Rey Mysterio. At one point the S.E.S even cost Christian the Intercontinental Championship further heightening the feud.
At Fatal 4 way Mysterio & Punk work together but you can tell Mysterio doesn't want to do it. At one point Edge, Christian & Punk are all down and Mysterio pins Punk 1..2.. the ref is pulled out of the ring by Luke Gallows. Gallows gets in the ring and asks Mysterio "what the hell are you doing?" Mysterio looks down at the ground in response. He then turns around into a spear by Edge, Edge is then given a beatdown by Gallows who places Punk on top of Mysterio and he wakes up the ref who counts 1..2..3.

Smackdown June 25th 2010. Edge & Christian def. The Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows & Rey Mysterio) (C) - Unified Tag Team Championships.
On the Smackdown after Fatal 4 way Mysterio publicly apologizes to CM Punk, Punk forces Mysterio to drink vinegar in sign of devotion, Mysterio really doesn't want to do it and this is interrupted by Edge & Christian who come out and confront CM Punk. Edge reveals he wants a 1 on 1 match with CM Punk tonight (referring to June 25th 2010 episode of Smackdown) Punk denies Edge because "you had your shot last Sunday and you failed" Edge then proceeds to tear apart CM Punk making fun of his hair, his cult and his straight edge beliefs. Punk tells Edge he can have his 1 on 1 match at Money in the Bank but only if he and Christian can capture the Unified Tag Team Championships. Edge accepts the challenges and he & Christian win the match that night becoming unified tag champs. Edge then tells Punk after the match "I'll see you at Money in the Bank."

Smackdown July 2nd 2010. Edge & Christian (C) def. The Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows & Rey Mysterio) - Unified Tag Team Championships.
The week after CM Punk says "Edge, Mysterio & Gallows would like their rematch tonight and if you don't retain the Unified Tag Team titles then you won't get your match at Money in the Bank" Edge & Christian retain the Unified Tag Team titles. That night which makes Punk visibly angry.

Money in the Bank 2010. Edge def. CM Punk (C) - World Heavyweight Championship.
In the build up to Money in the Bank, Christian tries to bring Mysterio back into the light one more time but ultimately fails for this Christian calls Mysterio a broken man. Luke Gallows costs Edge & Christian the unified tag team championships to The Usos on the final SD before MITB.
At the PPV Rey Mysterio turns on CM Punk and costs him the World Heavyweight title. Edge becomes the champion again and after the match he shakes Rey's hand. At MITB also Luke Gallows & Christian both participate in the SD MITB ladder match however neither man win.

Summerslam 2010. Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk - Mask vs. Hair match. Since CM Punk lost he had to shave his head, had Rey Mysterio won he would have to unmask forever.
CM Punk kicks Rey out of the society after Money in the Bank. Rey reveals he realized Edge & Christian were right. CM Punk is big bully and he shouldn't suck up to Punk like that, Rey says being in a cult is beneath him and he should value himself more than CM Punk. For weeks Punk taunts Mysterio and orders Gallows & Serena to do horrible things to him until Mysterio challenges him to a match at Summerslam with the stipulation that if Punk loses he has to shave his head. Punk says "If you're gonna take something from me, I'm gonna take something from you, if you lose you must unmask forever." Mysterio reluctantly agrees and at Summerslam Mysterio wins.
Punk runs away though, he tries to escape with Gallows & Serena but the 3 are stopped by Edge, Christian & The Big Show. The 3 men give Punk & Gallows a beat down while Serena watches on in fear almost crying. Then they sit Punk in the barbers chair and hold him down. The 3 help Mysterio shave Punk's head.

Night of Champions 2010. Melina def. Serena (C) - Diva's Championship.
CM Punk starts wearing a mask after being shaved bald at Summerslam and he is very angry about Luke Gallows failing to stop Rey Rey from shaving his head. He kicks Gallows out of the Society for this and "breaks his shoulder" he forgives Serena though. She's the only one left and she still has her Diva's title however at Night of Champions she loses it to Melina at NOC this makes CM Punk distraught he looks like he is about to attack Serena until Gallows returns and makes the save.

Hell in a Cell 2010: Luke Gallows def. CM Punk - Singles match
Gallows reveals he and Serena are dating and they no longer want anything to do with CM Punk. He says he and Serena went on a date had alcohol which makes CM Punk flip out. The 2 men set up a match for Hell in a Cell to end off the rivalry and Gallows wins and after the match he has a drink.

I know half of this was very similar to whatculture, just gonna say I'm not riping off or copying them I just took inspiration from the video but had some other ideas too.
submitted by Chris_R2001 to fantasybooking [link] [comments]

2020.08.18 00:47 Cyborg800_2004 For Your Eyes Only (Bond 12 Review)

For Your Eyes Only (Bond 12 Review)

A film that was just as influential as Goldfinger in setting the tone and direction of future Bond films. For Your Eyes Only was a conscious effort to return to what made From Russia With Love great.
Aspects of the film were made with a newer actor in mind just in case Roger Moore did not return. This is evident with the action scenes, with the ski scene in particular having obvious stunt doubles. The film also lacks the humor seen in Moore’s earlier films, also adding to the feeling that this film was not designed with him in mind. Despite this, he still gives a good performance. Carole Bouquet is a beautiful actress and she is definitely one of the least sexualized Bond girls. Melina’s quest for revenge is interesting, though it is a plot point that could have had more focus. Julian Glover’s Kristatos is notable for the reveal that he was the villain. Either than that, he was not a memorable villain for me. Topol is fine as Columbo, Bibi Dahl is irrelevant and her scenes feel like padding, and Cassandra Harris (who unfortunately passed away before her husband Pierce Brosnan became Bond) is notable in that her character is a countess, which could be a callback to Tracy Bond.
Bill Conti’s score might be the most dated of the franchise. Some tracks like “Submarine” and “A Drive in the Country,” which make great use of the Bond theme, are good, while “Runaway” is charmingly eighties. Sheena Easton’s theme is fantastic and among my favorites. John Glen made his directorial debut here and judging his films based on presentation, which I have done before, is a bit harsh. Glen’s films are not as visually appealing as previous Bond films, but they have well-directed action due to Glen’s prior work as editor.
Overall, For Your Eyes Only is not one of my favorite Bond films. Despite a strong script, the pacing is not that good and, in its goal to move away from Moonraker, it lost some of the thrills we have come to expect from Bond. It feels even more lowkey than the earlier Connery films. However, it proved that Bond could reinvent himself after increasingly outlandish installments, something that the film does not get credit for, especially since Casino Royale is praised for the exact same reason. For Your Eyes Only deserves credit for beginning what future films improved upon.
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2020.08.01 00:48 MasqueCramoisi Another Eden Upcoming Encounters Paid and Non-paid

Current state: Both versions are up to date. 9/23/20
Names: Thillelille is Chiruriru and Mistrare is Mistreya.
Note: This list is not a guide (even though it’s flaired as a guide) on which banner to pick. It’s a reference for planning pulls. Also this is my first time doing something like this, so forgive me if the format sucks or hard to understand lol.
Edit: Global might not fully mirror this. Also there’s cases where we get SDEs earlier than expected like Hismena and AS Mariel’s case before.
Edit: Notes regarding version 2.5.0 and SDEs. Credit and huge thanks to u/xPalox
Note: Version number will differ from JP to Global
2.3.20 (Released)
2.3.30 (Released)
2.3.40 (Released)
2.3.50 (Released)
2.3.40 (Delayed/Skipped)
2.4.10 (Released)
Note to zone units banner: The rates are 0.55% (0.60). For one any one specific character, the rates are less than their personal rate-up banner.
Before moving on make sure to read the notes regarding version 2.5.0 and SDEs.
Note: Do NOT expect this SDE. Even if there's one, don't expect it to be current up to 2.5.0
2.5.4 (2.6 Pre)
Note for the attack type zone banner: The rates might be the same to the elemental zone banner. The number of characters are the same so I'm gonna assume the rates are the same. If you want to check the rates then scroll to version 2.4.10 in global.
------------------------------That's it for now---------------------------
If there's any mistakes or missing encounters. A correction from someone is greatly appreciated. Gonna update and cross out when something new comes out in JP or global.
Edits and updates:
Sources: and
submitted by MasqueCramoisi to AnotherEdenGlobal [link] [comments]

2020.07.31 21:56 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 24

Chapter 24
All sorts of Royalty
Raw starts up after TLC, and we see John Cena come out, with his World Heavyweight Championship, he grabs a mic and he says that last night, he underestimated Randy Orton, he says that Orton gave him one of the hardest fights he has ever had to endure, and both men went toe to toe for the entire match. Cena then says that he would have liked it to end differently, but he is happy knowing that Randy Orton got what he deserved when he was knocked clean out by Wade Barrett. Cena says that brings him to his next point. Cena saw Wade give him that look last night, and he saw Wade look at the World Heavyweight Championship. Cena says that he knows Wade never lost the World Heavyweight Championship, and he knows that Wade wants it back. Cena holds up the title and he says to Wade Barrett that if he wants some, come get some. Cena puts the title back over his shoulder and he walks out of the ring. Next up we see Drew McIntyre come out, he is furious still. Drew says that he destroyed Kevin Nash last night,and the Claymored a chair into the face of Nash for the win. Drew says that still he is not being recognized for any of it. Drew then says that he is sick of that feeling, and in order to gain not only the recognition that he deserves but also a World title match, Drew is the first man to declare himself for the Royal Rumble match. Drew then walks away from the ring, and walks up the ramp. Next up we have AJ Lee come out to the ring, she says that last night at TLC, she was in the fight of her life, she says that Mickie James was by far the toughest challenge that she has had to date. AJ says it was a pure fight at TLC, but the only thing that AJ regrets is that she didn’t beat Mickie James, sure she grabbed the title after climbing the ladder, but it still sits that she has not actually put down Mickie James yet, and in order to call herself a real Women’s Champion, she must do that. AJ says that Mickie is hurt tonight, and she will not be on next week either, but she will be cleared in two weeks. AJ throws out the challenge to Mickie for a traditional one on one match at the Royal Rumble. AJ walks away from the ring and she leaves. Finally at the end of the night we see Cody Rhodes come out with his Intercontenital Championship, he holds it high up in the air for everyone to see. Cody says that last night he was in a mega fight yet again with Tyler Reks, but this time, he did not get hurt, sure he is very sore, and his head hurts pretty bad after the Burning Hammer he took, but he still is the Intercontenintal Champion, and that feels great to him. Cody then offers an open challenge for the title, he says that his confidence is at an all time high after last night, and because he is feeling generous tonight, he says that anyone can come out to face him in the ring tonight. Dolph Ziggler comes out and he grabs a mic, he asks Cody if he remembers what happened to him last time the two met up. Dolph says he beat Cody, and tonight he will do it again and become IC Champion. The match starts up and the two men go at it, and Cody is showing signs of being hurt after last night, but he does not let it get to him, he is able to hit Cross Rhodes and retain his Championship. After the match Cody is blindsided and hit with Burning Hammer by Tyler Reks to close the show.
Next up we have Smackdown, and to start the show we see Wade Barrett come to the ring, and he grabs a mic, he says that it is good to be back in the ring, but he has some stuff that he wants to take care of, he does say to Cena that he does want some, he wants his World Heavyweight Championship back. Wade then says that he wants something else just as bad, and that is Randy Orton in a match. Wade then says that just before he got kicked in the head by Orton he was getting ready for a Pay Per View title defense, and that defense was a Triple Threat match with Randy Orton and John Cena. Wade says that he prepared for this match, and he believed that he could not lose it. Wade then says that he really wants to know if he could have won it, and in order to kill two birds with one stone, he talked to Teddy Long and he says that he did Randy Orton a little favor, by getting him another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble in a Triple Threat match against John Cena and Wade Barrett himself. Wade says to Randy that there is just one catch for him, and that is that if he even is suspected of touching Barrett before the Royal Rumble then not only will he lose his World Championship opportunity, but he will be fired from WWE. Wade then says that he looks forward to the Royal Rumble match and tonight he will take interest in watching Randy Orton face off against Christian. Next up we see Miz and Alex Riley come out and they celebrate the fact that they slammed Carlito through a table at TLC and were able to retain their Tag Team Championships. Alex Riley and the Miz both give a challenge to anyone in the back to come out and face them in the ring, we then see MVP and Mark Henry come out, and they challenge the two to a match right there. MVP and Mark Henry put up a good fight, but they are attacked by Jackson and Kozlov in the middle of the match. Jackson grabs a mic and he says that they are the ones who really want to challenge for a shot at the titles. Miz and Riley agree, but they say that they will face them next week on Smackdown. Next up we have Chris Masters come out, he looks at his title and he says to everyone, that no one will be taking this title form him, he says that look what he did to Joe Hennig at TLC, he says that he destroyed him, and that just like his father, he is a failure. Masters laughs at Joe and he says that Joe isn’t even here tonight, he is too embarrassed to show his face. Masters laughs and says that if Joe is getting tired of hearing him speak, then he says that Joe should grow a pair and come face him again in the ring. Masters then holds up the US title and then walks away. Finally we have our main event of Randy Orton vs Christian. Christain looks great throughout the match, but he soon goes for his diving headbutt, and he gets an RKO for his efforts, and Randy Orton is able to win the match, Randy does his signature pose over Christian as Smackdown comes to an end.
Raw is next and we see John Cena come out, he says that he heard Wade Barrett on Smackdown, and though he does not think Randy Orton deserves another World title shot, he respects Barretts decision, Cena says that it gives him the opportunity to not only beat up Orton some more, but to prove his point that he could have indeed won the Triple Threat at King of the Ring. Cena says just like Barrett he trained long and hard for that match, because he had to prove something, and that was that he could beat anyone and anything in his path, in order to show the Rock what he will be dealing with at Wrestlemania. Cena says that he has proved a lot in that time, but the one thing he has not proved yet, is that he can survive Wade Barrett, so with that being said Cena thanks Barrett for giving him this opportunity to prove himself yet again, and he looks forward to the Royal Rumble. Cena then leaves after this. Next up we see AJ Lee in a match against a former Champion in Eve Torres. AJ and Eve have quite a match on Raw, and they both go toe to toe for a long while, but eventually AJ is able to get the best of Eve and pin her for the win. AJ grabs a mic after the match and she says that she does indeed look forward to Mickie’s answer next week on Raw. After this we see Tyler Reks come out and he says that Cody did well at TLC, and he did beat Tyler fair, at least under the rules of the match. Tyler says that last week was a message to Cody Rhodes that it is not over yet. Tyler says that they have faced off in a lot of matches before, Hell in a Cell, Last Man Standing, and now a Tables match. But Tyler says that he is invoking his rematch clause and he says this time, he doesn’t want it to be anything special, he just wants it to be a normal match, in order to see who is able to be the better man, truly. Tyler says that he fell through that table at TLC, but it did nothing to him, if it were any other match, he would have been able to keep going, and he would have been able to destroy Cody Rhodes, and retain his IC Championship. Reks then says that he cannot wait to see Cody again, he says that this time the outcome will be vastly different. Tyler then leaves the ring as the show goes off the air.
Smackdown comes up next and we see Randy Orton come to the ring, the first thing he does is he thanks Wade Barrett, for getting him another shot at the title. Randy says that it is the least Barrett can do since he did cost him the title at TLC. Randy then says to Barrett that it is fine that he cannot touch him until the Rumble, Randy says that he will just Punt Wade in the skull there, he says that he will do the same to Cena and become World Heavyweight Champion. Orton then says that there is one catch for Wade as well, and that is, that he knows Wade wants to hurt him, for what happened a few months back, but that is not going to happen, because Orton was able to talk to Teddy Long before the show and ensure that if Wade touches him, not only will he lose his title opportunity, but he will be fired. Christian then comes out, he talks about how he knows that he has not been at his best in a while, he knows that last week he lost to Randy Orton, but he also knows how close he came to beating Orton last week. Christian says that he needs to prove himself, because in the future he would like to have some World title opportunities. Christian then asks Orton for one more match. Orton laughs at Christian and starts to walk away, but Christian pushes Orton back and he slaps Randy in the face. Orton goes for the RKO, but Christian hits the Killswitch instead. Orton rolls out of the ring, he is hurt but he grabs a mic, he says to Christian, you want it, then you got it you son of a bitch. Orton then walks up the ramp and storms off, but Christian seems pretty happy with himself. Next up we see Wade Barrett backstage, he says that he heard Randy, and it’s fine, he will not touch Orton until the Rumble, but once it gets to the Rumble, then it is open season, and Barrett plans to knock Randy Orton out, yet again, as well as John Cena. Next up we have Miz and Riley vs Jackson and Kozlov. Koslov and Jackson get the upper hand quickly and they begin to beat up Miz and Riley, they look to go for the win, when all of the sudden. MVP and Mark Henry attack them and lay them out in the ring. Mark Henry hits a World's Strongest Slam on Kozlov. And then the two leave the ring. Finally we see Joe Hennig come out, he says that he is furious over what Masters said and did last week, Hennig says that he demanded that Masters leave his father out of it, but he absolutely refuses. Hennig says that is it, he wants Masters in a fight, next week on Smackdown, and not in the ring, he wants to see Masters in the parking lot, because he does not care about winning or losing, he just wants to fight and hurt Chris Masters. Masters comes out and he stands on stage, he says that he is not some type of barbarian, he does not accept. Hennig says to Masters that it does not matter if he accepts or not, because at some point whether it be before or after the show, Masters has to come to the parking lot, Hennig says that he will just wait for him. He then tells Masters that he will see him next week, and he looks forward to ripping him apart, Hennig then drops the mic and the show goes off the air, but not before seeing a graphic that says we will see Randy Orton vs Christian next week on Smackdown.
Next up we have Raw, and the first person to come out is Mickie James, she says that TLC took a lot out of her, she says that AJ really is as good as everyone says. She says that she and AJ went thirty seven minutes at TLC, and AJ was able to outlast her and climb ro the top of the ladder and grab her title. Mickie then says that the next night on Raw, AJ came out and challenged her to a traditional one on one match up. Mickie says that she could not believe it, she said that the Ladder match took her out for two weeks, and AJ just came out the next night like it was nothing, and got back to business. Mickie says that AJ is a machine, and she has all the respect in the world for her. Mickie then says that if AJ or anyone else thought that she was going to decline the challenge then they were of course dead wrong. Mickie says that she looks forward to the Royal Rumble, and she looks forward to tying the record and becoming a seven time Women’s Champion. Mickie then drops her mic and she heads on to the back. Next we see all the men who are going to be in the Royal Rumble match and then we see Sting in the back, he says that for well over a decade he has been one of the greatest wrestlers alive. Sting says that no matter where in the world he went including WWE and WCW he made it to the top, and along the way, he has been in some great match types and he has won some great match types. Sting then says that however, the most famous match stipulation of all time is the Royal Rumble, Sting says that he has never gotten the chance to be in the Royal Rumble match before, but seeing as how there are still some spots open, Sting says that he has thought about it for a little while now, and he has decided that he would like to declare for his first ever Royal Rumble match. Sting says that it is time to finally add this to his incredible legacy. Sting then walks away. Next up we see Cody Rhodes come out, he decided to comment on his upcoming match with Tyler Reks, he says that of course he is nervous about the match, he says that every single time he has stepped into the ring with Reks he has gotten hurt, and hurt bad, but not once but twice he has taken away the Intercontenintal Championship from Tyler Reks, and not only that he says the only other time they met up in a traditional match, Cody walked away from the match victorious, he says that he looks forward to facing off against Reks again, and he knows that he will beat Reks again and keep his championship. Finally we see John Cena backstage and he says that he has heard Orton and Barrett over on Smackdown, he says that they sound like school children playing games with eachother, he says they remind him of the kids that go, see, I’m not touching you. Cena then says that they are more than welcome to play all the games they want with each other, but come Royal Rumble there will be no games. Cena says that both of those men will take an AA and possibly an STF, and Cena will walk away World Heavyweight Champion. Raw then goes off the air.
Next up we have Smackdown and we start out with the cameras in the Parking lot, they are following Chris Masters, who seems to be looking over his shoulders the whole time. Masters is suddenly hit with a chair, it is Hennig, who begins to attack Masters and brutalize him, he beats Master's down, and bloodies him up just a bit, Hennig then takes Masters and hits a Perfect Plex on top of a car hood. Masters rolls off the car and is motionless on the ground. Hennig then says to Masters that he looks absolutely perfect right now. Hennig then spits on Masters and he walks away. Next up we see Chris Jericho in the back, he says that he has been doing good as of late and his win over Del Rio has only enforced in his mind that he is good, and not only good, but one of the best, which is exactly why he is going to declare himself for the Royal Rumble match. Next up we see Kozlov and Jackson vs MVP and Mark Henry. This is a hard hitting afair, MVP gets beaten up, but everytime, he is down, Mark Henry is able to fend the other two men off. Eventually the Miz and Alex Riley come in and attack both teams, and cause a double DQ. Teddy Long comes out and he says that he is tired of all this stuff and at the Royal Rumble he would just like to say that Miz and Riley will defend their titles in a Tag Team Triple Threat match against Henry, MVP, Kozlov and Jackson. Miz and Riley seem upset by this and they end up leaving the ring. Finally we have our main event, it is Randy Orton vs Christian. Wade Barrett is on commentary. Orton and Christian go back and forth for a while, until Christian gets Orton in position for the Killswitch, Randy pushes him off and then hits the RKO, and he pins Christian for the win. Orton notices Barrett looking on, and he goes back to the corner and he Punts Christian in the head, and then he smirks at Wade Barrett. Orton then grabs a mic and he looks at Wade and says that he has heard about Cena and Barrett preparing for the match, and how they both think that they cannot lose. Orton says that they are naive for believing this, because they are both stepping into the ring with the greatest World Champion that ever lived, and since they are both letting their egos get in the way, then at Royal Rumble it will be a cakewalk for Randy Orton. Orton drops the mic and walks away as he looks at Christian being put on a stretcher. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw comes up next and we start out with Mickie James in a match against Melina. Mickie and Melina fight it out for a little bit before Mickie is able to pick up the victory over Melina. AJ comes out after the match and congratulates Mickie, she says that she is happy that she accepted her challenge for a rematch at the Royal Rumble. AJ says that she did hear her last week and she says that she really hopes Mickie does not think that it will be that easy, because to AJ it sure does sound like it. Mickie says that she knows that it will not be easy to beat AJ, she says that it will probably be the toughest challenge that she has ever faced, but she still however plans on becoming a seven time Women’s Champion, and she does plan on defeating AJ for the championship. Mickie walks away and AJ says good luck to her. Next up we see Cody Rhodes face off against Sheamus in a first time ever match. Cody Rhodes takes some punishment from Sheamus, but he ultimately comes back and is able to defeat Sheamus. After the match, Tyler Reks comes out and he tries to attack Cody, but Cody thwarts him, and he hits Cross Rhodes on Tyler before leaving the ring. Finally to end the night we see John Cena take on Evan Bourne in another first time match. Bourne looks great in this match, he uses his speed to his advantage, but Cena ultimately catches Bourne and he hits the AA on him for the win. Cena holds up his title while he smirks at the camera. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown then starts up next and we see Joe Hennig come out to the ring, he talks about what he did to Chris Masters last week, he says that it felt good, and Chris Masters actually spent the night in the hospital, but he says that he is far from done with Chris Masters, he says that he is going to challenge Masters to a Steel Cage match for the US title at the Royal Rumble. Joe says that Masters will be back next week, so he expects his answer then, and he expects it to be a yes, and if it isn’t, then Hennig says that he is not afraid to go to the Parking lot again. Next up we see Miz vs Jackson vs Henry, and we have a good match on our hands, all three of these men take it to one another. Eventually Henry is able to catch Miz when he jumps off the top rope and he is able to hit Miz with the World's Strongest Slam, and pin him for the win. Mark Henry is victorious in this match. Next up we see Wade Barrett in his return match and he is facing off against Khali. Wade Barrett shows no intimidation, and Khali is able to get a few hits in on Barrett, but he isn’t able to do much after that, and soon enough, Wade Barrett takes Khali down and he goes back into the corner, and once Khali gets up, Barrett charges towards him and he hits a massive Bull Hammer and pins Khali for the win. After the match Randy Orton comes out on the stage and he stares at Wade Barrett. Barrett looks back at Orton and he smirks at him while he balls up his fist and shows it to Orton. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out with Tyler Reks having a match with Daniel Bryan. Reks beats up Bryan for most of the match, but he cannot put Bryan down. Bryan is able to get in the Lebell Lock for a second, but Reks breaks free and he hits a massive clothesline on Bryan, he goes for the Burning Hammer and he hits it, but before he can pin Bryan, Cody Rhodes comes in and he hits Cross Rhodes on Tyler Reks. Cody then stands over Reks for a minute before leaving the ring. Next up we have AJ coming out, she grabs a mic, she then talks about all the respect that she has for Mickie James, she says that she has watched Mickie for years and years, and she saw Mickie take on the best and beat the best such as Lita and Trish Stratus, but that does not change anything, she says that she knows how good Mickie is, and she knows that Mickie thinks that she has what it takes and everything, but she just doesn’t. AJ says that she is not Lita and she has defeated trish Stratus, and not only that, she took Mickie beyond her limit, back at TLC, she says that all she wants to do is prove that she can pin Mickie, because AJ knows she can, and she wants to add that to her resume, AJ says that she really does have respect for her, and she really does wish her luck, but at the Royal Rumble, AJ says that Mickie just simply cannot win. Finally we have Cena coming out for another match with Sheamus. These two go back and forth for a little while, before Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick, and misses, Cena then hits the AA and wins the match. He once again holds up his title, and he smirks at the camera. Raw goes off the air after this.
Smackdown comes up next and we see Chris Masters come out to the ring, he looks upset, and he grabs a mic, he says that two weeks ago he was brutally attacked by Joe Hennig and he saw that last week Joe challenged him to a Steel Cage match at the Royal Rumble. Chris looks confused and he says that if Joe thinks that he will get rewarded for this kind of behavior with a title match, then he is wrong. At the Royal Rumble, Chris Masters says that he absolutely will not be facing off against Hennig in a Steel Cage. Hennig then comes out, and he tells Masters to expect him in the Parking Lot next week then. Masters dares Hennig to try anything next week. Hennig just says ok and he walks away. Next up we have Riley vs Kozlov vs MVP. In this match we see Kozlov dominate the match, and both MVP and Riley have to team up on him. MVP and Riley take Kozlov out of the match, and they focus on each other, Riley is able to hit his DDT on MVP and win the match. Riley is victorious after this match and we see a graphic on the screen that says next week we will see Alex Riley one on one with Mark Henry. Finally after this we see Randy Orton come to the ring and he says that he has been watching John Cena the past couple weeks, and he says that Cena is getting far too smug for his own good, Orton says that at Royal Rumble he will Punt Cena in the head as hard as he possibly can, and he will most likely end his whole career. Wade Barrett then comes out to the ring, and he says to Randy that he knows that it is a Triple Threat match at Royal Rumble, but it is best that Orton does not give his full attention to John Cena because Wade is planning on hitting Orton with a Bull Hammer so hard that it may just break his jaw, and knock him out. Orton gets in the face of Barrett and Barrett dares Randy to touch him. Randy then backs off of Barrett and he says to him that he does not know why Wade is talking such a big game when he already knows how devastating the Punt kick can be, Orton says, maybe not though, in that case he plans on reminding Barrett at the Royal Rumble.
Next up we have the go home Raw and we start out with Tyler Reks calling out Cody Rhodes to the ring. Cody comes out and Tyler says to him that the last two weeks, Cody has blindsided him. Reks says that will change when he has to meet him face to face. Cody says that at the Royal Rumble, he will do whatever it takes to defeat Tyler Reks and keep his IC Championship. Tyler says that he was not talking about the Royal Rumble, he was talking about right now. Reks then attacks Cody and nails him with a Burning Hammer, and then throws Cody over the top rope to the ground, Reks then holds up the IC title and throws it on Rhodes body outside the ring. Next up we see Mickie James come to the ring, she says that after last week she has done some thinking, she says that maybe AJ was right, perhaps Mickie simply cannot win, but then Mickie says that she watched all of AJs matches in WWE within the last week, and she took a lot of notes, and not only that, but she did a lot of training in order to prepare for the match. Mickie says that it doesn’t matter if AJ was right or not last week, because Mickie says that she is more focused than she ever has been in her career, and it will be an incredible fight this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, but Mickie now has faith in herself that she can do it. Mickie then leaves the ring and she walks away, only to be greeted by AJ, who has a mic, AJ then says that may the best woman win, and the two shake hands. Finally we have John Cena come out with a mic, and he says that this Sunday he cannot wait to get in the ring, he says that ever since before King of the Ring, he has wanted this match, Cena says that he is foaming at the mouth for it, and he begs Orton and Barrett not to attack each other on Friday night Smackdown. Cena says that he doesn’t want just one of them in the ring, he wants both, he wants to say that he beat two of the most decorated superstars both in one night, Cena says that he wants to be just like Chris Jericho. Cena then gets serious, he says that he hopes that the Rock watches the Royal Rumble this Sunday, because in just a few months, that will be his fate. Cena throws the mic down and Raw goes off the air.
Next up is the go home Smackdown and we start out in the Parking Lot again following Chris Masters. Joe Hennig tries to attack him again, but Masters is prepared for it this time, and the two have a straight up Parking Lot Brawl. Joe gets the better of Masters and he is ready to hit the Perfect Plex on another car, but Masters stops him by saying that he accepts his challenge to a Steel Cage match at the Royal Rumble for the US Championship. Hennig then says good, and he throws Masters to the ground. Hennig tells Masters that he will see him Sunday. Next up we have Alex Riley vs Mark Henry. Henry is able to dominate the match, but towards the end Riley is able to comeback, but just before he can attempt a win on Henry, both men are attacked by Kozlov and Jackson. Miz and MVP come out to try and help, and the whole thing turns into a huge brawl. In the end Kozlov and Jackson stand tall, over the other four men. Finally we see Wade Barrett come out, and he grabs a mic, and he says that just like John Cena he cannot wait for this Sunday, he says that he will not lose, he will destroy Cena and Orton, and then he tells Cena not to worry, because he won’t attack Orton before the bell rings this Sunday, Wade then says that he cannot speak for Orton however, and he turns and looks at Randy Orton who is standing behind Barrett now in shock. Barrett smirks at Orton and he leaves the ring as Smackdown goes off the air.
Royal Rumble
  1. Cody and Reks draw (Double Count Out)
  2. AJ Lee retains her Women’s title against Mickie James
  3. Chris Masters retains his US title against Joe Hennig
  4. Miz and Riley retain their Tag Team titles (Pins MVP)
  5. Wade Barrett wins the World Heavyweight Championship (John Cena looks great throughout the match, and towards the end he has Orton in the STF, and we hear the music of the Rock. Cena leaves the ring, but Rock never comes out. Meanwhile in the ring, Barrett hits the Bull Hammer on Orton to win the match)
  6. Drew McIntyre wins the Royal Rumble (Notes: Drew enters at number 4, Sting enters number 1. Justin Gabriel returns. Drew eliminates the most men at nine. Sting breaks the record for longest time at 63 minutes. Drew last eliminates Sting to win the match.)
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2020.07.27 19:06 UnicornDick31 Revive AEW's Women's Division - Part 1: Start of a New Era

Since the inception of All Elite Wrestling, they have quite clearly had the best Tag Team division, and a thriving singles division for the men, however their women’s division has always felt like something was missing. So with this booking, my plan is to breathe some life into their women’s division, bringing in some larger stars to add some name value to the division which it has unfortunately lacked, as WWE have a lot of the most notable women’s performers in the world. This is going to be a booking where COVID isn’t an issue, as to not limit the possibilities too much. Hope everyone enjoys, let’s get into the booking shall we.

So i feel like the best place to start would be with the build to All Out, AEW has been hyping up the The Deadly Draw, a Women’s Tag Team Tournament featuring 8 teams, none of which have been announced, so I’m going to keep that tournament and use that to introduce and reintroduce some new people and create some teams that, some will be temporary and some will stick around for a while.

But first let’s set the stage for Hikaru Shida’s AEW Women’s World Championship challenger…

Build to All Out
Nyla Rose has found a manager in the form of Vickie Guerrero, and the two of them have vowed to come back for the Women’s World Championship, and that is exactly what happens, Nyla Rose starts running through everyone on the roster, eventually getting a No.1 Contenders match, but the only issue is during the match, Britt Baker gets involved, causing the match to be thrown out when Nyla was seemingly moments from victory. Nyla hunts down Britt for the next few weeks, eventually both being inserted into a Championship match at All Out, meaning Hikaru Shida will defend in a Triple Threat against Nyla and Britt.

Now with that out of the way, we can move on to The Deadly Draw tournament…

The Deadly Draw
In the weeks leading up to the commence of the tournament, The Nightmare Sisters enter, as the one actual team on the roster. Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter who are former Goddess of Stardom Champions, they both etch their name into the list of participants. Penelope Ford enters and promises to find a fitting partner worthy of teaming with the Superbad girl. Big Swole comes out one week and says she has found the perfect partner, someone who is all about that Swole life, she then introduces her partner as former Impact Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace. Diamante & Ivelisse after having a second match, earn each other's respect and they shake hands, and agree to team for the tournament. The next team comes straight from Stardom, also former Goddess of Stardom Champions, Konami & Jungle Kyona. The final two spots in the tournament are revealed when Yuka Sakazaki brings in a former tag partner of hers from Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, Mizuki. And finally, Sadie Gibbs has taken a spot in this tournament, and her partner is revealed to be Tenille Dashwood. So with all the teams filled out, other than one, anticipation builds as to who could be Penelope Ford’s tag team partner.

August 19th, 2020 sees the commencement of the Deadly Draw Tournament…

The Bracket

The show opens with Trish Stratus walking out, she hypes up the upcoming Deadly Draw tournament which begins later tonight, and everyone has been wondering what exactly the prize will be, and she is here to reveal that at the end of this tournament, we will crown the inaugural AEW Women’s Tag Team Champions, the beautiful championships are unveiled (putting the other Women’s title to shame with how good it looks) at the top of the stage, the rose gold plating looking beautiful under the bright lights, with a hint of silver here and there too, with the black strap, sitting on a podium with a pink velvet sheet. Stratus then let’s us know that the tournament is kicking off right now.

Bea Priestley’s music hits and she walks out with Jamie Hayter by her side, the two filled with confidence ready to get the tournament underway, and prove they are the best team. They both look at the two masterpieces sitting at the side of the stage, they walk down to the ring and as they stand in the ring awaiting their opponents. Then Yuka Sakazaki’s music hits and she makes her way out alongside her former partner from TJPW, Mizuki. The two Japanese stars make their way out with Priestley and Hayter staring them down, trying to intimidate their opponents and get inside their heads before the bell rings.

Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter vs Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki - Deadly Draw Quarter Final Match

Right as the bell rings, Hayter takes control of Sakazaki, taking her to the ground and breaking down her opponent. Hayter and Priestley do incredibly well at cutting the ring in half, making it nearly impossible for Mizuki to tag into the match. When Yuka does make a comeback and gets the hot tag, Mizuki gets in and hits Priestley with a dropkick, and then Hayter gets one too. She climbs to the top and hits Priestley with a Diving Crossbody, hooking the leg upon landing, but Bea kicks out. Priestley gets back to her feet and manages to reach Hayter for the tag, as Jamie gets in she attempts a clothesline to Mizuki who ducks under and runs the ropes, when she comes back at Jamie, she lifts her up with a Flapjack, but before being dropped down, Mizuki turns it into a Crucifix Driver, her patented Aquamarine. She keeps hold of Hayter for the cover, 1… 2… Thr-... But Priestley breaks it up, the crowd aren’t happy about that, Priestley drags Hayter back to their corner and tags herself in, she attacks Mizuki and manages to hit the Bea-Trigger. Yuka enters the ring but before she can do anything, Bea nails her with a Curb Stomp, Priestley finally nails Mizuki with a Queen’s Landing to score the 3 count.

Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter def. Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki

Priestley and Hayter raise their hands after the match, one step closer to the finals, as the show continues as usual, we finally reach the second of the Deadly Draw Tournament matches tonight. Sadie Gibbs’ music hits, she and Tenille Dashwood make their way out next side by side, ready to take the spotlight themselves tonight. Once those two are in the ring, Big Swole’s music hits and she makes her way out, followed closely by Jordynne Grace

Sadie Gibbs & Tenille Dashwood vs Big Swole & Jordynne Grace - Deadly Draw Quarter Final Match

Gibbs and Swole start things off with a test of strength, Swole flexing her muscles as she holds Gibbs down on the ground. As the battle continues, Swole and Grace are on the outside regrouping when Sadie Gibbs does the Sasuke Special crashing into both opponents. She rolls Swole back in and tags in Tenille who nails Swole with a Discus Elbow Smash. As Swole crawls towards the corner, Dashwood hits her with a Taste of Tenille before pulling her out and going for the cover, 1… 2… But Swole manages to kick out. The two go back and forth a bit before Grace is tagged in and she shows her strength with a Stalling Suplex, when the match is finally coming to its climax. The action breaks down and all 4 women brawl inside the ring, Grace and Swole dispatch Gibbs and send her to the outside. Now with just Dashwood in the ring, the two women work very well together, Swole nailing Dashwood with the Dirty Dancing (Ripcord Discus Forearm Smash) before pushing her into Grave who hits the Grace Driver (Half Nelson Driver) and holds for the cover, 1… 2… 3…

Jordynne Grace & Big Swole def. Sadie Gibbs & Tenille Dashwood

Grace and Swole celebrate their victory, both impressing with their strength shown throughout the match, and showing impressive chemistry. But that’s just half the bracket complete, we still have the second half set for next week's show.

Updated Bracket

August 26th, 2020

The tournament continues tonight with The Nightmare Sisters taking on Diamante & Ivelisse in what will be an interesting bout to kick off the show, but later tonight we will see Jungle Kyona and Konami take on Penelope Ford and her mystery partner that we are all just itching to find out who it is. She has hyped up the reveal as being a massive deal, but who could it possibly be? But before that we have the aforementioned match to get through…

The Nightmare Sisters music hits and they make their way out wearing the matching red and black gear, Dustin in their corner, ready to see if all his training has paid off. They all walk down to the ring and await their opponents. Next is Ivelisse’s music, who makes her way out alone, which is then followed by Diamante’s music. Both seem to have respect, but unlike the other teams they didn’t make their way out unified, is this a sign of things to come?

The Nightmare Sisters (Brandi Rhodes & Allie) vs Diamante & Ivelisse - Deadly Draw Quarter Final Match

Allie and Brandi have a slight disagreement as to who starts the match, but Dustin cools things off and Allie ends up starting things off. Ivelisse and Diamante both take the fight to the Allie and Brandi, with their more vicious style, but the training of Brandi and Allie proves helpful as they manage to get some double team moves in. In the end, Brandi hits the Shot of Brandi, and Allie tags herself in, hits the Allie Popper (Facebuster) for the 3 count.

The Nightmare Sisters def. Diamante & Ivelisse

Despite Allie taking all the glory when Brandi had the match won, she brushes her issues aside as these two are now headed to the semi finals of the tournament, one step closer to holding those Women’s Tag Team Championships. But they still don’t know who their opponents are, will it be Jungle Kyona & Konami, or will it be Penelope Ford and this mystery partner she has up her sleeve. The show goes on for about half an hour before we get to the next match in the tournament. Jungle Kyona and Konami come out, they are given a warm welcome from the AEW fanbase, as they stand in the ring and await their opponents, Penelope Ford’s music hits and she walks out onto the stage.

Penelope Ford takes a microphone and she comments on how she holds all the cards right now, she knew about every team in the tournament for weeks, and she had all the time in the world to find the perfect partner, someone who could not only match up with the rest of the field, but exceed them, much like herself. Penelope then welcomes her partner to join her on stage…

OH MY… It’s Taya Valkyrie, a highly sought after women’s wrestler after having a lot of success in companies like AAA and IMPACT, she joins Penelope on stage and they both just smirk as they walk down the ramp and enter the ring, getting in the face of Konami and Jungle Kyona. The referee pulling them apart and getting the competitors ready, and then ringing the bell.

Konami & Jungle Kyona vs Penelope Ford & Taya Valkyrie - Deadly Draw Quarter Final Match

This match is a fairly traditional heel vs face bout, with Ford starting things off and using the ropes to force the referee to drag Konami away. But eventually Konami does get her hands on Ford and locks in the Triangle Lancer, as Ford screams out in pain, Valkyrie makes the save, kicking Konami in the side of the face. Kyona gets in the ring and lifts Taya up and hits a Vertical Suplex. As Taya rolls out of the ring, Ford Superkicks Kyona, and Konami goes for the Triangle Lancer again, but Ford is able to avoid the move, they fight back and forth, making a few tags throughout the match but as it comes to the end of the match, Ford nails a Super Bad Cutter to Kyona and tags in Taya who nails the Road to Valhalla. As Taya covers Kyona, Ford holds off Konami and the referee counts the 3.

Penelope Ford & Taya Valkyrie def. Jungle Kyona & Konami

Ford and Valkyrie celebrate the victory, ready to take on the entire tournament, next week are the semi finals where they will take on The Nightmare Sisters to see who moves forward to All Out for the AEW Women’s World Tag Team Championship against the winners of the other semi finals match between Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter taking on Big Swole and Jordynne Grace.

Updated Bracket

September 2nd, 2020

The night kicks off with all the final build to All Out this weekend, which includes the semi finals of the Deadly Draw tournament. Kicking things off first is the sounds of Taya Valkyrie’s music as she walks out onto the stage and posing, she is closely followed by Penelope Ford and the two walk down to the ring with Kip Sabian by Ford’s side. They enter the ring and are ready for the appearance of their opponents. Speaking of, The Nightmare Sisters are out next, with Dustin following close behind, and the pair enter the ring, and get in the face of their opponents. The referee rings the bell and the match gets under way…

Taya Valkyrie & Penelope Ford vs The Nightmare Sisters (Brandi Rhodes & Allie) - Deadly Draw Semi Final Match

Taya Valkyrie and Brandi Rhodes go at it to open the match, with both competitors giving their best, Valkyrie takes the advantage and manages to control the match up for a good chunk along with Penelope, the two having formed a fairly close bond since Penelope picked her as her partner. In the latter half of the match, Sabian tries to distract the referee to help Ford, but Dustin stops him and the two have a confrontation on the outside (setting up a match between the two on the All Out Buy In). Brandi is distracted by this just enough for Ford to nail her with a Stunner and score the 3 count.

Taya Valkyrie & Penelope Ford def. The Nightmare Sisters

Valkyrie and Ford quickly exit the ring and walk up the ramp with Sabian, punching their ticket to the finals, now it’s just to find out who their opponents are come Saturday. As the show continues, we finally get to the next tournament match about half way in, Swole’s music hits and she makes her way out with Jordynne Grace, reaching the ring, the fans cheering them on. But then their opponents are out next, Bea Priestley’s music hits and she makes her way onto the stage with her partner, Jamie Hayter. Once all the competitors are in the ring, the referee gets them all prepped before ringing the bell…

Big Swole & Jordynne Grace vs Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter - Deadly Draw Semi Final Match

Grace and Priestley start things off with a lock up, Grace getting the upper hand and overpowering Priestley, Bea does however manage to make a comeback and get the upper hand using her stronger technicality over Jordynne, Bea and Jamie work very well as a team, ganging up on their opponents and keeping them away from their corners. But towards the end of the match, Priestley goes for the Bea Trigger to Jordynne Grace and but Swole intercepts with a Spear, and as Bea makes the tag to Jamie and rolls out to recover, Hayter goes for a clothesline to Swole who ducks it and Grace catches Hayter’s arm, nailing the Grace Driver and covering her for the 1… 2… 3…

Big Swole & Jordynne Grace def. Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter

Post match, Swole and Grace are celebrating before being approached in the ring for an interview about making it to the finals to face Taya Valkyrie and Penelope Ford. Grace points out that she has beat Taya and in fact, earlier this year took her title from her in IMPACT. This prompts Taya and Penelope to come out and confront their opponents for All Out, and the two teams face off, talking some trash off mic.

Updated Bracket

All Out - September 5th, 2020

Here we are at All Out, and it is a momentous occasion, seeing how far AEW have come in just the past year, at last years All Out, there was no Dynamite, the World Championship was only just being crowned, and now… well now, Dynamite is bringing in some good numbers and more often than not winning in the ratings war against NXT, on top of that, AEW have acquired even more talent and have introduced the Women’s World Championship, World Tag Team Championship and TNT Championship. And now tonight, the finals of the Deadly Draw will see one team walk away as the inaugural Women’s World Tag Team Champions.

Kicking off the show, Nyla Rose’s music hits and she makes her way out along with Vickie Guerrero, stalking her way down to the ring, looking to reclaim the AEW Women’s World Championship, but she has some tough competition to contend with tonight as the recently returned to action, “Doctor” Britt Baker D.M.D is looking to acquire some new patients via knocking her opponents teeth down their throats on her way to the Championship. But finally we have the Champion herself, Japanese sensation, Hikaru Shida, who makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring with the title around her waist, she is the clear fan favourite in this match and she enters the ring where her two opponents are waiting.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs Britt Baker D.M.D vs Nyla Rose - AEW Women’s World Championship

The three women stare each other down at the sound of the bell, nobody moving for a few moments, but then Shida steps towards the middle of the ring, Baker staying in the corner and Nyla then stepping up to Shida and shoving her back. The two go at it, Nyla overpowers Shida in the opening moments, eventually slamming Shida onto the mat with a suplex, Baker takes the opportunity to strike and nails a kick to the side of Nyla’s face and locks Shida in the Lockjaw. But Shida doesn’t tap, and Nyla is quickly on Baker and beating her down, Baker attempting to escape to the outside. The match continues with this same story throughout of Baker trying to avoid any one on one confrontation with Nyla and playing a very cowardly, or in her words “mastermind”, role. Leaving Shida and Nyla to fight amongst themselves for a lot, Baker would slide in for covers when the chance would present itself. Finally, as the match is coming to a close, Shida and Baker surprisingly team up to take out Nyla Rose. Hikaru and Britt then go at it, eventually leading to Baker locking in Lockjaw and sticking her hand in Shida’s mouth and seemingly attempting to rip her jaw off, Shida has no option but to tap out.

Britt Baker D.M.D def. Hikaru Shida & Nyla Rose

Britt Baker grabs the title from the referee and celebrates with her title in hand, holding it high, however when she looks at the title there is a hint of disgust on her face, she leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp as the boos rain down on Britt. The show runs through a couple more matches, including Cody taking on Darby Allin, many believing this is the match Darby will win, but when he is seconds from victory, Cody cheats to retain his title, turning heel in the process. With a few other singles matches as well as that out of the way, the Women’s World Tag Team Championships are sitting in the ring on the same podium from the past few weeks.

Big Swole’s music hits and she walks out with Jordynne Grace by her side, as they enter the ring, they get a good look at the titles, crossing the ring and standing on the far side from the ramp. Then Penelope Ford’s music hits and she makes her way out, soon followed by Taya Valkyrie, they enter the ring and get a good look at the titles for themselves before turning their attention to the opposing team across from them. As the introductions are made and the referee gets the match ready to start, Swole and Valkyrie are going to start things off.

Big Swole & Jordynne Grace vs Taya Valkyrie & Penelope Ford - AEW Women’s World Tag Team Championship/ Deadly Draw Finals

Swole gets the early upper hand, flexing her muscles while holding Taya down on the mat, but soon Taya is able to get the upper hand and shows off herself. They both go at it again and the match goes back and forth, the crowd getting super invested in this match as tags are made and near falls come and go. Towards the end though, Swole and Ford are the legal members of their team, Swole goes for Dirty Dancing, but Penelope does her matrix style dodge, she kicks Swole in the gut and nails and Super Bad Cutter. Tagging in Taya Valkyrie, Penelope nails a cartwheel back splash to Grace, knocking her off the apron, Valkyrie hits Road to Valhalla and scores the 3 count…

Taya Valkyrie & Penelope Ford def. Big Swole & Jordynne Grace

Taya Valkyrie and Penelope Ford celebrate their big victory, being handed the fresh titles and holding them up high, however the crowd aren’t as pleased as they clearly are. All Out proves to be a possibly more momentous occasion than the previous year, ushering in a new era for AEW, with a new Women’s World Champion, the first ever Women’s World Tag Team Champions, Cody’s heel turn and then Kenny Omega turning on Hangman Page with The Young Bucks joining him, The Cleaner is back, but more importantly it is a return to form for the original trio of The Elite.

Build to Full Gear

Post-All Out Dynamite, September 9th, 2020… With All Out behind us, Taya Valkyrie and Penelope Ford make their way out to the ring, they talk about how at All Out they managed to make history. They say that now they are Champions, “SuperLoca” will run the division, no matter who gets in their way. They are soon interrupted by The Nightmare Sisters who come out and say that if it wasn’t for Kip Sabian being a nuisance in their corner, Taya and Penelope wouldn’t have made it to the finals, and likely wouldn’t even be standing here as the Women’s World Tag Team Champions right now. Penelope cuts them off, brushing their accusations aside, saying how they can barely stay on the same page, let alone win a tournament. Brandi challenges them to another match, this time with the titles on the line, but that is when Bea Priestley comes out, she says that Jamie Hayter is unfortunately occupied elsewhere this week, but they more than deserve a shot at the tag team titles more than anybody, for one, they haven’t lost to Valkyrie and Ford… unlike the Nightmare Sisters. It is decided that The Nightmare Sisters will take on Priestley & Hayter next week for a shot at the Women’s World Tag Team Championships.

Later in the night, Britt Baker comes out with her title over her shoulder, bragging about her victory, she brings up the way she dismantled the structure of Shida’s jaw, and she has it on good authority that Shida isn’t here tonight, she does however, offer Shida an appointment at her dental clinic so she can help her out. Baker is soon after interrupted by Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero, Vickie says that Britt is nothing more than a cowardly paper champion, and Shida had to gang up on Nyla Rose just so they would have any chance to become the Women’s World Champion. Britt dismisses them, telling them to move along, “they’ve already lost” and addressing the rest of the Women’s roster, saying that anyone who gets in her way will have their jaw ripped from their bodies. But Nyla attacks and leaves Britt laying, it is then announced that on the September 30th edition of Dynamite, Baker will defend against Nyla Rose.

September 16th, 2020… The Nightmare Sisters come out for their match, but while walking down to the ring, Allie and Brandi are attacked by Priestley and Hayter. After beating them down a bit on the outside, Hayter rolls Allie into the ring and the match is begun, Hayter has the advantage, but towards the end, Brandi and Allie make a comeback, battling back from the onslaught at the hands of Hayter and Priestley, eventually Brandi manages to hit the Cross Rhodes and covers Priestley, 1… 2… 3… The Nightmare Sisters have a future shot at SuperLoca’s Women’s World Tag Team Championships.

Over the next couple weeks, Britt Baker and Nyla Rose have promo packages aired for their upcoming title clash, while the Women’s Tag Team Championship match is officially given a date, and that date will be on the October 14th edition of Dynamite.

September 30th, 2020… Nyla Rose makes her way out with Vickie Guerrero, determined to win the title tonight, but her opponent has no intentions of giving the title up, and we know the lengths she will go to for the victory. As both women battle, Nyla clearly has the edge over Baker, who struggles to keep any form of control for the first half of the match, eventually managing to slowly hold control longer and longer. Finally when Nyla Rose gets Baker up for the Beast Bomb, Baker rakes the eyes, just out of sight from the referee, Baker quickly drops off the back and gets Rose in the Lockjaw. As expected, Nyla refuses to tap, but how much could she really take, eventually after a while of Baker pulling and pulling on her jaw, her arm cocks back and the referee calls for the bell, getting medical attention for Nyla. She manages to walk to the back on her own two feet despite having a dislocated jaw, Baker celebrating with her title before heading to the back herself, pleased with what she has done.

October 7th, 2020… Britt Baker, the role model she is has requested another defence before the PPV, the defence will take place two weeks from now, but first she needs an opponent, so there has been a battle royal scheduled, AEW management mentioning that it is an invitational battle royal for whoever wants the opportunity. Because of that we see some of the faces we saw in the Deadly Draw as well as some that haven’t appeared in AEW before, such as Melina and Taynara Conti.

In total 15 women enter, but the final 4 who are important here are Big Swole, Riho, Shanna and Abadon. The 4 women battle back and forth, we see Abadon manage to eliminate Shanna, but then Swole eliminates her, leaving just Swole and Riho, and after the battle goes back and forth a bit, Riho overcomes the odds and eliminates Big Swole to win and earn the match with Britt Baker.

October 14th, 2020… Finally we are here for the first title defence of SuperLoca as they take on The Nightmare Sisters, and the match is a good back and forth affair, which sees Brandi and Allie come close to victory multiple times. But late in the match, Penelope Ford is taken out by a stray punch while she is on the top rope, which sees her tumble from the top all the way to the ground below, she cries out in pain and Taya as well as the referee go to check on her, the referee checks multiple times if she can continue the match, to which she complains she’s in pain, as the referee goes over to the timekeepers area to let him know about the situation, Ford tries to get up but falls right back down, Taya helping her stay up, the referee rules the match a no contest, meaning SuperLoca are still champs for now. About halfway up the ramp, Penelope starts walking completely normally, revealing it was all a ruse, and it worked.

After that, it is announced during the following week on social media, that due to their antics, they will take on The Nightmare Sisters for the titles at Full Gear, no excuses.

October 21st, 2020… Britt Baker and Riho make their ways out and their match is much faster paced than the match with Rose, this match about as expected with Riho being the underdog while Britt tries to apply the Lockjaw. Eventually after a match which sees Riho put up a good fight and give Baker a few moments of doubt, she is locked in the Lockjaw, and she taps out almost as soon as Baker grabs her jaw. Baker doesn’t release the hold however and she pulls and pulls, until…

Hikaru Shida is back, she runs down to the ring and as she slides in, Baker rolls out and grabs her title, walking back up with the title clutched close to her. Shida stares Baker down the entire time, checking on Riho once Baker is far enough away.

The following week, a backstage promo is shown of Shida staking her claim for the title she wants back, and she wants her shot at Full Gear. The match is granted by management and Shida will get her shot at the title come Full Gear…

Or will she, as the go home show for Full Gear is going off air, we cut backstage to a panicked scene, when the feed finally makes it through the crowd, we find Shida laid out, and Baker is standing off to the side, she mockingly tells Shida she will see her at Full Gear. Confusion is left out in the open as we have no idea as to what is to come, who will Britt Baker defend again, will she defend at all?

Full Gear - November 7th, 2020
Here we are, finally at Full Gear, and it is set to be a great show, but with one question answered, another still stands, Britt Baker will defend her title, but against who? However before we get there, the Women's World Tag Team Championships are on the line. The Nightmare Sisters make their way down to the ring, looking more determined and united than ever, as they stand in the ring, SuperLoca make their way out with the titles, but as they get about half way down the ramp, the Nightmare Sisters attack…

SuperLoca (c) vs The Nightmare Sisters - AEW Women’s World Tag Team Championships

The fight eventually makes its way back to the ring and the match begins officially, The Nightmare Sisters put up a great fight, coming within moments of victory on multiple occasions, however SuperLoca proves to be an unstoppable force shockingly. Ford and Valkyrie sending Brandi out of the ring and isolating Allie, Valkyrie hits Road to Valhalla and covers her, 1… 2… 3…

SuperLoca def. The Nightmare Sisters

After the match, Ford and Valkyrie celebrate their victory before heading to the back, and as Allie makes her way back to her feet, apologising to Brandi, Dustin trying to tell them how well they did despite the loss, but at that moment, Brandi fires a Forearm into the face of Allie. Climbing on top of her and beating her down over and over, Dustin pulls Brandi off but she swings her elbow back and catches the side of his face, a little caught off guard by what she just did. Dustin tells her this isn’t how the Rhodes family handle their issues, and her eyebrows furrow, she kicks Dustin in the groin, before turning back to Allie and dragging her to her feet to hit a Shot of Brandi and leaves her laying to go backstage. Later in the night being back at ringside with Cody, looking like a power couple.

Dustin helps Allie to the back, meeting QT Marshall at the top of the ramp and they regroup after the shocking events of what just happened. But alas, the show must go on, which it does, and eventually Britt Baker’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring, ready for her match, but who could her opponent possibly be? Let’s find out…

The crowd exploded as “The Pirate Princess” Kairi Hojo made her way onto the stage, smiling brightly, nobody was expecting this, as far as everybody knew she was leaving the wrestling world to start a family. She makes her way down to the ring, everyone’s questions can wait, because the excitement of seeing one of the best wrestlers in the world debut here in AEW is mind blowing. She stands across from a dumbfounded champion, unsure of what exactly she has gotten herself into, at least if she was facing Shida she could’ve planned, now she has nothing.

Britt Baker D.M.D (c) vs Kairi Hojo - AEW Women’s World Championship

Baker is still a little off guard after the shocking appearance of the former multiple time champion and well travelled competitor. Hojo gets the early advantage during the match, taking the fight to the champion, the crowd still firmly behind Kairi and reeling from her appearance. As the match goes on, Baker gets a little more comfortable, and both competitors put on a great match, as the end is coming, everyone is rooting for Kairi to come out victorious. She goes for the Seven Seas (Elbow Drop) but Britt rolls out of the way. Kairi manages to maintain the advantage however and goes for the Tokyo Slam (Alabama Slam), but Britt manages to roll through and uses the ropes for leverage and a sneaky cover, 1… 2… 3…

Britt Baker D.M.D def. Kairi Hojo

Britt Baker rolls out of the ring and gets her title, holding onto it desperately, she could feel the title slipping away but she kept it close. The crowd all boo her relentlessly for spoiling the debut of Kairi Hojo. The show continues on after that with anticipation for what is to come next after that ending to the Women’s Championship match, and what is to come of the women’s tag team division after the Nightmare Sisters have split.
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Pic No Sighnup Gay Porn Games Porn Hot Mature Old Porn Magazin Rollersex Step Sister Teases Me and My Cock Slips in Porn Gargantuan Big Booty Bbw Porn Giant Anal Porn Mzansi Porn Free Videos Over 60 Black Porn Newest Gay Porn Star Ridder Rivera Gay Porn Tube 2018 Laura Teen Anal Porn Sexy Naked Porn Game Evil Bbw Porn Furry Bestiality Porn Gay Fire Emblem Porn Game Long Boy Lady Liberty Porn Comic Redhead Daughter Daddy Blackmailing Porn Porn Movies With Good Acting Burthday Sex Porn Funny Young Milf Porn Movies Furries Haveing Sex Porn Steven St Croix First Porn Film Elastagirl Porn Reddit Fre Hd Sister Porn Daughter Dad Car Blowjob Porn Filipino White Gay Porn Hd Hard Anal Porns Us
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2020.07.11 03:47 DGenerationMC Reimagining ECW One Night Stand 2008

Link to 2006:
Link to D2D:
Link to 2007:
Chris Jericho def. Shelton Benjamin
ECW's resident Gold Standard lays down an open challenge to any extreme alumni to face him at the PPV. Y2J answers and defeats Shelton for the very first time, albeit controversially after reversing Benjamin's underhanded tactics with his own to further tease a heel turn.
Beth Phoenix def. Melina in a "I Quit" Match
Making her return to The Land of Extreme now as a face, Melina chooses the place and match for her feud with The Glamazon to end. Showing tremendous heart, Melina loses but earns the respect of the fanbase that hated her a year prior.
Kane def. Chavo Guerrero (with Bam Neely) in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Kane squashed Chavo in record time to earn a ECW Title shot for Backlash. Having not lived it down, Chavito gets the chance to beat him twice and make up for the embarrassment. Thanks to Bam's interference, Chavo gets himself DQ'd during the first fall only to gain the advantage to take the second. However, Kane reverses the academic Frog Splash in the third fall to win the match with a Chokeslam.
Tommy Dreamer def. JBL in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
JBL's hate/hate relationship with ECW dating back to the first One Night Stand leads to he and Dreamer having a war of words for this match. Brawling all over the arena and into the parking lot, Bradshaw's showboating towards victory over a bloody Dreamer backfires when his limo driver, revealed to be John Cena, helps The Heart and Soul of ECW emerge victorious. While The Champ will never be accepted by the extremists, the assistance to Dreamer is a nice nod to 2006 and a way to progress his own summer feud with Bradshaw.
John Morrison & The Miz(c) def. The Hardyz & La Famila in a Triple Threat TLC Match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
Miz and Morrison's claim to be the greatest tag team of all time catches the attention of The Hardyz, who reunite for the rare opportunity to hold titles across different brands together. Using her GM powers, Vickie Guerrero jams Hawkins and Ryder into the mix. The Edgeheads impress, keeping up with the two more experience and successful tag teams. However, Miz and Morrison retain as the two challenging teams got in each other's way one time too many.
CM Punk(c) def. Big Show in a Extreme Rules Match to retain the ECW Championship
In Big Show's last match in his previous ECW run in 2006, he was submitted in quick order by the then-rookie Punk. The World's Largest Athlete returns to right this wrong, seemingly on behalf of Mr. McMahon to kill ECW once and for all. Using size to his advantage, Show took his time pummeling and tossing Punk all over ringside. It wasn't until a kendo stick entered the match would the tide turn as the giant was sent through a table. Seizing the opportunity, Punk lept onto Show and tapped him out once again with the Anaconda Vice to keep the championship. Accepting defeat, Mr. McMahon walked down to the ring to offer his hand out of respect to the leader of the C-brand that could not be snuffed out by the boss. However, Punk simply brushed Vince aside and celebrated with the ECW Title as his extreme legacy had been cemented.
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2020.07.02 07:36 SiropAnanas Whispers

What are we supposed to do about the Kalina ship ???
Debunking it on Twitter will result in your tweets being edited (by whom, though ?) and A LOT of angry shippers indirecting you for "being mean" and "not believing in love" or whatever.
Posting about Kalina on here might get you banned, though (by Reddit, not by the mods of the subreddit).
This fandom has been reporting it to Youtube staffers FOR 3 YEARS. We either got no answer or got "being rumored to be in a relationship is not something horrible" as an answer.
They keep posting about Karim Jawed and claiming he'd be "using the account, but wait oh no, that's not him, oh wait he's hacked, oh wait, he's coming back, oh wait he's not". The people posting about him now, on Twitter, the Youtube subreddit and Youtube are NEARLY ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION Microsoft Minecraft Youtubers (or their "totally real fan accounts"). Been like this for a while already. What are we supposed to conclude from this ?
They're trying to post nasty lies about Melina again, using Karim Jawed this time, since Melina said AGAIN recently that she doesn't know any youtuber at all and that she is absolutely not linked to any of them whatsoever. That it's one-sided and wants nothing to do with any of this. And as she said before, they absolutely DON'T HAVE A LICENSING AGREEMENT WITH HER WHATSOEVER, she and Cym3llia are also known for NOT using Youtube or Google at all ; so they can't use their other Youtube characters to the the "hitman" job anymore.
Everybody will be talking about "the aftermath" louder and maybe with screenshots if they don't stop tbh.
I mean, they won't stop ? We won't stop exposing their lies either then.

It's like what Melina said, she used [email protected] messenger when she was 14 to try and improve her English, and had to stop because all there was were "people working in IT" (quote) "trying to s3xt her even when they knew she was 14". She also said those apps were anonymous so that she absolutely has no idea who those people were (although she knew their location, as they'd say it). By doing whatever they're doing, THEY are the ones making stuff VERY obvious.
(If you have a doubt : no, it is NOT about Karim Jawed.)
Other girls talked about similar stuff, but it's not our place to point it out.
Conspiracy theories (which are nothing but theories) are saying that the person who's been after several girls since they were using [email protected] services when they were all 14 might just be the Microsoft Clown. It's a theory, though. There are video proof of doxxing and harassment, though. It's not a theory that comes out of nowhere.
As a matter of fact, some believe the person (people ?) who was s3xting SEVERAL 14 year old girls on stuff like [email protected] messenger or [email protected] ask or other [email protected] services is all paranoid, going after those who got famous, because he's scared they'd be exposing him. (When the apps were anonymous, though). Some are theorizing that he'd (they'd) be trying to use Karim Jawed as a scapegoat and do a keyword burial (G00gle b0mb1ng). This is also a theory that comes from people who are not from this fandom but who are coders.
We figure they'd picked Karim Jawed because he's a competitor of Microsoft and Microsoft are known for doing "2 birds 1 stone" kind of stuff.
In 2015, Melina said that she saw a pattern and similarities between what happened to her and to another girl who was using [email protected] services when she was 14 also. But it's not her place (nor ours) to talk about it. She was dissed on the L3afyish3re tag too in 2016-2017, when she has literally nothing to do with him (either). Again, there are video proof of harassment and literal doxxing linked to all of this.
Articles like these : make you think that these conspiracy theories are not coming from nowhere. And that people think what they think for a reason.
Microsoft and their clown are literally signing everything they're doing. And now we're very scared about the fact they use IRL (and described in youtube videos) very young girls. We also remember the ped0deepfakes posted on the [email protected] tags on Tvmblr and Twitter.
They're signing their dissing/doxxing videos and posts/tweets either with the J0ker (because the Microsoft Clown thinks he is the J0ker) or like now, just by the messengers they're using : all the people talking about Kalina or Karim Jawed are Microsoft Minecraft streamers. In 2016, the people bragging about the gang stalking going on IRL and the details of stuff happening were all advertising Microsoft products. And let's not even mention K33mstar, who tweets about Microsoft products in every other tweet (at least a while ago), is known mainly for his advert video of the Xb0x where he smashes an ice cream on a kid's face and that he organizes Microsoft Minecraft tournaments.

Every girl in the world has been a teen at some point, and they all KNOW BY HEART they'll be s3xt on apps. Literally every girl on earth knows, because they've experienced it. Some messages you get are really creepy. All you can do is block them. A teen using any app will receive messages like these at some point. This is a fact.
Now if any of this (which is still a theory itself) is indeed the underlying reason why they posted all the lies about Melina not being 18 when she was in the USA, then it becomes even scarier.
In early december 2016 (that is to say BEFORE the ped0deepfakes were posted at all), Melina geo restricted her blog saying "I don't want to be used for propaganda." but also : "I don't want to be shipped, this is too dark for me". We still don't know what it meant.
But this is indeed too dark for any of us and we've been screaming in terror for a long time already. We are scared of s3x trafficking because of Microsoft, of what their characters like K33mstar and [email protected] have done, because of NEWS like these : .
Also this is so revealing of the fact something is wrong : . They only apologized because everybody was calling them out ! NO, HAVING GROWN UPS PRETEND THEY'RE TEENS AND BE S3XUALIZED IS NOT NORMAL !!! It makes everybody wondeassume those people wish these girls were not grow ups pretending to be teens but actual teens.

This had already alarmed everybody and wonder. See, Melina thought that it was only about coding, about the website, Meovely , she was working on, that all that happened was only Microsoft trying to have her gone, like they're said to be doing to their competitors since the 1990's. Because when you check ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE being harassed, that's literally about it. But, ALL THOSE OTHER PEOPLE ARE MEN. While most of what happened was definitely, and is still definitely, because that's what they do (at least according to the NY Times articles posted a few days ago), is there another creepy layer to this ? Is that even more messed up than what we all already thought ?
After what K33mstar has done in his Twitter videos, everybody started freaking out and wonder, was Melina targeted for s3x trafficking as well ? Did someone at Silicon Valley/Seattle put a price on her head as a "product" they're trying to acquire ? Is she safe ? Why did they have their character [email protected] back and still try to hint or whatever ? What's the real intent here ? Just a smearing campaign ? Or something else ?
I mean, there's a meme saying "Microsoft are the type of people you'd rather they hate you", and it means what it means.
Google... Lots of people don't even want to talk to Google staffers, after what was reported in Valleywag. The only people we'd @ is their subreddit mod and Susan W. , .
This has been the center of discussions in the sipweb for more than a year. Actually, meovely is nothing compared to the talks in the sipweb and private messages.
When this type of news/scandal was uncovered, everybody freaked out indeed : . Because, it's not just conspiracy theories anymore. It's SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS AND HAPPENED TO OTHERS, it's IN THE NEWS, it's a FACT.

We want all of those people to stay far away from Melina, never try to contact her and never send anyone IRL to her ever again.
We also don't know what to do about the ship Kalina, as we all think something's fishy here. If he's her ex, then they're trying to scapegoat him (or maybe both him and Melina), if they don't know each others, then what is that supposed to mean and what are we supposed to do ? Would that mean he's a bad guy too ? It's like, lots of people seem to ship them at least as a fictional ship. But why were these rumors started on Tvmblr in 2013, then ?
submitted by SiropAnanas to Meovely [link] [comments]

2020.06.30 14:46 heyitmeandme Australian YA novel with Greek boy and White Australian girl, can’t recall title or author

Feeling a bit nostalgic and rereading some Australian high school classics (Melina Marchetta ftw) when I recalled another book I read once (found it on the shelf in the school library) but I can’t for the life of me recall the title or the author.
This is what I recall from the plot: - Book deals with racial tension between Greeks and white Australians using the developing relationship between a Greek boy and white girl. Cultural clash between immigrant Greek culture and dominant Australian culture type situation. - Pretty sure the characters have just graduated high school and are starting uni/considering it. - At some point into the book, at a party, a fight breaks out because a gang of Greek boys crash it (pretty sure) and a boy gets pushed on to the road during the fight and hit by a car, can’t recall if this boy dies and if he’s one of the Greek boys or white boys. Girl is at party with her privileged boyfriend. This incident is the main thing I remember and am most clear on happening. - Have a feeling that the victim/perpetrator is family/friend to our main Greek boy because there’s lot of angst about this whole situation for him. - Lots of fallout in the community and the budding friendship between the two mains who find themselves drawn to each other despite their cultural and circumstantial differences. And the fact she’s already dating someone. - I think the Greek boy is like an artist or something creative, and he works at his family bakery or something food related. That’s where a lot of the main pair’s interactions start. She’s the one to strike up the friendship with Greek boy in the first place, fairly certain he’s reluctant. - Towards the end while staying at her privileged boyfriend’s parent’s place, she has sex with boyfriend and then realises she doesn’t actually love him and breaks up with him and approaches Greek boy to start over. - I recall the setting being modern, likely in the 90s - early 00s range, but can’t recall exactly and could very well be wrong. Most likely set in Melbourne but could be Sydney. - It was definitely published before 2007. I mostly likely would have read it between 2003-2005.
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction because so far my googling is failing and it’s driving me crazy!
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2020.06.30 11:25 heyitmeandme Need help finding an Australian YA title

Edit: have completely overhauled the post as I keep remembering other details.
Feeling a bit nostalgic and rereading some Australian high school classics (Melina Marchetta ftw) when I recalled another book I read once (found it on the shelf in the school library) but I can’t for the life of me recall the title or the author.
This is what I recall from the plot: - Book deals with racial tension between Greeks and white Australians using the developing relationship between a Greek boy and white girl. Cultural clash between immigrant Greek culture and dominant Australian culture type situation. - Pretty sure the characters have just graduated high school and are starting uni/considering it. - At some point into the book, at a party, a fight breaks out because a gang of Greek boys crash it (pretty sure) and a boy gets pushed on to the road during the fight and hit by a car, can’t recall if this boy dies and if he’s one of the Greek boys or white boys. Girl is at party with her privileged boyfriend. This incident is the main thing I remember and am most clear on happening. - Have a feeling that the victim/perpetrator is family/friend to our main Greek boy because there’s lot of angst about this whole situation for him. - Lots of fallout in the community and the budding friendship between the two mains who find themselves drawn to each other despite their cultural and circumstantial differences. And the fact she’s already dating someone. - I think the Greek boy is like an artist or something creative, and he works at his family bakery or something food related. That’s where a lot of the main pair’s interactions start. She’s the one to strike up the friendship with Greek boy in the first place, fairly certain he’s reluctant. - Towards the end while staying at her privileged boyfriend’s parent’s place, she has sex with boyfriend and then realises she doesn’t actually love him and breaks up with him and approaches Greek boy to start over. - I recall the setting being modern, likely in the 90s - early 00s range, but can’t recall exactly and could very well be wrong. Most likely set in Melbourne but could be Sydney. - It was definitely published before 2007. I mostly likely would have read it between 2003-2005.
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction because so far my googling is failing and it’s driving me crazy!
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2020.06.22 23:02 Cyborg800_2004 Review of the 80s Bond films

Feel free to express your opinion below.
For Your Eyes Only
One of the least bombastic Bond films, maybe even more grounded than FRWL and OHMSS. This is definitely the film where Moore started showing his age. The film lacks the signature humor typically seen in Moore’s era and the stuntmen are more obvious at this point. Carole Bouquet’s Melina is one of the best Bond girls of the era and she’s much less sexualized. Melina is also more useful in the plot. Kristatos has an interesting backstory, though it’s harder to remember him among the more colorful villains seen in the franchise. The plot is well-written and the return to Bond’s roots is refreshing. The twist with Kristatos and Columbo is a plus. The pre-title sequence references OHMSS and features a certain bald man who likes pussy… cats. Some may feel that Blofeld got a bad sendoff, but at least we got a proper resolution compared to DAF. Bill Conti’s score is fine, there’re great tracks like “Flowers for Teresa,” “A Drive in The Country,” and “Submarine.” However, it’s undeniably 80s and is the one thing that dates the film (This is more an observation than a negative point). John Glen makes his debut as director and he did a good job. The photography is decent compared to his later films and the underwater scenes are fantastic, especially when accompanied with the instrumental version of Sheena Easton’s marvelous theme. There are lots of tense moments like Bond and Melina retrieving the ATAC or Bond scaling the cliff. Seeing Bond rely on his wits rather than gadgets is great. The car and ski chases are also fun distractions in an otherwise subdued film. FYEO may lack the memorability or excitement of other films in the franchise, but makes up for it by being an all-around solid film with a good Bond girl, intriguing story, and grounded action.
Much better than it’s given credit for. The film feels better suited for Moore than FYEO did. He gets to deliver more witty dialogue and his acting during the Berlin scenes were great. There are sillier moments like the crocodile camouflage; despite being frequently highlighted by most critics, these moments make up less than five minutes of a 2h 11m movie. Maud Adams is underused as Octopussy, which is a shame considering how interesting the character and her backstory are. Adams’s age also made her more suitable as a Bond girl for Moore. The villains are fine, typical for the franchise. There are several similarities with GF, but the fun nature of the film makes up for it. The villains’ plot is also quite heinous. John Barry’s score has some good cues such as “The Palace Fight,” but it’s not his best work. The film is quite serious despite its reputation. The threat of a nuclear explosion is given more weight here than in other films with families watching the circus. Bond’s encounter with Orlov and his race against time to reach the bomb also add to this. The locations are nice and I’d say that the photography is on par with FYEO. Moore is more believable in the action scenes due to more traditional fights rather than the skiing of FYEO. The film also has better pacing and the gadgets are still kept to a minimum. This is a pretty overlooked film that manages to bring back some of the fun FYEO lacked. Its hard for me to say which I prefer. FYEO has the superior Bond girl, plot, and photography, OP has a better performance from Moore, slightly more memorable villains, better action, and a less dated score. Both are among Moore’s better films.
Never Say Never Again
A boring retread of Connery’s best film. The one saving grace is Connery himself, who gives a better performance than in his last two official films. Looking into Bond’s relevance is an interesting plot point that never really goes anywhere; Connery’s Bond pretty much acts the same way he did in his other films. Kim Basinger’s Domino lacks the chemistry Claudine Auger’s did and her relationship with Bond isn’t as thoroughly developed. Barbara Carrera’s Fatima Blush is more over the top than Luciana Paluzzi’s Fiona Volpe and her final defeat occurs because she wants Bond to sign a statement that she gave him the greatest sex he ever had. That was pretty silly. Max Largo is an alright version of Emillo Largo, nothing more. Max Von Sydow’s Blofeld appeared more, but his scenes were unfortunately deleted. The jazzy score is pretty bland and shows just how much a competently made score can elevate a film; look at this film’s rival Octopussy as an example. There is little excitement here compared to the film it was remaking. None of the urgency that was felt from a nuclear threat, Even Octopussy handled that better. NSNA looks and feels cheaper than its rival despite having a higher budget. OP had exciting action while NSNA’s are run of the mill. NSNA proved that Bond movie relies on more than just its lead actor, and that the films could exist outside Connery’s shadow. Sure, Connery appeared in NSNA, but none of the recurring elements, good music, and general excitement were found here. It’s a shame that critics generally cite NSNA as superior to OP, because this one is much, much worse.
A View To A Kill
A painfully average film that isn’t bad, but lacks originality or fun to be considered one of Moore’s best. Moore gives a good final performance despite being 58, but it’s clear that he’s past his prime and he pretty much cruises throughout the film. Tanya Roberts and Grace Jones are miscast as Stacey Sutton and May Day. Stacey is the biggest damsel in distress in the franchise, more so than Solitaire. Grace Jones never sat well with me as a Bond girl and seeing her sleep with Bond was weird. Perhaps, Moore’s age wouldn’t be as huge as an issue if older Bond girls were cast like in OP. Christopher Walken is the standout as the psychotic Max Zorin and is probably the best villain of the era. I’ve always enjoyed the songs in this film. The instrumental version of the theme is noteworthy for how it turned an 80s pop song into a bittersweet melody for Moore’s final film. I noticed that when Bond uses the elevator to get down the Eiffel Tower, a cue from OHMSS was used. “He’s Dangerous” was a cool fight theme. The film’s biggest problem is the feeling of been there, done that. The script feels very recycled from prior installments. A 00-agent’s body contains a vital item crucial to the plot (Octopussy); Bond discovers that the villain was cheating at a certain game (Goldfinger and Octopussy); the villain has a major scheme to gain a monopoly on a certain item, reveals the scheme to investors through a miniature of where the scheme will take place, and has the second-in-command dispose of someone who wants to leave (Goldfinger). Octopussy was also guilty of this, but made up for it with its sense of adventure and good action scenes. This is an average film that suffers from a lack of originality, even by Bond standards.
The Living Daylights
A good introduction for the most underrated Bond. Many fans have praised Dalton’s Bond, but general audiences and critics still see him as one of the weaker Bonds. I have read about seven or eight of the original Fleming novels, but it has been a while since I read them. I will digress from using the point “Dalton is the closest to Fleming’s Bond” and instead judge him within the films, which are quite different from the novels. Compared to Connery and Moore, Dalton quips very little and wouldn’t turn heads like Connery or Brosnan would, which works in his favor because a spy should be unassuming. The pre-title sequence nicely reveals Dalton’s Bond and what makes him different from his predecessors. Connery was introduced as the epitome of cool and suave; Lazenby beat several goons and didn’t get the girl, showing his physicality and, in a way, foreshadowing that Lazenby’s Bond wouldn’t be as lucky with the women. Moore’s Bond was introduced in bed with a beautiful woman and with Moneypenny’s help, successfully hiding her from M. Moore’s Bond was quite the Casanova and he (usually) got out of most sticky situations. Dalton’s Bond chases an enemy, runs past the guard in the training exercise, and introduces himself with little fanfare while on the phone, as though he has better things to do. Dalton’s Bond is determined and resigned to continuing his line of work, despite his disdain for it, because that’s the only thing he can do. Bond’s character is clearly defined in this film and it is done more subtly than its successors. Bond’s line of work appears to have taken a toll on him as he’s quite happy to have M fire him. His status as an assassin is given a bit more attention here with Bond being sent to “put away” Pushkin. When he does have the Russian general at gunpoint, Pushkin mentions that Bond “does not kill without reason.” TLD is a serious film that offers little humor. However, this was the same case with FYEO. Unlike that film, TLD has superior action, with the PTS, ice chase, and plane fight being standouts. Despite the more grounded tone, the film still delivers the thrills we’ve come to expect from the franchise. The film’s story is original enough that you won’t notice that elements of the formula are still there, but done in a natural way that it doesn’t come off as blatant like YOLT or MR. Kara is an overlooked Bond girl who is quite important to the story and isn’t blatant eye candy. The film’s villains, Koskov and Whittaker, repeat the same mistake as Kristatos by being villains with interesting plans, in this case profiteering off the rivalling Russians and Mujahedeen, but are unmemorable themselves. John Barry’s final score is great, with the new rendition of the Bond theme, along with tense, moody tracks such as “Koskov Escapes” and “Mujahidin and Opium.” The pacing is decent though it falters in the Afghanistan scenes. The final confrontation is also rather underwhelming. To conclude, this is a good film that does many things right while faltering in some areas.
Licence To Kill
A film that dared to do something different, but was simply made in the wrong time. Dalton is still good as Bond, though he’s a bit more melodramatic in his delivery, probably as a sign of how aggressive Bond is in this film. Carey Lowell and Talisa Soto are some of the better Bond girls with more interesting characterization than their predecessors; they are slightly hampered by a love triangle that only registers for about two scenes. Robert Davi’s Sanchez is another Bond villain that stands out from the rest. There are parallels between Bond throughout the film; they both watch while others grimace when someone is attacked by a shark and both wear similar clothes in their scenes together in the final third of the film. The action scenes are memorable, with the tanker chase being one of my favorites in the franchise. Michael Kamen’s score isn’t worth listening to alone, but it fits the film well. The soundtrack has seen comparisons to other eighties action films such as Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, both composed by Kamen. I think this is made up for by the frequent use of the Bond theme, which is composed with more of an edge this time. The only areas where the film really falters are the plot, which doesn’t really live up to its full potential, and presentation. Bond’s rogue status doesn’t have a large impact on the plot with the exception of the scene where Bond is captured after the failed assassination attempt. The story also starts picking up steam when Bond manipulates Sanchez into killing his allies. FYEO, AVTAK, and LTK suffered from having less memorable locales; this, coupled with John Glen’s uninteresting direction, hurt how one views these films, especially FYEO and Dalton’s films which deserved a more polished director like Terrence Young. LTK was definitely given a bad rap over the years due to being so different from its predecessors. I honestly think this film was hurt by not standing out enough from the other films. The films were running their course in the eighties, despite FYEO, TLD, and LTK being the closest films to reach the quality of the best 60s films. If they had higher budgets, a more unique direction, and more time to breathe to avoid franchise fatigue, they would have been better received and not languish in obscurity among more casual audiences. Still, this was a good film which was unfairly blamed for killing a franchise that already needed a break.
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2020.06.12 15:27 KingDiamondDev TCW Official Watchlist (#2)

This is the official Teen Creep Watch watchlist. This watchlist is here so moderators and users of teen subreddits can find these creeps to avoid/exterminate them. Also, do note that these accounts may be throwaways, so we urge you to be careful when engaging with a stranger on the internet.

TO MODS: Remove when 6 month post cap is reached and the post is archived. New list will be made every 6 months.

Previous announcement here: No Doxxing

Ban Status: Banned u/Haydaddict
Bulk: Sinal32#9060, ErikDeaf97#1108, TheMechanoid99#9432, SuperStarfyGuy2002#8790



Danger Zone

Discord - MikeLFCx#1288

NOTE. THIS LIST IS NOT COMPLETE. Will update in due time. Really got to work on my schedule.

LAST UPDATE: 08/20/2020

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2020.06.04 17:08 ChildfreeFamily Help fact-checking a list of well known Childfree people

I'm compiling a list of childfree people for a blog. I have found a few lists online (which have been helpful). But in some cases they were not up-to-date. A person may have had children since being added to their list (example: I had to remove George Clooney who appeared on a number of lists). Or there might be some people missing who should be on the list.
If you have a moment to scan the list and let me know of any other errors or omissions it would be appreciated.
It has been fun working on this list. A few people on it surprised me. Thanks again for any help.
\Edit for clarification: the term "childfree", in the sense of this list, will be in regards to people who never had a child from a live birth, fostered a child, adopted a child, or was a step-parent.*

Herbert Samuel Adams – Sculptor
Charles Addams – Cartoonist (The New Yorker)
Jane Addams - Social Worker, Political Activist, Co-Founder of the ACLU, & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Nancy Addison – Actress
Louisa May Alcott – Author
Cynthia May Westover Alden – Author, Philanthropist
Grover Cleveland Alexander – Baseball Player
Suzy Allegra – Author
Marty Allen – Comedian
John Murray Anderson – Musical Theatre Producer
Laurie Anderson – Performance Artist
Marian Anderson – Concert Singer
Louis Andriessen – Composer
Jennifer Aniston – Actress
Susan B. Anthony – Womans’ Suffragist
Samuel Appleton – Politician, Philanthropist
Geoffrey Arend - Actor
Louis Armstrong – Musician (Contested: The Louis Armstrong Museum states he had no children, but in 2012 Sharon Preston-Folta has claimed to be his daughter from Lucille “Sweets” Preston, a dancer at the New York Cotton Club)
Boris Artzybasheff – Artist
Dorothy Arzner – Film Director
Dr. Robert C. Atkins – Diet Doctor, Author, Creator of the Atkins Diet
V.C. Andrews – Author
Jane Austen – Author
Max Baer Jr. – Actor
Francis Bacon – Politician, Philosopher, Scientist
Florence Bailey – Author, Naturalist, Ornithologist
Tallulah Bankhead – Actress
Abdullah al-Baradouni – Yemeni Poet
Bob Barker – Game Show Host
Joe Barr – Canadian Politician
Lynda Barry – Cartoonist
Clara Barton - Nurse, Humanitarian, Founder and First President of the American Red Cross
Kathy Bates – Actress
Jaya Battacharya – Actress
King Baudouin – King of Belgium
Samuel Beckett – Author, Playwright, Poet
Ludwig Van Beethoven – Composer
Joe Besser – Actor
Isabella Bird – Author
Jacqueline Bisset – Actress
Lewis Black – Comedian
Eubie Blake – Musician, Composer
William Blake – Artist
Brenda Blethyn – Actress
Marc Blitzstein – Composer, Dramatist
Baroness Karen Blixen – Author
Rosa Bonheur – French Painter and Sculptor
Pierre Bonnard – Artist
William Edgar Borah – Politician
Lara Flynn Boyle – Actress
Georges Brassens – Singer
Alison Brie – Actress
Joe Bob Briggs aka John Bloom – Author, Movie Critic
Raymond Briggs – Children’s Book Author
Poppy Z. Brite – Author
Anne Bronte – Author
Louise Brooks – Actress
Helen Gurley Brown – Feminist, Editor
Reno Browne – Actress, Equestrian
Delta Burke – Actress
Kathy Burke - Actress, Comedian
James Buchanan – 15th U.S. President
Pat Buchanan – Politician, Presidential Candidate
James Burke – Creator of the PBS Series “Connections”, Scientific American columnist
Raymond Burr – Actor
Caryl Lee Burroughs – Hollywood Animal Trainer
Leo Buscaglia – Author
Brett Butler – Actress, Comedian
Julia Cameron – Director
Phyllis Carlyle – Film Producer
Dora Carrington – Bloomsbury Artist
Laura Carroll – Author
Mary Casatt – Artist
Roger Casement – Irish Patriot
Nina Cassian – Poet
Barbara Castle – British Politician
Kim Cattrall – Actress
Mary Chapin Carpenter – Singer, Songwriter
Rosamond Halsey Carr – Founder of Rwanda’s Imbabazi Orphanage, Author, Fashion Designer
Richard Chamberlain – Actor
Coco Chanel – Fashion Designer (Contested: Following her elder sister’s suicide, she looked after her son)
Stockard Channing – Actress
RuPaul Andre Charles - Drag Performer, TV Personality
Judy Chicago – Artist
Margaret Cho – Comedian
Julia Child – Professional Chef, Cookbook Author
Helen Clark – New Zealand Prime Minister
Patricia Clarkson – Actress
Dorothy Clewes – Children’s Book Author
Imogene Coca – Actress
Claudette Colbert – Actress
Billy Collins – U.S. Poet Laureate
C. Collodi – Author
William Conrad – Actor
Frances Conroy – Actress
Storm Constantine – Fantasy Writer
Jill Ker Conway – Author, first woman President of Smith College
Anne Cool – Canadian Senator
Pat Coombs – Actress
Copernicus – Scientist
John Corbett – Actor
Joseph Cornell – Artist and Creator of the Cornell Box
Ann Coulter – Political Commentator
Alec Sadler Craig – Australian Politician, Philanthropist
Quentin Crisp – Author, Actor
Tim Curry – Actor
Charlotte Curtis – First woman on the masthead of The New York Times
Patrika Darbo – Actress
Simone de Beauvoir – Author
Mahmoud Darwish – Palestinian Poet
Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist
Gray Davis – Governor of California
Ellen Degeneres – Comedian
Jeffery Deaver – Author
Eugene Victor Debs – Activist
Bessie and Sadie Delaney – Authors
Dana Delany – Actress
Don DeLillo – Author
Del Rubio Triplets – Musical Group
Bo Derek – Actress
Rene Descartes – Philosopher
Portia De Rossi – Actress
Emily Dickinson – Poet
Benjamin Disraeli – Politician, Author
Steve Ditko – Cartoonist, co-creator of the Spider-Man Comics
Dorothea Dix – Educator, writer, philanthropist
Hannah Dobryn – Author
Tamara Dobson – Actress
Richard Donner – Film Director
Lauren Shuler Donner – Film Producer
Lizzie Douglas aka Memphis Minnie- Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Marjory Stoneman Douglas – Environmentalist, Founder of Friends of the Everglades
Maureen Dowd – Columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner
Sir George Downing – Founder of Downing College, Cambridge, England
Gabriel Dumont – Native American Tribal Leader
Lena Dunham - Actress, Director, Producer
Francis Drake – Explorer
Fran Drescher – Actress
Esther Dyson – Author, Internet Expert
Amelia Earhart – Aviator
Deborah Eisenberg – Author
Liubov Egorova – Dancer
Anita Ekberg – Actress
T.S. Eliot – Poet
Havelock Ellis – Psychologist, Author
Tracee Ellis Ross – Actress
Harlan Ellison – Author
Elizabeth I – Queen of England
Joan Elm – Canadian Politician, Community Activist
Bonnie Erbé – PBS Commentator and Columnist
Dame Edith Evans – British Film and Stage Actress
Linda Evans – Actress
Rupert Everett – Actor
Anne Ewers – CEO of the Utah Symphony & Opera
Jane Fallon – Author
Chow Yun-Fat – Actor
Barbara Feldon – Actress
Pamelyn Ferdin – Actress
Ralph Fiennes – Actor
Lynn Fontanne – Actress
Margot Fonteyn – British Ballerina
Juliana Rieser Force – Whitney Museum Director
Richard Ford – Author, Editor of Granta
Margaretta Forten – Abolitionist
Dian Fossey – Anthropologist
Janet Frame – Poet
Felix Frankfurter – Supreme Court Justice
Tanya Franks – Actress
William Frawley – Actor
Frank Frazetta – Artist
Alice Freeman – First woman to be President of a liberal arts college, (Wellesley), helped establish the University of Chicago.
Elsie Freund – Artist, Jewelry Designer
Louis Freund – Artist
Robert Fripp – Composer, Musician
Stephen Fry - Actor, Comedian
Eva Gabor – Actress
Magda Gabor – Actress
Maxwell Gage – Noted New Zealand Geologist
Diamanda Galas – Singer
Tess Gallagher – Author
Paul William Gallico – Author
Janeane Garofalo – Actress, Comedian
Greta Garbo – Actress
Ava Gardner – Actress
Henry Garfiled aka Henry Rollins - Musician (Black Flag, Rollins Band)
Greer Garson – Actress
Gloria Gaynor – Singer
Anthony Geary – Soap Opera Actor
Ricky Gervais – Comedian
William Schwenck Gilbert – Composer for Gilbert & Sullivan
Althea Gibson – Athlete
Dorothy Gish – Actress
Lillian Gish – Actress
Katharine Bruce Glasier – Author
Susan Glaspell – Playwright
Sharon Gless – Actress
Crispin Glover – Actor
Christoph Willibald Gluck – Composer
Paulette Goddard – Actress
Robert Hutchings Goddard – Physicist
Kurt Godel – Author
Alexander Godunov – Actor, Dancer
Stephen Goldin – Author
Emma Goldman – Activist, Feminist
Valeria Golino – Actress
Jan Goodwin – Author, Travel Writer
Edward Gorey – Artist
Lotte Goslar – Dancer
Lauren Graham - Actress (Contested - Her long-term partner has a child.)
Martha Graham – Choreographer
Cecil Green – Former CEO of Texas Instruments, Philanthropist
Johnny Green – Musician
Gael Greene – Food Critic, Author
Baroness Susan Greenfield – Director of the Royal Institution, Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Oxford University, Neurologist
John Robert Gregg – Inventor of the Gregg Shorthand Method, Publisher
Joyce Grenfell – British Actress
Nanci Griffith – Singer, Songwriter
Martha Griffiths – First Female Michigan Lieutenant Governor
Terry Gross – NPR Host
James Grout – Actor
Mabel Dole Haden – Former President of NABWA
Catherine Hakim – British Sociologist
Daryl Hall – Singer, Musician (Hall & Oates)
Jon Hamm - Actor
Celia Hammond – Former Model and Animal Activist
Lionel Hampton – Musician
Georg Friedrich Handel – Composer
Chelsea Handler - Comedian
Howard Harold Hanson – Pulitzer-Prize Winning Composer
Setsuko Hara – Japanese Actress
Warren Gamaliel Harding – 29th U.S. President
E Chambré Hardman – Photographer
Jean Harlow - Actress
Debbie Harry – Singer (Blondie)
Alex Heard – Author
Sir Edward Heath - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Susan Helms – Astronaut
Christina Hendricks - Actress, Model
Adrian Henri – Poet, Painter
Marguerite Henry – Children’s Book Author
Katherine Hepburn – Actress
Milton S. Hershey – Founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company
Lorena Hickok – AP Political Reporter
Taiko Hirabayashi – Author
Nicole Hollander – Cartoonist
Thelma Holt – Actress, Theatre Producer
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (USA)
Grace Murray Hopper – Computer Scientist
Rima Horton - Politician
Soad Hosni – Egyptian Actress
Lila Kedrova Howard – Actress
Mick Hucknall – Singer
Howard Hughes - American Business Magnate, Investor, Pilot, Engineer, Film Director, Philanthropist
Bonnie Hunt – Actress
Kristin Hunter – Children’s Book Author
Lauren Hutton – Actress, Model
Patricia Ireland – President of the National Organization for Women, NOW
George J. Irbe – Creator of the Great Lakes water temperature climatology
John A. “Jack” Jackson – Philanthropist, Oilman
Tove Jansson – Children’s Book Author
Randall Jarrell – Poet
Anna Jarvis – the “Founder of Mother’s Day”
Joan of Arc – Christian Saint
Jack Johnson – First African-American to win the heavyweight boxing championship of the world.
Margaret Johnston – Actress
Martin and Osa Johnson – Authors, Photographers, explorers, and naturalists.
Richard Mentor Johnson – U.S. Vice-President
Samuel Johnson – Author, Editor
William Hugh Johnston – Labor Leader
Carolyn Jones – Actress
Renee Jones – Actress
Spike Jonze – Film Director
Ashley Judd – Actress, Activist
Madeline Kahn – Actress
Immanuel Kant – Philosopher
Julie Kavner – Actress
Nikos Kazantzakis – Author
Odette Keene – Musician
Helen Keller – Author
Joyce Kennard – Judge
Joe Kernan – Politician
Maynard Keynes – Economist, Founder of the Vic-Wells Ballet, Financed the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, England
King Louis XVI – King of France
William Lyon MacKenzie King – Former Canadian Prime Minister
William Rufus King – U.S. Vice-President
Robert Kiyosaki – Author
Caroline Knapp – Author
Aleksandra Kollontai – Author
Dean Koontz – Author
Tadeusz Kościuszko – Polish Patriot
Jerzy Kosinski – Author
Jonathan Kozol – Author, Activist
Lee Krasner – Artist
Albert Kroc – Co-Developer of McDonald’s Fast Food Chain
Henry Richardson Labouisse – Diplomat, Former Head of UNICEF
Karl Lagerfeld - Fashion Designer
Princess Lakshmi – Indian Princess
Elsa Lanchester – Actress
Philip Larkin – Author, Poet
Charles Laughton – Actor, Director
Dan Lauria – Actor
Frank John Lausche – Politician
Tom Lehrer – Singer, Musician
Jay Leno – TV Host
Richard Lewis – Comedian
Lyn Lifshin – Poet
Queen Liliuokalani – Queen of Hawaii
Siân Lloyd – Weather Broadcaster
Carole Lombard – Actress
Jack Lord – Actor
Pauline Lord – Actress
Patty Loveless – Singer
Alfred Lunt – Actor
John Lyon – Philanthropist, Regarded as the Founder of The Great Public School Of Harrow
Rose McClendon – Actress
Robert McCormick – Former Owner of the Chicago Tribune
Mary Jackson McCrorey – Politician, Activist
Hattie McDaniel – Actress
Roddy McDowall – Actor, Photographer
Odd McIntyre – Newspaper Columnist
Ian McKellen – Actor
Kristy McNichol – Actress
Janet McTeer – Actress
Christine McVie – Singer, Songwriter (Fleetwood Mac)
Dora Maar – Photographer
René Magritte – Artist
Bill Maher – TV Personality
Katherine Mansfield – Author
Shirley Manson – Singer
Vito Anthony Marcantonio – Politician
Francesca Marciano – Actress
Miriam Margoyles – Actress
Mary Ellen Mark – Award-Winning Photographer
William III & Mary II of England – King & Queen of England, Ireland, and Scotland
Bobbie Ann Mason – Children’s Book Author
Mari Matsunaga – Creator of i-mode, Named One of the Top 25 Tech Women of the Web
Theresa May - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Giuseppe Mazzini – Italian Patriot
Fradique de Menezes – President of Sao Tome and Principe
Melina Mercouri – Greek Actress
Freddie Mercury – Musician
Angela Merkel – German Chancellor
George Michael – Musician
Oscar Micheaux – Film Director, Producer, Author
Edna St. Vincent Millay – Poet
Alley Mills – Actress
Brenda Milner – Renowned Professor of Neuro-Psychology: Mcgill’s Faculty Of Medicine And At The Montreal Neurological Institute
Kylie Minogue - Singer
Helen Mirren – Actress
Margaret Mitchell – Author
Eugenio Montale – Nobel Prize Winner, Poet, Author, Editor, Translator
Vicki Moore – Spanish Animal Rights Philanthropist
John Morgan – Founder of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and Medical Director of the Continental Army
Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson) – Author
Morrissey – Musician
Rob Morse – Columnist (San Francisco Chronicle)
Marjorie “Mo” Mowlam – Britain’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
John Mulaney – Comedian
Annamarie Tendler Mulaney – Artist
Diana Muldaur – Actress
Megan Mullally - Actress
Ona Munson – Actress
Haruki Murakami – Author
Iris Murdoch – Author
Mikayil Mushfig – Poet
Modest Mussorgsky – Composer
Kanagarajah Muthiah – Tamil Activist
Ralph Nader – Activist
Taslima Nasrin – Author
Alla Nazimova – Actress
Noel Neill – Actress
Bebe Neuwirth – Actress
Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist
Stevie Nicks – Singer (Fleetwood Mac)
Friedrich Nietzsche – Philosopher
Florence Nightingale – Nurse
Ursula Nordstrom – Children’s Book Editor
Jessye Norman – Opera Singer
Kim Novak – Actress
Rudolph Nureyev – Dancer
Anita O’Day – Jazz Singer
Georgia O’Keeffe – Artist
Frederick D. O’Neal – Actor, Playwright
Joyce Carol Oates – Author
Nick Offerman - Actor
Sandra Oh - Actress
Claire Parker – Director, Animator
Dorothy Parker – Author
Suzanne-Lori Parks – Playwright
Rosa Parks – Activist
Dolly Parton – Singer, Actress
Julia Pascal – Playwright
Ann Patchett – Author
Alicia Patterson – Editor
Wolfgang Pauli – Physicist
Linus Pauling – Winner of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Peace
Sarah Paulson – Actress
Michelle Paver – Author
Anna Pavlova – Dancer
Molly Peacock – Poet, President Emerita of the Poetry Society of America
Minnie Pearl – Singer
Samuel Pepys – Author
Matthew Perry - Actor
Bernadette Peters – Actress
Jean Peters - Actress
Arthur Phillip – First British Administrator Sent to Australia
Wendell Phillips – Orator and Reformer
William Phillips – Co-founder and Editor of Partisan Review , Writer, Critic
Marge Piercy – Author, Poet
Plato – Philosopher
Martha Plimpton - Actress
Edgar Allan Poe – Author
Jackson Pollock – Artist
Katherine Ann Porter – Author
Parker Posey – Actress
Beatrix Potter – Children’s Book Author
Charles Edward Potter – Politician, Philanthropist, Administrator of the Cheboygan County Bureau of Social Aid
Joyce Purnick – Former New York Times Metro Editor, Journalist
Edna Purviance – Silent Movie Actress
Colin Quinn – Comedian
Robin Quivers – Radio Host
Raffi – Children’s Musician
Bonnie Raitt – Singer, Songwriter
Joey Ramone – Musician
Ayn Rand – Writer, Philosopher, Author
A. Philip Randolph – Politician
Jeanette Rankin – 1st Female US Representative
Man Ray – Artist
Rachel Ray – Celebrity Chef
Lou Reed – Singer, Musician
George Reeves – Actor
Frances Reid – Actress
Leni Riefenstahl – Filmmaker
Janet Reno – Former U.S. Attorney-General
Judith Resnick – Astronaut
Jennifer Rhodes – Actress
Condoleezza Rice – National Security Advisor
Cliff Richards – Musician
Miranda Richardson – Actress
Alan Rickman – Actor, Director
Elizabeth Riddell – Journalist
Sally Ride – First American Female Astronaut
Bridget Riley – Artist
John Ringling – Founder of Ringling Brothers Circus
Mary Roach - Author
Morgan Andrew Robertson – Author
Debbie Rochon – Actress
Norman Perceval Rockwell – Illustrator
Eric Rohmann – Author, Winner of the 2003 Caldecott Medal for Best Illustrated Children’s Book
Ginger Rogers – Actress
Richard Roeper – Film Reviewer, Chicago Sun-Times
Wilhelm Rontgen – Awarded the first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901, discoverer of X-Rays
William Bruce Rose Jr. aka Axl Rose - Musician (Guns N' Roses)
Mickey Rourke – Actor, Boxer
Patricia Routledge – Actress
Joan Ruddock – Activist
John Ruskin – Author
Winona Ryder – Actress
Yves Saint-Laurent - Fashion Designer
Dr. Lee Salk – Child Psychologist
Renu Saluja – Indian Film Editor
Diana Sands – Actress
Aligi Sassu – Artist
John Sayles – Director
Jean-Paul Sartre – Existential Philosopher
Diane Sawyer – TV News Anchor
Rosika Schwimmer – Author, Activist
Ed and Thelma Schoenberger – Co-founders of the Indiana Flower & Patio Show
Ellen Browning Scripps – Newspaper Columnist, Philanthropist
Joel Schumacher – Film Director
Maurice Sendak – Children’s Book Author
George Bernard Shaw – Playwright
Lionel Shriver – Author
Sarah Silverman – Comedian, Actress
Michael Sinelnikoff – Actor
Siouxsie – Singer, Musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
Robert Smith – Singer, Musician (The Cure)
David Shogren – Bassist (Doobie Brothers)
Betty Smith – Author
Dodie Smith – Playwright, Author of The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Gladys Louise Smith aka Mary Pickford - Actress, Producer, Screenwriter, Businesswoman
Howard Worth Smith – Politician
Kate Smith – Singer
Lemony Snicket (Real Name: Daniel Handler) – Children’s Book Author
David Souter – Supreme Court Justice
Jill St. John – Actress
Mabel Stark – Female Tiger Trainer
Gertrude Stein – Author, Patron of the Arts
Victor Strauss – WWII Journalist
Gloria Steinem – Activist, Writer
Maria W. Stewart – Author, Activist
Lily Strickland – Composer, Writer, Artist
Patrick Swayze – Actor
Loretta Swit – Actress
Henrietta Szold – Holocaust Heroine
Wislawa Szymborska – Nobel Prize Winning Poet
Amy Tan - Writer, Author
Sara Teasdale – Poet
Toni Tennille – Singer (Captain and Tennille)
Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma – French-Spanish Political Activist and Academic
Nikola Tesla – Scientist, Inventor
Theodora – Empress and wife of Justinian I
Susanna Thompson – Actress
Georgianne Thon – Actress
M. Carey Thomas – President of Bryn Mawr College
Willie Mae Thornton – Singer, Songwriter
Jennifer Tilly – Actress
Wendy Tokunaga – Author
Lily Tomlin – Actress, Playwright
Ann Turkel – Model
Randy Travis – Singer
Edward Tylor – Anthropologist
Names "U - Z" will be in a comment below (the new additions put the list over the character limit).
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2020.05.25 23:51 PineToTheCone Fantasy Booking Starrcade 2020

A little background. If WWE somehow sold or lost the rights to Starrcade. Cody could buy it, and involve the NWA and possibly Impact could get involved because their former ties to the NWA. Event could also include multiple indie stars.
First of, due to Starrcade being in either November or December. I will have Starrcade replace AEW Full Gear and also be the main event of the WrestleCade weekend. I also feel due to it being such a big event, WrestleCade could also serve as an a Mania Axxess
WRESTLECADE WEEKEND MATCHES(More comedy focused matches over the course of the convention days all free on BRLive):
Battlebowl Battle Royal: Joey Ryan(Winner)
Item On A Pole Match: Orange Cassidy(Winner) vs Pineapple Pete vs Michael Nakazawa
Lucha Bros(Winner) vs Indie Tag Team
STARRCADE BUY IN(Greensboro Coliseum)
The North(Impact Tag Team Champions) vs Proud and Powerful
Aron Stevens(NWA National Heavyweight Champion) vs Colt Cabana
STARRCADE MAIN SHOW(Greensboro Coliseum)
Cody(AEW TNT CHAMPION) vs Miro(Rusev) vs Darby Allin: This will be Darbys crowning moment. Miro will debut and gain a good record, while Darby has also been racking up wins, and finally getting in another title match since his match vs Jericho on 2019. Darby will finally get a big moment by rolling up Cody, after a Cross Rhodes to Miro. In this moment, Cody will celebrate with Darby, but turn heel, setting up a one vs one rematch for later weeks.
Thunder Rosa(NWA Womens Championship) vs Melina: Melina is "aging" a possible face run leading to this match could be a decent "you still got it" storyline, even if Thunder Rosa would be the one who goes over
James Storm and Eli Drake(NWA Tag Champions) vs The Revolt The Revolt debuted in NWA and AEW later. They want the historicNWA World Tag titles. They win in an old school tag match. They then announce who they want next. They want..... the dream match..... they want the Bucks
Brian Cage vs Wardlow Brian Cage lost to Moxley at All Out after a hard fought effort in a street fight. Though Cage still wants another chance at Moxley through Wardlow. The thing is, Warlow has not lost since his match vs Cody in Atlanta. Both with similar records, they will fight for the number one contendership spot. Wardlow will win barely after a hard fought battle, and Cage will still look strong in defeat.
Jordynne Grace(TNA Knockouts Champion) vs Awesome Kong: With Kong being in AEW, the set up for this match could be one of the greatest Knockouts of all time wants to hold the belt once again. Kong and Grace could put on a hard fought match with possibly a Hogan vs Andre finish, as Grace can hit Kong with a big slam before finishing her off
Kenny Omega vs Hangman Page The tension has finally built, after losing their titles to the Bucks at their rematch at All Out. But something rather unexpected happend, Kenny turned on Hangman which brought back the Cleaner heel gimmick. Kenny and Page have a bloody battle when Hangman does the impossible and kicks out of the One Winged Angel. Though Kenny still wins as he picks him up and hits him with another One Winged Angel. The Young Bucks come out to calm Kenny as Kenny wants to continue to beat Hangman. But the Young Buck turn as well. Lastly Cody comes out and helps the trio. They then all raise their arms in a moment similar to the debut of the NWO. The Elite have turned heel.
Young Bucks(AEW World Tag Team Champions) vs Best Friends The Bucks stay out for the next match vs the best friends. The heel turn adds a new dynamic for the match. The crowd wants the Best Friends to wins and the match plays around this. Some near falls, some high spot, Orange Cassidy trolling until the final moments. Trent pins Nick for the one two three and the best friends win receiving a massive pop. The Revival watched from ring side and gave props to The Best Friends without turning completly face. They turn their attention on the Bucks and give them a place and date for the dream match. The Dynamite Special Episode on the Jericho Cruise
Ultimate X Match: Rich Swann(Winner) vs Willie Mack vs Rockstar Spud vs EC3 vs Rob Van Dam
Le Sex Gods and Jake Hager vs Death Triangle(AEW TRIOS TITLE CROWNING) Le Sex Gods win after a dirty victory. I feel this could be a good Heel vs Heel rivalry. A group of ruthless heels vs a more comical and charismatic heel group like the Inner Circle
Tessa Blanchard(Impact World Heavyweight Champion) vs Michael Elgin Elgin will be the one to beat Blanchard for the title in a medium length match. I do not feel the match needs to be too long but not to short either. I feel Tessa will have had a solid reign at that point. I also dont feel there is too much need for a grand title change. The match would still be good, but do what it needs to do
Jon Moxley(AEW World Heavyweight Championship) vs MJF This match and rivalry would have a modern take on the Stone Cold vs Rock rivalry, but this time the ultra heel wins. MJF will take this dirty after a low blow followed by a double cross. 1, 2, 3. This sets up a chapter two to this rivalry against MJF vs Moxley, but also sets up a possible turn from Wardlow as he is the number one contender for the title.
Steel Cage Match: Nick Aldis(NWA World Heavyweight Champion) vs Marty Scurll This will main event over the AEW title as Starrcade was originally an NWA event and the NWA title being main eventing starrcade for the first time in nearly three decades will be a historical moment in wrestling history. The Steel Cage match is also a call back to the first ever main event of Starrcade. This would be a classic and bloody battle. But Aldis will take the win and keep his title.
At the end of the show, multiple old NWA and WCW legends will come out and celebrate in the ring. This time for the proper return of Starrcade as a large scale event and not as a house show.
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2020.05.04 22:28 AliAlnajjar HOT TAKE :- Melina and Bob7 is the Worst Spin-off Sieries to date.

I understand the writers want to cash out, especially during a league filler arc. But this ia too much cringe.
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2020.04.16 12:18 MeowberrySyrup News from the past that explain stuff

Let's post once again all the links to NEWS that were posted before on our tags (when this fandom was still using Twitter). News and stuff that explain why this fandom thinks what it thinks and why we always post this :
We want no tie and no association of any kind ever, no affiliation, no feud, no diss, no (fake) friendship, no ship, no rumor, no shade, no implying, no flooding of our pages and tags, nothing. Stay away from us and from Melina.

First : yes, our tweets were edited, no, it's not a conspiracy theory, Melina, who made Meovely (see the pinned post of this subreddit and figure why this subreddit is called Meovely...) explained stuff before (posts can be edited, along with messages, retweets and likes can be tweaked), and Reddit CEO's post from a while ago shows that indeed, someone with an admin account can edit posts : .

NEWS (from reputable sources) about Microsoft :
We don't need to comment much about this, A LOT of posts on this subreddit and on melvinmelfy are already available...
We want nothing to do with this kind of people (staffers, "evangelists", as their workforce/shills call themselves, or youtubers). We want them to stay far away from Melina and from us, and stop pretendint they know her at all, as we will all scream in terror every time they do. Creepy.

Now, about why this fandom (and Melina herself...) do not trust Google staffers too much either, why nobody will fill reports on their website and nobody wants to contact their staffers/people at all (apart from Youtube CEO and Lightcodegaming (ex staffer) that we @ before on Twitter) :
Everybody is still shocked about what K33mstar and his "friends" did and said in 2016 (slander, harassment). K33mstar is one of the youtubers hired by a MCN/entertainment company whose CEO is no other than FORMER GOOGLE EXEC ("Canada big boss"), David Brown. Enough said. (Check what the bf was charged for.......)
Never forget those 30-40 year old people keep posting pr0n on websites targeting teen viewers and on tags of fandoms known to be teens. This is of course illegal virtually everywhere in the world (to show pr0n to minors, like, what's the intent ?)

Links from the regretted Valleywag, which was considered of public interest by many.

See, the big issue here is that this kind of stuff didn't stop happening, it stopped being reported about (or else be sued into oblivion)... This fact alone is creepy.

Also, what shocked and scared the whole world : the "Epstein scandal". (Which was renamed "Weinstein scandal" for some reason by this fandom. I don't know why).

He was reported to be linked to... all of those people, those companies, their execs. Who can we trust then ? Could we be victim of s3x trafficking by contacting those company for whatever purpose (legal action, as a user, for a bug report). Are we safe handing our private info, especially our phone number, to those companies when anyone with an admin account could SEE and USE those info ?

There are way more. And we're only posting about problematic companies/people linked to what is still going on, here....

Now, what about the rumors ? What about those people ?

What's up with the monkey song ? Is that really a diss towards Karim Jawed ? What about the 1st episode of this year's season of the Simps0ns ??? Which really seems to be dissing Karim Jawed in...the same nasty way ???...

Who is Karim Jawed anyway ? What about him ? Can he be trusted ? Is he "back at the zoo" (Youtube) for real ? Is that just a hoax ? Why should we care ? Why are they rumoring him to be linked to Melina at all ?
We found very few info about the guy (that hasn't been deleted from the internet yet, as LOTS about him seems to have been deleted a while ago, poof, gone).
He was depicted in A LOT of news outlets as "a perv who wanted to share boob videos so he created youtube" (paraphrased quote from the articles) (then why not create pr0nhvb instead, huh ?). Some people claim it's fake news, some claim it's a smearing campaign even, like what even is going on here ? :

The most recent article about the guy is this :

According to anonymous posts, he didn't get "just cash" when Google bought Youtube, he got Google shares. We didn't find any detailed news report about this, so, it might just be a conspiracy, also we totally don't see how this fact could be relevant.....

Everybody is scared and want those people to stay far far away for good. Nope, we're not overreacting or making conspiracy theories, all those links ARE LITERAL NEWS FROM REPUTABLE SOURCES.
There are way way more news/links that could be posted, but that's already A LOT....

TL;DR : We want no tie and no association of any kind ever, no affiliation, no feud, no diss, no (fake) friendship, no ship, no rumor, no shade, no implying, no flooding of our pages and tags, nothing. Stay away from us and from Melina.

Edit : this is not a conspiracy theory, an ex Yah00 staffer has been arrested for doing just this (checking user accounts for nvdes and stuff !!!!) : .
This is so scary, and this is why we don't trust any.
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FAITH Q&A  Sex, Doubt, Dating a Non-Believer - YouTube Love Island #20 2020 / The Henrik & Melina Drama Games ... The Dating Divas' Perfect Girls Night Out Kit - YouTube Is Melinda Gates a Man? - YouTube Milena Ciciotti - YouTube is NymN dating Destiny and Melina?! - YouTube MadTv - Lida & Melina, Melina getting married - YouTube WWE Melina Backstage showering HD •melina - bee• - YouTube

Melina Aslanidou Boyfriend 2020: Dating History & Exes ...

  1. FAITH Q&A Sex, Doubt, Dating a Non-Believer - YouTube
  2. Love Island #20 2020 / The Henrik & Melina Drama Games ...
  3. The Dating Divas' Perfect Girls Night Out Kit - YouTube
  4. Is Melinda Gates a Man? - YouTube
  5. Milena Ciciotti - YouTube
  6. is NymN dating Destiny and Melina?! - YouTube
  7. MadTv - Lida & Melina, Melina getting married - YouTube
  8. WWE Melina Backstage showering HD
  9. •melina - bee• - YouTube
  10. Melinda Messenger Dates Her Wedding Photographer ...

Anybody out there think Melinda Gates is a man? This video makes a strong case. It also exposes the fact that Bill and Melinda Gates are Satanists. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Former Page 3 model Melinda Messenger is matched with ex celebrity snapper Chris, who photographed her wedding for OK Magazine! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : http:/... FINDING OUT IM PREGNANT ON CAMERA Subscribe: Follow my IG: Watch next! MY FAITH VIDEOS: htt... Creating the perfect regular girls night out is a snap when you invite the Dating Divas along! Get your kit here: Look... 👇 Social Media 👇 Reptile Zoo video Twitch: Instagram: You are Beautiful For you are Fearfully And Wonderfully made. In a world filled with comparison and judgement; never forget that you are wonderfully made by ... Melina joins the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016 - Custom - Duration: 3:04. WaldosProductions 139,283 views. 3:04. Melina and John Cena ring segment - Duration: 3:06. #LoveIsland #2020 #Dating #Kritik Quelle Bildzitate: TVNOW Mehr von Chr...