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Eventbrite - Relish Dating presents Austin Speed Dating Austin Singles Event Do You Relish? - Thursday, October 8, 2020 at Doc B's Fresh Kitchen, Austin, TX. Find event and ticket information. sophisticated simplicity. Our in-person speed dating events, virtual speed dating events and matchmaking services offer fresh alternatives for Austin singles. Whether you’re looking for a night out with fellow singles, prefer a night in with our virtual events or find one-on-one matchmaking to be your cup of tea, we bring just the right amount of flirty to suit any need. If you have a waiting-list ticket and get to the venue before the speed-dating starts, check in with Amy. The first standby lady and the first standby gent to check in before the event starts will get free drink tickets, too, even if they don’t get to do the dating part! PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE STANDBY TICKET PER PERSON. SRSLY. The first organized speed-dating event took place in 1998 in Beverly Hills, California. Since then, speed dating has spread across the globe. Most speed-dating events specify a certain cultural background, religion, or age group as a requirement to participate. Among the over-50 population, this style of dating is especially common. AUSTIN, TX —Austin singles ages 20's & 30's are invited to Online Speed Dating for Austin Singles, a virtual event designed for young adults to connect with others in the community.The fun event ... Virtual Speed Dating • Austin, TX. Share Virtual Speed Dating in Austin Singles Events Fancy a Go? with your friends. Save Virtual Speed Dating in Austin Singles Events Fancy a Go? to your collection. Mon, Oct 12, 8:00 PM. Speed Dating for Gay Men Austin Singles Events. Speed Dating @ Doc B’s - September 20th 2020. Ages: 30-40 6PM. 3001 Palm Way Suite 120, Austin, TX 78758. Early Bird Admission - Ends 9/13 $27.95 Gay Men Speed Dating @ Doc B's Fresh Kitchen - September 14th 2020. Ages: 22-44 8PM. 3001 Palm Way Suite 120, Austin, TX 78758. Early Bird Admission - Ends 9/7 $26.95 Speed Dating Austin™ introduces single professionals to each other at fun and exciting speed dating events and singles parties in Austin. Our events take place in restaurants, lounges and other upscale venues. We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events. Events Schedule I’m Single But I Hate Dating Apps (20s & 30s in Austin, TX) ... Austin Speed Dating Online for Social Distancing (40-55's) Austin Speed Dating Online for Social Distancing (40-55's) 135 Members ATX Dating to Get Married Advice & Happy Hours Meetup Group. ATX Dating to Get Married Advice & Happy Hours Meetup Group ...

Horrible Service Situation- Need Advice

2020.09.15 19:29 xHourglassx Horrible Service Situation- Need Advice

Listen to my tale of woe and please give me some advice. I don't know where to go from here.
I took delivery of a Model Y in San Antonio, Texas in June. My wife and I live in Odessa, TX, which is about 6 hours from the nearest service center. For some reason, I wasn't offered home delivery for the vehicle; it was fine, we made a getaway weekend out of picking up the car. It appeared to be mostly perfect, with a few minor panel gap issues that I felt I could address later. While I absolutely love the car, I did notice two potentially major issues later on. For one thing, there was a bad leak in the rear hatch that would cause water to spill into the back when it rained. Additionally, the front driver's side wheel makes a loud clicking or grinding sound whenever it's driven forward or backward at low speeds. The sound cannot be heard from inside the car, but it's very apparent when standing outside or driving with the window down. It's concerning.
I made a service appointment for August 28 in Austin. I was quoted a turnaround time of just a few hours and offered some Uber credits. Because we're from 6 hours away, I fussed until we got a loaner. I don't like to be "that guy", but I knew that if something went wrong with the car, we'd have no way back home. Sure enough, a few hours later I checked my app and saw that the estimated completion date was now September 4th. Had I not begged for a loaner, we would have been stranded 6 hours from home. Anyway, we took the loaner back home with us and awaited updates on the car. September 4th came around and I never received any updates by text or email regarding the car. I started messaging the number they gave me and I was told no work had been done yet. I cannot fathom why I was even given the appointment on the 28th if they were so busy they couldn't touch the car for a week.
On September 8th, I suddenly got notification that the car was ready for pickup! Awesome. Except when I checked the invoice for tech notes, I noticed that they didn't even try to replicate the sound from the wheel because "It was thunder storming and so it was too loud outside for us to hear any noises from the car". Baffled, I messaged the tech and asked whether someone could please double-check once the storm dissipated. He insisted that they needed me to make a second appointment; they were in a rush to get the loaner back as they're in "high demand". I explained that the 12-13 hour round trip commute is logistically very difficult for us, and I can't simply take it back for a second service appointment for quite some time. Conversely, it would only take a couple seconds to get in the car and replicate the noise. It's very apparent. Plus I was out of state visiting family because a close relative had just died. I couldn't have gone to pick up the car that day even if I'd wanted to. What the tech said next floored me. "Sorry to hear about your family. Can a close friend possibly take your loaner from your house while you're away and drive it to the service center for us?" I didn't dignify that with a response.
I can't get in touch with anyone from the service center. The email address I was given weeks ago has yielded nothing as the guy won't respond. The messaging service auto-replies with "Your service appointment has concluded". I can drive all the way to Austin and get the car, but if it's still making a grinding sound then I won't feel comfortable taking it on a 300-mile trip back home (across the West Texas desert, no less). If I leave it there, they may not even touch it unless I make a new appointment (soonest opening is weeks from now), and god forbid there is a storm outside and they decide working on cars is suddenly impossible until it's clear skies again.
Is there any way to escalate this? What would you do?
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2020.09.15 19:29 xHourglassx Horrible Service Situation- Need Advice

Listen to my tale of woe and please give me some advice. I don't know where to go from here.
I took delivery of a Model Y in San Antonio, Texas in June. My wife and I live in Odessa, TX, which is about 6 hours from the nearest service center. For some reason, I wasn't offered home delivery for the vehicle; it was fine, we made a getaway weekend out of picking up the car. It appeared to be mostly perfect, with a few minor panel gap issues that I felt I could address later. While I absolutely love the car, I did notice two potentially major issues later on. For one thing, there was a bad leak in the rear hatch that would cause water to spill into the back when it rained. Additionally, the front driver's side wheel makes a loud clicking or grinding sound whenever it's driven forward or backward at low speeds. The sound cannot be heard from inside the car, but it's very apparent when standing outside or driving with the window down. It's concerning.
I made a service appointment for August 28 in Austin. I was quoted a turnaround time of just a few hours and offered some Uber credits. Because we're from 6 hours away, I fussed until we got a loaner. I don't like to be "that guy", but I knew that if something went wrong with the car, we'd have no way back home. Sure enough, a few hours later I checked my app and saw that the estimated completion date was now September 4th. Had I not begged for a loaner, we would have been stranded 6 hours from home. Anyway, we took the loaner back home with us and awaited updates on the car. September 4th came around and I never received any updates by text or email regarding the car. I started messaging the number they gave me and I was told no work had been done yet. I cannot fathom why I was even given the appointment on the 28th if they were so busy they couldn't touch the car for a week.
On September 8th, I suddenly got notification that the car was ready for pickup! Awesome. Except when I checked the invoice for tech notes, I noticed that they didn't even try to replicate the sound from the wheel because "It was thunder storming and so it was too loud outside for us to hear any noises from the car". Baffled, I messaged the tech and asked whether someone could please double-check once the storm dissipated. He insisted that they needed me to make a second appointment; they were in a rush to get the loaner back as they're in "high demand". I explained that the 12-13 hour round trip commute is logistically very difficult for us, and I can't simply take it back for a second service appointment for quite some time. Conversely, it would only take a couple seconds to get in the car and replicate the noise. It's very apparent. Plus I was out of state visiting family because a close relative had just died. I couldn't have gone to pick up the car that day even if I'd wanted to. What the tech said next floored me. "Sorry to hear about your family. Can a close friend possibly take your loaner from your house while you're away and drive it to the service center for us?" I didn't dignify that with a response.
I can't get in touch with anyone from the service center. The email address I was given weeks ago has yielded nothing as the guy won't respond. The messaging service auto-replies with "Your service appointment has concluded". I can drive all the way to Austin and get the car, but if it's still making a grinding sound then I won't feel comfortable taking it on a 300-mile trip back home (across the West Texas desert, no less). If I leave it there, they may not even touch it unless I make a new appointment (soonest opening is weeks from now), and god forbid there is a storm outside and they decide working on cars is suddenly impossible until it's clear skies again.
Is there any way to escalate this? What would you do?
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2020.09.10 22:43 nise7en Austin, Texas & Mountain Biking - Interview Seth Buckner

Copied and pasted from medium, https://medium.com/@zacharysisson/austin-texas-mountain-biking-interview-seth-buckner-1dc89ac87a49 If you want to see the original post with pictures, see the instruction below: To get past the medium paywall, copy the link, and DM yourself the link on Twitter, and you are past the paywall! Enjoy!
One of the pushers and movers of the ATX mountain bike scene.
After I posted the last two pieces Austin, Texas & Mountain Biking, and Austin, Texas & Mountain Biking — Community. People have reached out to me, recommending me to connect with Seth. I did have the opportunity to learn more things from him. Interviewing Seth made me understand more of Austin’s MTB scene. Seth is one of the icons that contributes to the growth of the scene in a little/big city, Austin, Texas. I added you on Facebook because your name seems to be popping up on places I looked for Austin mountain biking. What is your story? — My Name is Seth Buckner, 34 years old; I’ve worked at Apple Corporate as my full-time career since 2011.
How long have you been around in Austin? — Born and raised in north Austin, TX, my entire life.
What got you into gravity bikes? — Well, the long story.
I have tons of childhood memories riding mountain bikes as a young kid. Most memorably, in the super rocky dry creek beds in a greenbelt behind a house grew up in, riding in the rain and thunderstorms through the neighborhood on a silver hardtail that said “alloyminium” on the side. I raced BMX (at the original Capitol City BMX location off FM620 in the late ’90s) until I was about 13. After that was involved in other sports (skateboarding and competitive NPPL paintball) for most of my adolescent years. I got re-introduced to biking/mountain biking after getting a DUI when I was 19 years old in 2006. I lost my driver’s license for a year and bought a Kona Hardtail that was way too small for me from the pawnshop in a ghetto part of town.
I started getting into mountain biking and urban assault free ride type of stuff. The first actual mountain bike I ever built was a 2007 Kona stinky deluxe 26 inch Freeride bike off of wheelworld.com with a frame and a build kit; that was my full-time trail bike. Like a 42-pound nine-speed free ride bike in the Texas summer heat. But I like big hit type stuff, and I’m glad I was dumb enough to start on a rig like that. Haha.
Over the years, I slowly progressed as a mountain biker and got into downhill parks. 2008–2009ish at Trestle Winter Park, CO was my first ever DH park trip; I fell in love with that and the mountains. I eventually started going to local enduro races also.
Seth, I’ve had people tell me that you have pushed the limits of mountain biking in Austin. How is this so? — I will call myself a very dedicated and inclined (pun intended) trail builder who wants to stamp my mark on my Austin hometown, and Texas state. With gnarly trails that I love to ride for myself and the mountain biking community. I have grown to be super passionate about trail building. I built pretty much the entire cat mountain trail system over the last five years, built a full 10 stage enduro specific trail system at Bandera bike park in 2019, and now building trails at camp eagle. Where my race timing company Victory Racing — u/victoryracingevents just had a two day, eight staged shuttle supported enduro race last weekend, and that was incredible!
What drives you the most? — Mountain bike life is easy to love. Traveling places bring in the greatest form of outdoors — the mountains! I love to build trails. And shred them with my friends and also blow outta-towner people away with Austin mountain biking. Texas shredding is the real deal!
From start to finish, I get to be creative out in the woods and use that as a huge outlet for me, and then I get to have tons of fun riding those trails I built with my dog and my friends.
I quit drinking altogether in January of 2017. With the trail building being such an outlet, it was one of the easiest, non-wavering things I’ve ever done as far as a big lifestyle change. I don’t think at all I would’ve done it as well without all the trail building to occupy me. It also helped me get better as a rider.
What gets you to go out on the land with a chainsaw, tools, and a few friends? — Trail building is super meditative and therapeutic for me. You being out there in the woods either alone, with your dog or with your friends. Fresh air, away from all the city stuff, exercise, and you get to be creative designing and building trail. It’s just like a bunch of grown men acting like kids out in the woods but with power tools and more focused visions.
Tell me about 512 Freeride and your involvement? — I helped manage and promote the free ride 512 mountain biking club and help to get people into that style of mountain biking. Urban assault, freeride, downhill parks, Red Bull Rampage watch events, dig and ride events. FR512 is Still in existence, and there’s an awesome mountain bike club with a good group of people running it! The Rocky Hill Ranch Freeride 512 location is unique, and I would recommend anybody to check them out.
What about Victory Racing — Victory Racing was born in early 2019 when we were gaining momentum building Bandera Bike Park. The business/property owner that I was building the trails for wanted to start having races there. We came to a loan agreement, and I purchased a complete SportIdent active timing system. Capable of 8 stages and 200 racers per day in its current configuration and beacon/timing chip count. I started Victory Racing Company and Race Team.
What I believe makes Victory Racing unique is that we create the trails/venues where we are hosting the races. We are the first ever to provide full shuttle supported events (Bandera Race #2 & 2020 Shred Eagle @ Camp Eagle). Our events generally have more stages per day than other promoter’s events (all except one have been eight stages per day vs. others’ 4–5 stages max per day). Victory Racing also tends to race higher-level-difficulty race stages. They are not always the most beginner-friendly compared to other Enduro promoters in the state of Texas. There is a Risk vs. Reward balance when choosing to race higher-level stages with potentially higher consequences. Still, our events have all been great successes with extremely low incidences with rider safety. They seem to be providing the ultimate Texas enduro racing experience based on participant and racer feedback.
Dude, what’s going on at Cat Mtn.? — Oh man! Cat Mtn. is my pride and joy, my happy place. What I am most proud of In my life to date. It also has a cool story behind it, and I’d love to tell you.
About 11–12ish years ago, a couple of local Austin guys (who now all live in Angel Fire, NM at one of the best DH parks in the USA) pioneered and built just a small few of like 2–3 rowdy DH bandit trails with some really-super-sketchy wooden works of trail art big hit features in the woods, at cat mountain. A 108-acre wooden canyon nestled right in the middle of a very nice neighborhood in the hills of northwest Austin. Me, Wesley Crow, Brandon Goodman, and others, used to go out there and hit these wooden ladder drops and some single-hit drops and stuff like that.
Years went by, the pioneer guys all moved out of Texas (to Angelfire, NM, where they still reside), the woods took back the trails, and the wooden features rotted. Cat mtn. just went back to a patch of woods.
I went to buy a set of brakes and a bleed kit from a guy on craigslist. The dude would only talk to me through email and wouldn’t give me his phone number, but gave me his home address to meet him there at 6:30 pm one day. I drive there, park in front of his house for like an hour. The guy no shows, and I leave. No responses to email, either. I went onto the local mob forum board and posted about how flaky craigslist people are, even the sellers, and told me a story about the brakes. I just told you.
The seller saw that post and replied, apologized, and delivered the brakes. That’s the first time I ever met the guy.
A year or two goes by, and the same guy I got the brakes from posts on the forum board that he purchased the entire Cat Mtn property…!!!!! I’m shocked! I messaged him and told him the background of Cat mtn. and that we used to ride there. I explained I was part if FR512 and would love to bring the place back to life. And to keep the rest short and sweet, he gave me the keys to the kingdom, and here we are today. The free ride 512 club started to resurrect the place as a group effort. Ultimately it became mainly my thing, and I have been digging and running the trail system for close to 5 years now.
Its meant to be a very advanced trail system, not beginner-friendly. I take advantage of the super steep, rocky, and raw terrain there. My opportunity to build advanced wood features to build my favorite kind of trails I like to ride in places like New Mexico and Colorado. A trail that inspires a lot of my work is Upper Chillin’ double black at Angelfire Bike Park.
It will continue to create new lines there and keep pushing to keep it the raddest place in the state. Cat Mtn Invitational Enduro #2 is happening there Later this year.
Do you love your pup, don’t you? Does the pup run with you on the trails? — My boy Mack. Best trail dog ever :) he’s now almost 7, black lab & slight pitbull mix. He has been on the trails riding and building with me since he was four months old. He is getting into his more mature years now but is still super active; I’m just a lot more careful with the heat and running him on rides like we did when he was younger. He loves to hang out while we dig and lay in the cool dirt as we dig it up.
Is there anything you want to add or shout out on this piece, Seth? — Thank you, everyone, who has supported me and my efforts within Texas trail building and race promotion. Or just being riding buddies or a friend, thank you, everyone, who has come out to help dig. Your donations to trail building, racing my events and Promoting Victory Racing.
The biggest shout out to the most help of trail building, being my long time bike trip homies, my all-around right-hand bros, and the biggest supporters have been Alan Paryzek and Jason Kennedy. Yall have been there for me the longest and have been such huge help, and I could’ve have done it all without yall! Everyone else yall know who yall are!
Thanks again, and stay tuned for more from Seth Buckner and Victory Racing.
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2020.08.29 18:20 IdolA29Augl Fa-st G-ay Spe-ed Da-ting Minn-esota

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2020.08.29 15:33 s810 Old Austin Tales: Stories From Old Brodie Lane - 1880s-1950s

There are no photos of the events I'm sharing with y'all today so put on your tl;dr goggles, it's time for a text post. Not a very long one today. Just a few stories from Old Brodie Lane.
Let me start out by saying I was born a North Austin person. I've lived in places all over town but only one on the Southwest side. That was back in the late 90s, in an apartment complex still today named after a salad dressing. You'd think they would have changed it in the last 23 years. I've talked about the experience here before. I didn't enjoy living there. I used to try to bike down Brodie in a time when the modern trail system along Mopac was just a faraway dream (South Mopac itself wasn't finished when I left). But anyway back then there were still pretty large swaths of farmland in that area along streets like Brodie and Davis Lane, waiting to be subdivided to become the growth of today.
I moved out of there after a year long lease back to my native Northside, but by the year 2000 it was all apartment complexes and HEBs and Home Depots and Targets and such down there, like death spores from the old West Gate Mall had been released in the wind and traveled southwest to spawn big box children over a wider area.
I wanted some more historical context to see how this strange area of Travis County full of caves and huge oak trees between Oak Hill and Austin became such a modern jumble of apartments and neighborhoods and giant commercial developments. What farms were those I saw in the 1990s? Who are streets like Brodie and Davis named after? Today with the help of The Statesman archive and a few other sources I hope to share with you a bit of what I found out.
I, among others, have discussed the small town of Sunset Valley here in the sub before. You may have gotten a speeding ticket there, the place exists in its current form as a giant speed trap. However, the place was founded in the 1950s by people living in a few of the older neighborhoods and farms around there who were trying to head off annexation by The City of Austin. It turns out some of them were descended from an even more stubborn and NIMBY-like stock of people who lived in the same area. They didn't want roads. Even when they got roads that connected with the City and the surrounding communities they didn't want them to be improved so traffic wouldn't come. Having relatives in County Government helps decide where the roads go. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
The Brodie Family was from Arkansas. They were a very large family. The patriarch was named James Brodie. You can see he had at least seven children of his own, and then he had nine siblings who also had lots of children. It's confusing without getting deep into genealogy sites, but some of these siblings and cousins came to live on the same property in Travis County.

August 7, 1883 - James Brodie Purchases Zivley Farm

Property of J.W. Hanning. Price paid, $8500. Zhapelman and Bergen made the sale.

August 17, 1883 - James Brodie Farm Sale

432 acres, highly improved,... a most desirable property

November 22, 1893 - The Horse Went Home

And the Question Now is Who Was in the Buggy House?
On last Friday night a son of Mr. Brodie who lives five miles out on the Fredericksburg road took his sister to an entertainment which was given in the neighborhood. When he drove home he passed a short distance from the house a gray horse hitched to a buggy and tied by the roadside but no one was anywhere in sight. After getting home and when in the act of putting up his own horse he heard someone moving around in the buggy house. He called several times to know who was inside and finally a man came out and said he lived there. On young Brodie's intimating that he lied the stranger broke and ran and as he did so he dropped several old sacks in one of which was found a buggy robe. The elder Brodie was aroused and he at once went up me road to watch the gray horse. No one came for it and on Saturday morning he brought it to town and wanted to know of Sheriff White what to do with it. Mr. White told him to turn it loose and follow it home. Mr. Brodie then took the old gray down to the foot of the (Congress) Avenue and turned him loose. He at once struck out for East Austin and never stopped until he reached the house of old Bill Reeves, where he was given a most cordial reception. In answer to Mr. Brodie's questions old man Reeves said that his horse and buggy had been stolen on Friday night on Sunday he went out to Mr. Brodie's and claimed the buggy. The Reeves tribe are hard stock, different members of the family having been tried for all kinds of stealing. Two of old man Reeves nephews and one of his sons are now serving terms in the penitentiary for theft.
James Brodie's kids grew up in Travis County at the turn of the 20th century in the same area where Brodie Lane still is today. Yet if you look on old maps like this one from the 1890s it's really hard to make heads or tales of the roads in the area. As the Brodie kids became adults, the girls got married, some to out-of-towners and moved away, some to local boys. One of the sons got divorced early in 1899, a very rare thing back then. Another son sold wood. The boys in the Brodie family who didn't stay behind on the family farm went to school and mostly got government jobs. In 1910 one son is listed as running a family dairy business, and by 1920 another son had a seat on the Travis County Commissioner's court.

September 23, 1910 Tuesday Evening Party

Tuesday evening a merry and beautiful party was given in honor of Miss Bonlta Zimmerman, who leaves next week to take charge of a school at Merrilltown. The scene of hospitality was the home of Mrs. James Brodie, on the south side, and a delightful occasion It proved to the charming honoree and her friends. The evening was passed with music, among the selections being several piano solos by Miss Zimmerman, and selections on the violin by Mr. Schwartz, interspersed with songs and instrumental pieces on the gramophone. Delicious refreshments were served in the prettily decorate dining room, which was in a color scheme of white and green, class colors of the guest of honor. Those present to bid her good-bye were Messrs. and Mesdames Charles Pace, C. H. Talley of Italy, Texas; Will Schwartz. J. C. Brodie, Will Scantlan. J. H. Langsford. Edgar Williamson, Misses Mary and Celia Pace, Gertrude... (names unreadable)

December 18, 1920 - Brodie Speaks of Road Work Going Forward in Travis County:

Important Short Cut About Complete
Permanent Strip On Fredericksburg Highway. . .H. E. Brodie, newly elected county commissioner from Precinct No. 3, stated Saturday morning, upon being asked concerning the matter; that the county road working outfit has just about completed the grading and graveling of a strip of road in his precinct near St. Elmo. This gravel will be carefully and compactly rolled before the workmen leave the place. The strip of road referred to is a short one, stated Commissioner Brodie, but is an essential connecting link between the Post and the Brackenridge roads and one traveled by many citizens in that community. Commissioner Brodie spoke of some other work that is going forward in that precinct on what is known as the Austin-Fredericksburg highway. It seems the road out as far as the end of the Davis lane, going west, is in fairly good condition, and the two and one-half miles now being- constructed from the end of that lane to Oak Hill will be permanent work, and Uvalde asphalt is being used. It is ten or eleven miles from Oak Hill to the Hays county line, whereas it was originally Intended that the Austin-Fredericksburg road being built from this city to the Hays county line, through an edge of that county, through Blanco county and a portion or Gillespie county to Fredericksburg, the county seat, j It has been stated that all counties concerned in the building of this high way west from Austin have voted bonds except Travis. The two and one-half miles of good road now being completed was financed by Travis county with warrants, stated Mr. Brodie, together with aid from the Texas High way department.
The patriarch of the family died in 1921. There were still plenty of Brodies around.
In 1925 the area around Brodie Lane was popular with young people from Austin looking for a place to make out. Along comes a mystery man with a shotgun.

June 8, 1925 - Gun Man Invades Spooners' Paradise

Chases Petting Parties Away
Investigation of the reported hold up of a young couple in an automobile in Brodie Lane, about 5 miles south of the city of the Oak Hill Road, was started Monday by the sheriff's department, it was announced by Chief Deputy Sheriff John B. DuPriest. The sheriff's department admitted it had no knowledge of the affair until a news story was published Monday. The reported hold up was said to take place last Friday night.
According to the story told an Austin Statesman reporter by a man who said he witnessed the occurrence, a Hudson five-passenger speedster drove up to a car parked along the roadside along the Oak Hill road which was occupied by a young couple. The man in the Hudson, occupied with a shotgun in one hand and a flashlight in the other, is said to have walked up to the car and was surprised when the young man recognized him.
"I heard there was a man beating a woman up and I came out here to investigate," the alleged gunman, dressed in overalls, is said to have replied to the young man who asked what he was doing there at that time of night.
The alleged gunman then demanded to know if there were any other cars parked along the roadside, and when told in the affirmative, the man is alleged to have proceeded southward. There were eight occupants in the car, according to the story told the Austin Statesman reporter, who made a brief investigation of the affair Monday morning.
About 30 minutes later a Buick car with a Lockhart license number drove by going toward Austin," the Statesman's informant said. "This car was occupied by a young couple who appeared to be rather excited." According to the story told the Austin police department by the young man in the Lockhart car, he and his girl were parked along the roadside on the Oak Hill road five son automobile drove up behind them. A man dressed in overalls got out and pulled his gun and told them he held a commission from the Austin Humane society to arrest them. He is alleged to have told the young couple that he was tired of seeing young couples along the roadway "necking" and other things they should not do. The young woman is said to live in Austin.
Something might have happened between the Davis family and the Brodie family. The following happened in 1926:

August 31, 1926 - Davis Lane - Commissioners Settle Road Dispute

Charging $3000 of Travis County money had been expended by Commissioner W. E. Williamson in building a "private road," a delegation of citizens of precinct No. 3 Monday afternoon were denied a petition asking that the alleged money spent be returned to the road and bridge fund. Travis County commissioners refused the petition on the ground that only $750 had been expended and on a "legally authorized road." The committee charged that the road, known as the "Davis Lane" had been built out of county money for a private citizen and had cost $S000. Both claims-were denied by the commissioners and the request that the $3000 to have been spent was refused. The appearance of the committee Monday afternoon was the culmination of a dispute which has been going on for some months. --H. E. Brodie. who opposed Commissioner W. E. Williamson in the first primary, charged the road is a private road. Williamson answered by alleging that Brodie's name was on the petition asking for the road.
The Davis family appears to have won that round. 12 years later another road issue was before another court:

October 4, 1935 - Court is Restrained in Road Opening

Travis County's Commissioners Court Friday was temporarily restrained in 126th district court from opening a second class road in Precinct 3, as result of an in junction petition filed by five Precinct 3 property owners. Dist. Judge W. F. Robertson set Oct. 12 as a date for hearing of the case on its merits. The commissioners court last July 17 voted to open the road from the Davis and Brodie lane to the George Baker tract between Oak Hill and Manchaca, because of "public necessity." But the petition filed by the complaining property owners asserts that no public necessity exists for the road, that the road opening was designed by Precinct 3 Commsr. John E. Shell on "solely for the purpose of dispensing political favors at the expanse of Travis county." Plaintiffs in the case are N. A. Dawson and wife. Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Henderson, and Mrs. B. B. Davis.
In the 1940s after World War II the Brodies' neighbors started to move away. Change was coming to the area and by 1954 along comes Sunset Valley to the north.

September 16, 1954 - Incorporation Comes Dear to New Town

Incorporation of Sunset Valley the newest town in Travis County-cost that area two road improvement projects which had been planned by the County Commissioners Court. County officials Wednesday called off bids slated for issuance next Monday following incorporation of the town along the Fredericksburg Highway. The incorporation barred expenditure of county funds in the area. County Engineer Ian Morgan said late Wednesday afternoon there was no choice but to cancel the two projects, which included widening and repaving two miles or Brodie Lane from the Fredericksburg Highway, new paving for another mile stretch of the road and paving a half mile of Sunset Trail. Morgan said the county will go ahead at a later date with the new paving on Brodie Lane which will be outside the limits of the new village. Morgan said the county is barred from doing any road work in side incorporated towns unless the towns pay for it.
So there you have a few tales from Old Brodie Lane. There are not a lot of biographical details in the Statesman archive and I'm sure a lot more on popular genealogy sites. I don't want to give away too much modern history but most of the Brodie family moved away from Austin or were buried back in Arkansas. Today what remains of the Brodie Family Farm is a wedding venue. However there were so many members of the Brodie family I wouldn't be surprised to learn there were at least a dozen or so members of the family left in town today.
That's all for this week. The only photo close to the area in the UNT archive is this one of the intersection of Brodie Lane and Oakdale Lane in 1958. No other Bonus Pics today I'm afraid. I am told I do too many posts about the suburbs so something downtown next week.
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2020.07.17 20:15 Ruustyy Just saw Henry Cavill build a PC, and if he can do it so can I. This is my first time building.

  1. >**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
  2. This will be strictly just used for gaming. I want to play games like GTA 5, COD AW, and the Witcher on 100 fps plus high to ultra settings depending
  3. >**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
  4. Minimum is 1500 USD to 1800USD can push it to 2000 US dollars if necessary.
  5. >**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
  6. I want to buy everything as soon as possible
  7. >**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
  8. Need a tower
  9. >**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
  10. Austin, TX, and nearest micro center is like 3 hours away.
  11. >**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
  12. I have a AOC 144hz monitor, Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Keyboard, and a Alienware Gaming Mouse
  13. >**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
  14. Its my first build so I don't wanna mess with that.
  15. >**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
  16. SSD for speed
  17. >**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
  18. I'll take whatever tower is easiest to work with, and idc about RGB lighting
  19. >**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
  20. I will need a copy of windows
  21. I would like a Nvidia 2070 Super minimum, and some way to use wifi
submitted by Ruustyy to buildapcforme [link] [comments]

2020.04.28 11:56 iHeartFreeMcDsWifi $800 Dollar budget for mindless clicking machine

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
* This PC will mainly be for having 4 tabs open simultaneously clicking on a pack-opening simulation site repeatedly. The site in question is www.futwatch.com if that is any help. Additionally I'd like to play minecraft on some average settings but I'd rather budget and power be mainly focused on the pack-opening site first, and minecraft second.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
* $800 USD
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
* Within the next week or two. I don't mind if something is somewhat outdated as long as it will last a few years.
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
* I need everything for the tower itself included. I can buy the monitor and such separately but if you have any personal favorites please do include for mouse and keyboard.
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
* Unites States. Austin, TX. And the nearest microcenter is Houston, TX so not really.
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
* No reused parts.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
* Not sure what overclocking is, but if it will help with the performance of opening packs then I'd like to overclock.
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
* From a few fellow people in the community it seems a good CPU, SSD, as well as large amounts of internal memory will be helpful. However, not knowing what affect the individual components have on the speed of opening packs, I am operating in the blind.
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
* No preference, but if you feel there is extra money left in the build for good looks then any recommendations to make it look cool are appreciated.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
* Yes windows 10 64-bit please.
>**Essentially what I will be doing is having 4 separate tabs open at the same time, opening packs on a pack-simulation site (link above). This just involves me rapidly clicking between each tab and while a new tab loads with its pack, I click on another tab to start its pack opening and then so on and so forth for far too many hours to be healthy. Ideally this will be a very bare bones build with any other day to day activities being done on my laptop, leaving this PC exclusively for this pack site, shit-posting on discord, and slight minecrafting. All your help is appreciated:**
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2020.04.01 05:21 KaSherr Who Was The Crazy One?

Hello, all. Quick backstory to me: 31 year old female. Served for 5.5 years in the military. Returned to school for 4 years and received my degree. It was VERY difficult and I struggled with money, the intense course load and depression. However, I am very happy to say I finished and have a job at a top company now.
But I had to choose the job over my ex fiancé whom I had been on and off with for 10 years. I struggle with the guilt daily. I question my decision. Was I too patient or not enough? Was I selfish? Did I expect too much? I have trouble discerning what is normal in a relationship and what isn’t. Sometimes I don’t even know what really happened or why. Even just a supportive comment would be appreciated.
I am now in therapy, but I wanted to share my list. This is my record, to the best of my memory, of every time he hurt me. I keep this now anytime I miss him and for when he contacts me, as he always manages to find a way.
Please note that after 2013, ALL of our relationship was long distance. He claimed he could not move from Fallon due to child custody (son is 6).
Fallon, Nevada 2010-2013
October 2015
Early 2016
June 2016
June 2018 - 1.5 years later
October 2019
I sent him this list and blocked him on every outlet.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post. What are your initial thoughts?
submitted by KaSherr to RBNSpouses [link] [comments]

2020.03.31 06:42 KaSherr Was He The Crazy One Or Me?

Hello, all. Quick backstory on me: 31 year old female. Joined the military at 20 and served 5.5 years. Returned to school for interior design for a full 4 years of studying. It was very difficult (no money, no real social life due to intense studies and I was depressed a lot of the time), but I am happy to say I received a job at the top architectural firm in the world after graduating. My issue is that I had to choose my fiancé or the job because he could not leave his town due to custody issues. Please know that I would have chosen him if not for all of the red flags.
It has been months since I completely blocked my ex fiancé. I am now in therapy and am progressing. But, I felt I needed to share my “list.” This list contains, to the best of my memory, all of the negative parts or happenings in our relationship over the almost 10 years we were are on and off. I keep it as a reminder of why he is no longer in my life and that it must stay that way.
If you have 30 minutes, I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts. Men - would you treat a woman this way? Women - was I too patient or not enough? Please tell me... what was normal? What wasn’t? What was really going on???
Katie - me Shane - ex fiancé Jane - baby mama Silas - their son Jessica - woman he dated and lived with prior to me
We only dated for two months; the entire rest of our history was a LDR.
Fallon, Nevada 2010-2013 You were on a date and pointed to a young woman who had cellulite. You said something about thinking you had some on your legs, too. He said definitely not because we wouldn’t be dating you. You fell in love with him in San Francisco. When you posted your relationship status on Facebook after you’d been seeing each other for two months, he asked you to take it down. He dumped you. After only two months... he didn’t even give you a chance. YOU felt something and so did he.... He did not give you an explanation. He claimed years later it was for his job as we were both in cryptography. Said he wanted to stay “friends” He went back to his ex-fiancé and was immediately on her Facebook saying he loved her. He would still text you and say “good morning, beautiful”. He made fun of your “man shoulders” with his co-workers. And joked you might have had “banana boobs”. He made fun of your MOTORCYCLE. Said you were “too nice” Skyped home while you were in the room and did not offer to introduce you to his parents. Kept the screen facing himself the entire time. Took you to a friend’s house where everyone was smoking. They asked if you wanted any and you said yes not knowing what is was. He said you were dumb to do that. Why would he take you to an unsafe place? Said you were stupid to show your military license after getting caught by the police after drag racing. One of your co-workers confirmed he said terrible things about you. He talked about wanting to move to Austin, TX where all the singles were to your face. You once heard him SCREAMING from across the hall at work because of a COMSEC issue/dispute. He’d still walk by your desk and wink at you. You asked him to take you on a Valentine’s date once - he said no. He had plans already with his “friends” and his “friendship” with you was more important... but you weren’t invited. He wasn’t a friend to you at all. He made sure you were not telling people at work you were dating if they asked. He had sex with you and drove you back to the barracks afterwards. You cried and he still made you get out. He had you so confused, you were talking to a therapist. After he dumped you, you dated and went out with another man that rode motorcycles. He bought you an expensive matching helmet. When you told your ex, he laughed his ass off in the parking lot and proceeded to tell everyone in the building. He made you look like a fool in that town. He would text asking you what you were doing, but never wanted to hang out. You had to tell him to stop. You’d get mad and ignore him, but he’d corner you at work. Would send you photos of his trips and what he was doing, but that was all.... You started talking again and he asked you out. But then you found out that he had spent time with his ex. You broke off contact because of how toxic he was. He then walked past you everyday at work for a year and a half without stopping you. Without a single word. Because he didn’t really love you. You weren’t as pretty then and had short hair. His ex fiancé and new gf Jane (future baby mama) had bigger boobs. He told you this. He called it his “Big boob phase” He dated Jane instead of you. HE CHOSE HER OVER YOU. For the remainder of your tour there. When you were leaving Fallon, all he could text was, “Glasses look cute.” You ignored it. He let you leave. He didn’t stop you. Dumped his ex-fiancé because she forgot to flush the toilet. She had asked him later why he ended it and he told that her to her face. He told you this story while laughing. Jane moved to Seattle. He would drove to Seattle to see Jane where she had moved, but bitched to drive and see you. When they aborted their first and he was free of Jane - did he contact you? No, he kept fucking her. And when she was pregnant again and they were living together, he texted another woman. STILL NOT YOU. DAMN. He got a vasectomy without ever considering you. He reached out in 2015 ONLY AFTER things ended with Jane and she left him. You were on deployment and he was in the middle of all the custody and domestic partner BS - he didn’t take you seriously; you were just a distraction to him. You wholeheartedly accepted his son he’d had with her. No questions asked. Sent you an article on why it was beneficial to have sex on the first date. You got him a unique birthday card and a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant. No gifts in return. No profession of love or intentions of being serious despite you getting out of the military. You went home to Tennessee to be with your family and finish school. August/September 2015 He dumped you a third time. HE simply dropped contact. Zero explanation. October 2015 He messaged you on FB later asking to date again and you said no because he treated you like dog shit in the past. He got an attitude and cussed at you. Early 2016 You texted him you loved him months later and he didn’t care. He claimed later it was an ex texting from his old phone instead - was it? June 2016 He contacted you AGAIN. Said he had a dream job offer to the east coast and wanted to make things work this time. That was a lie. When you went to Fallon again for the first time, he took you to that Thai place... to show you off/brag in front of Jane’s friends. He said his son was the best thing to ever happen to him. He said his son came first. He never could shut up about Jane. Said she had beautiful skin in front of you. Said I needed a bigger butt and thighs. Said I had dark circles and baggy eyes. Said I had stretch marks. Would take photos of his son to send to her IN FRONT OF YOU. You explained how that made you feel and his response was, “If you don’t like it, then we are wasting our time.” They talked about how good-looking their child was and how perfect his teeth were in texts. Said your dogs were useless because they did not serve a purpose (Mini Dachshund and Corgi) Argued with you on color theory, saying it didn’t exist. Wouldn’t kiss you if you had just drank coffee. You drove 10 hours to see him in Washington D.C. and all he did was talk about his son. The entire fucking time. He barely gave you enough to cover gas. His reasoning for not saying “I love you” back was because he wasn’t sure how he felt about you and needed to be sure before he let you into his son’s life. You cried for a week solid. You made a HANDMADE birthday card for him. I can’t even remember what he got me for my birthday.... Whenever he called your parents house and asked for you, he NEVER spoke to your parents. He was rude to your parents, especially your dad, when he flew to see you and help with remodeling the bathroom. Left you with an unfinished bathroom. Your parents had to help you finish it because he decided to take time and go see his family in GA instead. When introducing you to his grandparents, he referred to you as a friend. When you accidentally got your dates mixed up and he had to buy another plane ticket, he told you, “This can’t happen again.” as if you were a child. At Walmart with his roommates, we saw a military SUV and they joked about Shane using it in a zombie apocalypse and piling us all in the back to save everyone. Shane said, “Fuck y’all, that’s where Silas’ stuff is going.” Silas is his son. Expected you to be OK with you and him FOLLOWING his baby momma wherever she and her husband were stationed. He sent you a butt workout and said his baby mama had used it and it worked great. You told him off for that. Followed fitness models on IG and sex accounts. While in front of his friends and roommates, he said if anything ever happened to his son, he’d go back to his ex and have another with her. Then hit your hand when you made a face (out of pure shock and hurt) and yelled at you to stop. Couldn’t stand your classmates messaging you while getting final grades back because of the attention loss. He sat there eating and explained to you why he doesn’t agree with hunting. Thought it was elitist to decide when another living thing dies or not. He had an abortion. You were out at dinner with his friends and he was messaging Jane at the table. You got an attitude BECAUSE IT WAS EMBERASSING AND HURTFUL and he got on to you later. He said you were “disrespectful” Argued with your best friend when they first met and Shane vehemently defended his baby momma. Your best friend and Jane did not like each other. He argued with your best friend and then made sure to say negative things about her long after. He would talk about your sex lives in front of people. When, how and how often. He would share nudes of you with friends. Setup his single friend with a married man and saw no problem with that if people were unhappy in their marriage... he said that to you. Did not agree with God and said he was an imaginary best friend. Made it clear he would never attend church with you. He and Chip, a good friend to you in Fallon, did not get along. Your Christmas gift was SURPRISE - lingerie. And NOTHING else. But you got him a nice $100 watch on a student budget.... He yelled at you when driving his BMW at the red light. He had no patience with you at all. While there for Christmas, he didn’t take any time from work to spend more with you. You told him you were lonely and he told you to just go make new friends. He also did not allow you to bring your dogs when you asked, so you had to leave them with your parents and shorten your stay. That last night, instead of dinner as a family, he drove you and Silas to a friend’s house. Even his friend was like, “What are you doing here? Go have dinner with your family.” You could see his friend was very confused why Shane was not wanting to spend quality time with you. A stranger noticed this. You were under so much scrutiny and stress, you were barely eating. You told him you wanted to go home. He let you walk away. Again. He didn’t stop you or give you a reason to stay. He brought a friend and rode go carts after he dropped you off at the airport. June 2018 HE CONTACTED YOU AGAIN. He begged you to take him back. Said he would do anything. Said he wouldn’t treat me any less than I deserved. He said he had things figured out with his son and Jane. That was a lie. Custody WAS NOT figured out. He said 3 years in Fallon. His job. His house. That was the deal. And he said later he would not have asked you to marry him if you did not agree to that. You were very clear that you might want kids someday, which he understood and agreed to. THAT WAS A LIE. Later, after you had ended the engagement, he said he did not want kids. Was going to marry you under the guise it was a possibility. Your mom wrote you a very personal letter saying you should not give up all of yourself to be with someone. Shane read it with you and said it didn’t make any sense; discounted it. There was no Interior Design program near where he lived, so he tried to convince you to do your last year of school remotely. Jane and he would talk about you. She questioned your ability to parent saying, “Hope she’s better than the last girl you dated....” He bought a brand new 80K car instead of prioritizing his money for you. A wedding maybe? Plane tickets? He gave the most BS, rushed proposal. No planning at all. No pictures except the ones you took yourself. Actually took you to the jeweler’s with him and bought it in front of you. He did not get on his knee. Posted nothing. But he’ll post pics of his son eating a goddamn taco. He then complained about the price of the ring. More than once. Complained about having to go on the cruise with your family. When you lost your phone and had to call Verizon with him, he cussed “goddamnit Katie” with the customer service rep. You were so embarrassed. You made dinner once and he was pissed it didn’t fit into his macros. He was so angry about the dogs and making sure I picked up all the poop. You missed some and he blew up at you. He said, “I don’t want MY SON” stepping in dog shit. He cussed at you. You both went to bed angry. He gave you a University of Nevada at Reno sweatshirt... it wasn’t his because he never attended... it was old... whose was it? Jane’s? She went and graduated from there. Wanted you ALL to go to a fair together. Him, you, Jane and her new husband and their son. He chose her over you years ago.... Couldn’t even buy you a new pair of head phones. Gave you his leftover pair. He makes almost 100K a year. He did not agree that high speed rail was a viable means of transportation. Argued for personal, private transportation by car. Your senior project was on high speed rail. He constantly took photos of his son. None of you. The few times he did, he would say, “Because you say I don’t take enough pictures with you.” He only cared about nude pics of you. He was never REALLY there for you. He wasn’t there for you in Fallon. He wasn’t with you through the military. He wasn’t with you through school. He wasn’t there at the hospital when you needed him. Instead, he demanded I text him and update him when it hurt just to hold my phone. And he was rude to your family. (I had an extremely low blood count due to an undiagnosed blood disorder. I needed two blood transfusions and was there for 4 days. Almost needed a spinal tap to find the cause) After learning of your blood disorder, he said it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a child with you. My dad has the same blood disorder and lives a perfectly normal life and had me! He wasn’t at your fucking college graduation. The biggest accomplishment of your life. He said your college graduation was “inconvenient”. For your graduation gift, he bought you a cheap, thin skin-tight dress from China to take pics and wear for him. And some fucking flowers. You never spent a birthday together. You still NEVER had a Valentine’s date with him. He made you leave your cat - because it wouldn’t feel like “HIS house.” He practically yelled at you on the phone. You mentioned applying for an internship (required to graduate) two hours away in Sacramento and he got so angry. When applying to internships, you learned there was NO interior design work in the nearest city (Reno, Nevada). You begged and cried to live in a city you could both work in. He just stayed silent. You obtained an internship at the top firm in the world 6 hours away in Las Vegas. “I knew this would happen” when you got your internship with Gensler, saying our goal-oriented and career-driven personalities would break us up. But he never did anything about it. When you mentioned your starting salary, his FIRST response was about how it was more than Jane’s. He convinced you to leave all your possessions behind. Said I “only had clothes”. Said we would just get them later that year because he couldn’t take off from work. Did not help you move. Did not take off work to drive cross country with you. You almost had to do it alone if not for, Anna, your best friend from school. He said you had “only worked eights weeks” for your job but he had worked 14 years for his. Said you used him. Said he gave up his dream job for you. He was offered a 3-year contract in Fallon for 150K salary. But he said he had also wanted to be a marine biologist. He didn’t know what he wanted. Said he turned down being a pilot for you because he had wanted to join the military. But you cried to him because if you had wanted a military husband, then you would have done so in the service. You didn’t want to deal with deployments. Made you agree to leave the job as you were crying. No congratulations at all. “If that’s what you want to do.” he said. He still never shut up about Jane even after you expressed how it made you feel and you had nightmares over it. He would talk about her when you were around other people or a group of his friends. Randomly mentioned her in the mall. “That’s why Jane and I never worked” at the bonfire in front of friends. Pointed at homes driving past, “Janelle and I looked at that house.” Would talk about her figure and compare us. Paid for her all of her schooling. DUMPED YOU during school. He didn’t pay a cent of yours. He helped her with her resume and got her a job on base. YOU GOT YOUR OWN JOB. YOU DID THE MILITARY ALONE. YOU WENT THROUGH ALL OF SCHOOL ALONE AND PAID FOR ALL OF YOUR DEGREE ALONE THEN GOT A JOB AT THE TOP ARCHITECTURAL FIRM IN THE WORLD ON YOUR OWN. He never chose to be with you/support you through any of it. He said you used him. You didn’t use him for a fucking thing. Several times, he said he wished you had not gone back to school and changed careers because ITs make more money. He and his baby mama would talk daily at work. They’d talk about YOU. Would work on her car; never ONCE checked the fluids in your car or that it was safe to drive. Not even when you did your trips back and forth to Fallon from Vegas. 6 hours one way. Constantly buying and selling his cars... was that how he would be with you when he got tired of you or things got hard? He bought you lingerie and ripped jean shorts to take nudes in - that was it. Oh, and some sandals. Sent you stockings to take nudes in. Convinced you that you needed a boob job - you DON’T. He never asked about your family or dogs. You would text a pic of your dogs and get no response. He never shut up about his son. He chose his son over you. He was perfectly fine fucking other women and letting you go for eight years. He literally forgot any bad thing he ever did. He never apologized or simply denied it ever happened. He would just get upset with you if you said something about it. Would say I misheard him. Would get annoyed and push your cat off the bed. He didn’t like your family. But then talked with Jane about my big family and how good it would be for THEIR son. He always had something negative to say about your friends. He always bitched about your dogs. You have the most well-behaved dogs. Everyone who meets them says so. He bitched about the gas money to see you. Never offered to pay yours. He expected you to drive 6 hours one way every other weekend; no excuses. He said HE was doing everything possible. And YOU were selfish. Said he sold his truck for you. Never acknowledged you moving to Nevada. You moved 36 hours to be closer and he couldn’t move 6. He sold his house and moved in to the same complex as his baby mama. The woman he chose over you. He was happy to tell you your best friend in Fallon didn’t care to spend time with you anymore after so long without seeing each other. Would immediately get up as soon as I took the last bite of any meal. He never let you rest. He never really hugged or held you. Didn’t like Chattanooga, TN. Would make fun of it or talk it down. NO ONE LIKED HIM. Every one in your life is happy you left him. He didn’t want you when you lived in Fallon without a cat, dogs, friends, family and a job you cared about. He IGNORED YOU. You took him back when he had a KID WITH A WOMAN HE FUCKED OVER YOU, but denied you your cat and hated your dogs. Didn’t care about ANY interest or hobby you had unless it had something to do with him. He didn’t care about your singing. He didn’t care about your artistic talents. Never once asked for your opinion on his tattoos. He had the stupidest tattoos. Bragged about not having watched Game of Thrones. I was supposed to forgive him for his past... but it was the reason we weren’t together. Would talk as if you being in school and moving away from Fallon was the reason you weren’t together. ALWAYS made sure to update you when he or you both ran into one of his ex’s. Would go into detail on how jealous they were or missed him or wish he’d chosen them. Dozens of pairs of Vans for him and his son. Never bought you a pair of Vans. Would wake you up in the middle of the night or super early to have sex. Never had you on his social media. He would do everything for his son, but didn’t want children with you. Bragged about being an asshole. Convinced you not to have children. Said he worried about how his son would feel if he had other children. What about my feelings? How do you think I would feel helping you raise a son, but you wouldn’t do the same for me? Made it out like his son was a GIFT to me. Like he was granting you permission to be in his son’s life. While out at lunch with him and his son, he took a photo and then sent a pic to his baby mama while I was at the table. When you were on your period, he would say you were “broken” but still good for blowjobs. Called it “blowjob week” He just made empty promises. And you couldn’t trust him. He gave you a phone stand and plane tickets. Not a life together. Only HIS LIFE. He said he was sorry for wasting the last year of your life. Just one year???? Fuck him and the scraps and leftovers of his time, money and energy he was willing to give you for a decade. Said he didn’t know what love meant until his son. What about you? He still doesn’t know how to love. You were getting a leftover house and leftover son. Leftover everything. But you were willing to move, leaving YOUR HOUSE, FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CAT and give him all your time. AND chance your career and never be a mother. He moved into his baby mama’s apartment complex instead of moving to be with you. You wanted to live in a home you both found together and agreed on - not the one he bought for his new family when they’d found out they were having a child. He could not understand that at all and was like, “I’ll sell my house since you don’t like it.” He told his employers he needed a raise because, if not for his son and “bad mother”, he’d move to the east coast to be with me. She’s not a bad parent at all - he just thinks no one is as good as he is. Once again, you were not his priority. After Anna’s visit, he FLIPPED saying you become someone else when another person is around. Said he could do whatever he wanted in “his house”. Made a dirty joke about you choking on a bone while at lunch with her. She was a 22 year old Catholic virgin. While at the sink washing dishes, he needed the sink and lost his patience with you. He couldn’t just put a hand on your shoulder and ask you to move aside. Professor Miller told you not to compromise. Terry, your mentor, told you not to give him another thought. Ryan said he was glad you made the choice you did. That I had earned it. He was unsure of you for EIGHT YEARS. FUCK HIM. He always bought his son clothes, shoes and hats - never bought you anything except booty shorts and lingerie. Not a single selfless, meaningful birthday gift or Christmas present from him EVER. You couldn’t celebrate anniversaries because of all the times it didn’t fucking work. Everyone said you could do better. Brock said it. Stephanie Balver said it. Chip called him a “committaphobe” YOUR STEPMOM, who is always right, told you that you made the right choice and did absolutely nothing wrong. Your bio mom told you he would have eventually been physical with you. Uncle Rudy told you you had no business going out to Fallon to be with him. George didn’t like him. He constantly wanted nudes and to sext. Had you driving SIX HOURS one way every other weekend through the middle of nowhere Nevada to see him. Anything could have happened to you. Flights are $60 from LV to RNO. You felt he was punishing you for choosing your job. He made fun of what you wore. “You’re going to meet my dad in a romper?” You would have resented him. He would have cheated on you eventually like he did Jane. He told his bosses that if not for Jane being a bad mother, he’d move to the east coast to be with me... so I have to pay the price??? Haven’t I paid enough for him choosing Jane over me???? HE didn’t want another child because HE already had one. HE didn’t want a new house because HE already had one. HE didn’t want you to have a career because HE already had one. You weren’t allowed to have anything. ONLY AFTER his ex Jessica was married with two kids and Jane’s body was ruined after having a baby and their relationship crumbled... were you worth his time. He talked bad about almost everyone of his family members and friends. He was willing to do the same thing to you that he did Jane. Pull her to a city she had left with empty promises. And you wouldn’t have even gotten a child out of it. He contacted you again. With a wedding pic on Pinterest. It took him a month to break you down and agree to see him. Then did a complete 180. Only wanted to meet up for sex. You told him as long as you were second to his son, then he was second to your job. He agreed to it but wanted you in his future because you were the best SEX of his life. Not the love of his life. CRASHED his truck driving to you, but then turned around and expected you to make the same drive just for sex the next weekend. He was not concerned for your safety. Didn’t even text you on your birthday. You begged him for a relationship. You cried to him. He only yelled at you. He lured you in. As many times as he hurt you, he couldn’t show you the same forgiveness. You caught him on a dating website. He denied it. He ignored your calls and texts. He used you. Again. He hurt you. Again. He never valued you. He could have made you the happiest, but all he did was ever hurt you more than anyone in your entire life. It wasn’t you that couldn’t forgive and forget. It was HIM. He wouldn’t let you forget the past.... He is not a real man by any definition of the word. He is a liar and a manipulator. He is a narcissist.
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2020.02.17 15:29 Am_I_a_Runner 2020 Austin Marathon: A Lesson in Running Fast and Taking Chances

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Boston Qualify (<3:30) Yes
B Sub 3:20 Yes
C Top 3 age group Yes (2nd place)


Kilometer Time
5k 23:32
10k 45:25
15k 1:09:03
20k 1:32:04
13.1M 1:37:20
25k 1:55:21
30k 2:18:54
35k 2:42:05
40k 3:06:44
26.2M 3:17:36


I used pfitz’s 18/55 plan with a few adjustments made. I took the mileage up to 60 some weeks and generally ran ~5 miles more than planned most weeks. If I didn’t have a track to run on I would change up my speed work or substitute for hills as Austin is a hilly course. I built in hilly routes as much as I could for my medium long to long runs to strengthen my legs for the first half of the race. The Austin Runners Club also puts on the Distance Challenge which consists of 5 races building up to the marathon which I partook in. This allowed me to have other races to look forward to and use as tune up races in my training.


I run fasted and drink only iced coffee in the mornings so I stuck with that strategy. Was up at 5 and got to the start line a little after 6 for a 7am start time. Unfortunately the race was delayed by 40 minutes due to the course not being ready. Not ideal as the temps were a little warm (starting in low 50s and increasing towards mid 60s). I took a mocha gel right before the start for my boost.


Miles 1-3.1 are a gradual uphill. I tried to pull myself back and not take it fast like everyone else. Increased my pace as it leveled out towards the top. Kept the 3:20 pace group in site. Thought it was a little fast but wasn’t too concerned.
Miles 3.1-6 are fast downhill, so didn’t reign in my pace but also didn’t try to push down the hill. Passed the 3:20 pace group and caught up with 3:15. Thought, hmm maybe shouldn’t be out this fast but I feel good and run fast/take chances?
Miles 6-10 are nice and level. Saw a big group of my friends at the track which was amazing. Kept with the 3:15 pace group until I realized they were going below target pace and I didn’t want to bank time like that. Knew I was some risks going out with this pace group and sticking with them. Took a gel at 6.
10-18.5 are mostly rolling hills with a steel hill, a false flat and a nice downhill portion as well. Half marathoners separate out around mile 12 and the field shrunk a ton. Got in my groove as I new this part of the race the best and I’m a decent hill runner. Kept in my pace range, targeted 7:30s here but my legs weren’t cooperating. I’d think slow down, they were like speed up? Definitely felt strong here and started to pass those that were fading. Around this then I started getting go girl cheers and very supportive comments. Turns out I was in the top 10 for gender most of the time! Also took gels at 11 and 15.
Miles 18.5 - 23 were downhill/flat as I entered the east side. Easy to let my legs go. Continued making moves to pass people and generally was cruising. I saw my BF at mile 19 and another friend at 21 which was very nice. Crowd support thins on the east side of the race. Took another gel at 18/19 plus grabbed one from a station as I felt I needed just a little more and took a quarter of it.
Miles 23-25.75 is where I hit the wall. My quads were cramping and my mental fortitude withered. I decided to walk the watenuun stations to give my legs a breather. This was a fabulous idea as my legs felt refreshed and I could push myself to the next station (generally). Passed a lot of guys during this time even with the walking. Saw another large group of friends at mile 24. They said I looked like I was going to cry. I’m sort of surprised I didn’t! At mile 25 I got another small boost of energy and ran it in to 25.75.
25.76-26.2 this is where it got real. The course has a major uphill before the finish. I started running up it and was miserable. A nice lady in a Wonder Woman outfit got me part of the way. I started to walk and another guy started running alongside me giving me encouraging words. I had to walk a little more cause I thought I was going to puke and then finished jogging up the hill. Seriously thought i was going to die there. Then it’s basically down hill and flat the last .2 which was kind of annoying, I really wanted to be done but the chute felt like forever. The announcer was a big encouragement as he said my name, age and how impressive my time was which I thought was great. “Unofficial” time was 3:17:36, was faster than I ever dreamed especially with the walking and terrible last uphill (last mile 8:36...ouch).


I stumbled through the post finish area getting pictures and the goodies. The participant medal actually doubles as a belt buckle. Thought I was going to fall over for a while and when I met my BF at the end of the corralled area I cried like a baby. We wandered around and got some more goodies from the stands. I picked up my last Distance Challenge magnet and waited for the awards to be finalized. Definitely ran fast and took a lot of chances today. I placed 2nd in my age group, 6th overall for women and 93rd out of everyone.
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2020.01.25 17:02 grandpa_at20 Race Report: 3M Half Marathon "Rolling rolling"

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 80 Yes
B Hit splits Yes
C Not die afterwards Yes


Mile Time
1 5:53
2 5:55
3 5:58
4 5:54
5 5:57
6 5:58
7 5:58
8 5:54
9 6:02
10 6:01
11 6:00
12 5:58
13 5:52
14 1:13


As my first race of 2020, I was committed to getting off on the right start while trying to compensate for a poorly planned 2019 due to lack of rest days and weeks. I had successfully run a 81 minute half at the Silo in April and didn't really stop to take a break. Straight into the summer went the mileage. Obviously performance started to suffer. Mileage wasn't coming the way I wanted it to, almost every workout felt HARD, sleep was in short supply, and school was whooping my butt. 3M was set as my gauge for my fitness following the 2019 "season" so I could take a break afterwards to see how I would adjust my training for my long term goals. I switched to the JD Half marathon program using the VDOT from the Silo and went to work. I missed 2 workouts overall closer to the end of phase 3. On during the week of taper I got a sudden 12 hour flu-like bug that kept me from doing anything. Heading into the weekend I was jittery cause I didn't feel rested and scared I was going to crash and burn on this course.


A buddy of mine and I drove down to Austin on Saturday to hit up the expo. We ended up walking around the Domain eating gelato while debating the finer points of pasta vs bread. Pasta won out and we went to Olive Garden for dinner but after two bites I felt sick and decided it would be better to just sip some water and maybe eat something when we got back to the hotel (never happened). Next morning, woke up at 5:30, had my coffee/banana/beet juice combo, probably went to the bathroom 5+ times, jogged to the start line, and bounced around laughing at the lines for the portapotties.


Wind in the face, wind in the face, everybody's going fast but wind in the face. The first mile of 3M is a slight uphill into a 8-10ish mph wind. Adrenaline hit for the first couple seconds before I got settled into a comfortable pace with a good sized pack. At the turns, the wind became a comfortable tailwind as we shifted into a nice decline for most of the rest of the race.
About the "comfortable pace". At the mile I realized I was doing the exact same thing I had done last year by going out too fast because it felt great. I didn't let off the gas entirely as I knew staying with people would make it mentally easier but 5:50 wasn't gonna do it. I hovered at 6's as best I could and kept chugging on.
One thing I loved about this course was the directness of it. Albeit a few weird u-turns, the course was a long straight run. All I had to do was hit the rhythm and keep it smooth. It was the decline that was starting to hurt. Having known this was a downhill course, I had trained on hills in my area to prep for the roll. Problem was I felt a bit strained in my lower back after 7 or so miles and I didn't want to hurt anything. I started bargaining with my body to maintain the pace and I wouldn't push that much harder until the end.
It was at mile 10 that something odd happened. My effort was the same, it still felt smooth, but I was slowing down. It was subtle at first but suddenly my pace dropped to the 6:30 on the watch. Alarm bells went off and I started doing mental calculations to see if I could make it under 80 if I kept slowing. "Screw the bargain" I thought. "I'm gonna start pushing." Effort increased and back under 6 min pace I started ramping down through the UT Austin campus. The last mile was successfully my fastest mile with a long straight into the finish. After a yell, the race was over for me.
78:37 Official time


Some of the best moments in races occur immediately following the end. People I had started out with and had some crazy times stood talking to everyone discussing the race and about their thoughts behind their strategy. Love knowing the thought process behind other racers. I grabbed some aluminum foil looking blanket and headed back to the straight-away to wait for my friends to come in. Cold, bit tired, crazy hungry, and super happy with my performance.

What next?

It's been 6 days since the race. I haven't run a single day and I feel so lazy. Needed it though so food food food and sleep sleep sleep. Next week will be back to easy running and now I have a coach! My goal is to improve my speed by focusing on the 5/10k for the near future and then return to the longer distances better prepared to do work. Lots of stability work and strength are in my future as well. No more crossfit for me and instead I'm going to adjust bodyweight and balance work to be my primary focus behind pure running workouts.
Thanks for reading!
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2020.01.18 15:17 s810 Old Austin Tales: Attack of the Airships - Spring of 1897

Lord, don't I wish I had a photo of the subject of today's story. You'll have to bear with me. Lots of descriptive 19th century newspaper articles coming through.
Today I bring you some Austin UFO stories from 50 years before the Roswell incident of 1947. I've seen and participated in a few discussions about this topic here before, but some new shit has come to light, so I've got to get this one off my chest. The acronym "U.F.O." gets taken for granted as something extra-terrestrial but it really means anything flying that's unidentified. Besides something alien, in today's world that could be anything from a weird looking drone or an Air Force test plane, or even a Chinese lantern.
There comes a time when technological progress advances to a point where the materials needed to invent something new and great are available to many people at once, so you end up with different people inventing things like the telephone, or the television, at roughly the same time. That's also kind of what happened with human flight. A few years before the Wright Brothers glided over a beach in North Carolina and before the Germans perfected the Zeppelin, there were apparently a few different people flying around the country in what was at the time referred to as "mystery airships". By most accounts these were cigar shaped craft, sometimes with elaborate sails or wings mimicking those of many different bird species, that could carry passengers and/or cargo flown over great distances. If you saw one today you would probably call it a blimp with wings, but it was really more like a floating paddleboat. Back in the late 1800s the thought of attaching a mechanical engine, whether steam or oil powered, to a balloon to guide it places was experimental and revolutionary. Different types of airships began test flights over Europe in the 1860s and by the 1880s there were Americans doing it too, although it would be more accurate to say these early inventors had very little idea what they were doing at all. They were basically trying out different forms of balloons with accessories more than inventing the blimp. But one thing is for sure, when these things would "fly"/float over anywhere near a populated area they would scare the crap out of the public and become the talk of the area for weeks. These were the UFOs of their time; some people thought they were from Mars. 123 years ago these things captivated The City of Austin when they began appearing over our violet crowned skies. There were more than a few sightings, locally, statewide, and nationally, and the Statesman of the time covered most of it. One Statesman reporter even had a sighting himself. The Legislature was freaking out over how to regulate them, and there was an incident at The Driskill. But as usual I'm getting ahead of myself.
The most famous incident during the "mystery airship" wave of 1896-1897 is probably the Aurora, TX UFO incident. To quickly sum it up, an airship with an alien visitor on board is supposed to have crashed after hitting a windmill in the small North Texas town of Aurora on April 17, 1897. The "martian" was said to have died from the crash, and was buried in an unmarked grave in the local graveyard.
That's a very important date to remember: April 17th, 1897. The following day on the 18th, the Statesman announced a "Strange and Startling" discovery. A few years ago Michael Barnes did a writeup on this in the Statesman, from which I quote:
Balloon? Airplane? UFO? What flew over Texas — including Austin — with searchlights in April 1897?
Bob Ward of the Travis County Historical Commission drew our attention to this airborne mystery. We’re not suggesting aliens, but the reports fit the definition of an “unidentified flying object.”
A headline in the April 18, 1897, Austin Daily Statesman shouted “Strange and Startling: A ‘What Is It?’ Serenely Sailing over the Blessed Long Star State.” Texans in Sherman, Fort Worth, Hillsboro, Marshall and Paris spotted unusual objects in the night sky. This was six years before the Wright Brothers took off from Kitty Hawk, N.C., and 50 years before an unexplained object crashed in Roswell, N.M.
On April 26, the Daily Statesman reported that airship had made another appearance, this time behind Mount Bonnell traveling north. “At least, three young men who were camping up on Bull Creek at Huddle’s Point say they saw it. Messrs. Geo. Powell, Ted Tobin and Jas. Caldewell went up the lake Saturday afternoon for a couple of days’ camp and pitched their tents. ... About 3 a.m. it began to rain and the men were compelled to get up and fasten the tent. It was at this time they saw the mysterious aircraft. They claim it was in sight fully 15 minutes and are positive they could not be mistaken. At intervals of every few seconds, it would throw its searchlights, and the boys say the light looked as big as four ordinary arc lights.”
Of course, those interested in UFOs have not let the subject of the 1897 aircraft go. An April 15, 2016, story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reached back to revive the tale of an airship that crashed into a windmill, “killing a spaceman,” in the North Texas town of Aurora on April 17, 1897. (In other words, before the Austin sighting.)
The town recently celebrated the crash with an event called the Aurora Alien Encounter with talks and shuttle tours, including a stop at the cemetery where the alien nicknamed “Ned” was supposedly buried.
This 2017 Statesman article was I think the first time I had heard of this story. So the same night a UFO allegedly crashed in Aurora, airship(s) were seen all over North Texas. The Statesman of 1897 reports on that, but then eight days later comes another report of some boys seeing an airship near Mt. Bonnell. Well come to find out that was only one of many local airship stories dating back to that Spring and Summer of 1897 in the old Statesman archive, and not even the best one in my opinion. Allowing for the yellow-journalism tendencies of The Statesman and newspapers in general at the time, some of the reports are made with intricate detail by otherwise credible people from all walks of life, while others seem obviously a hoax too fantastical to be believed.
I'm just going to go through Statesman articles in chronological order. We will start in 1896 with a bit more backstory:

May 31, 1896 - A New Flying Machine

Prof. Samuel P. Laughley's Successful Flying Machine.
Professor Langleys has invented a flying machine which is a success. At Occoquan, Va.. near Washington, D. C. the Smithsonian Institute Professor recently tested this machine to his complete satisfaction. The machine rose 200 feet in the air and flew steadily for half a mile. Fuel in the engine then gave out and the machine sunk gently to the ground. The flying machine carries a small steam engine of one-horse power. The whole contrivance weighs twenty-five pounds. Its light steel frame work holds extended horizontally three sheets of thin canvas. one above the other. The length over all is fifteen feet. The engine runs two propellers.
The machine could fly 100 miles, or even a much greater distance with a sufficient, supply of steam. But the small engine employed is not of the condensing pattern and has no means of using the same water over again.

October 2, 1896 - Flies Like a Bird

Remarkable Success of the Lamson AirShip at Portland, Ma.
Big machine rises steadily to an altitude of six hundred feet and then gracefully settles to the ground again. A New York Sun special from Portland. Maine. Charles H. Lamson performed a feat here the other day practically demonstrating that a large airship or kite capable of carrying a man can be floated successfully and steadily. He raised his ship with a dummy man on it 600 feet. The retaining rope broke when the ship was at that altitude. Had it not been for this break, Mr. Lamson would have sent up a man to navigate his ship. As it was, W. A. Eddy, of Bayonne, NJ. an authority on aerial experiments, declared that Lamson'a achievement was the greatest step toward solving the problem of aerial navigation of the age. Two records, at all events, Lamson made. He flew the largest kite or airship ever floated. He carried by mean of this kite the heaviest weight to the greatest altitude on record. Tbe kite which made the flight is an invention of Mr. Lamson and is called "The Lamson Airship." The kite, when in the air, resembles two large, oblong j boxes parallel to each other and attached to each other in the middle. It took 15 men to carry the kite or ship into the field from which it was to be sent up. The cord tested to a pull of 500 pounds This was made fast to a reel and four men attended to it. About 400 feet of the rope was run out along the ground, and at a signal from Mr. Lamson the snip was released. It quivered a m ment and then steadily rose skyward. Seated on the car of this ship was a dummy weighted to 150 pounds. The ship rose to an altitude of 600 feet, and was rising steadily, "when, with a sudden gust of wind, snap went the rope, showing what a tremendous pressure was brought upon it by the soaring of the ship. The ship floated out a half mile and descended as easily and gracefully as it went up. Had a man been in the car he would not have been harmed in the slightest.

November 23, 1896 - An Airship Sure Enough!

Frisco lawyer says one is perfected and has had a successful trial.
San Francisco, Nov. 22. The Chronicle printed a story which would indicate that the airship in practical form is at established fact. About 1 o'clock last Monday morning. the inhabitants of Sacramento who astir at that hour claim to have seen an airship passing rapidly over the city (Some merely say they saw a bnght light, while others went so far as to say they saw a cigar shaped flying machine and heard human voices from it.) The residents of Oakland also say they same the same sight. The story of the mysterious airship ha been told all over tin state and has created considerable amusement, as it was generally believed to he a hoax.
So you can see that at least a few people were experimenting with airships in various forms at that time. This brings us to 1897, and the first incident mentioned in the 2017 Statesman article. This was written the day after the Aurora incident but doesn't mention Aurora by name.

April 18, 1897 - Strange And Startling

What is it serenely sailing over the blessed Lone Star State? Be it a big airship or something else seen in the heavens at various North Texan points.
Keep a Watch Out Here. Of late strange sights have been witnessed in the heavens and some day ago.
The Statesman obtained a dispatch saying that an airship or something of that sort had been seen sailing over Oklahoma. Now the mysterious aerial craft has been seen at various points in Texas and from all accounts it is a fast sailer. Friday night at Sherman, Mr. W. S. Hellyer, cashier of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, saw a mysterious oval-shaped object of large proportions plass over the moon. On the same night, Conductor W. M. Honney of Fort Worth, his wife and mother saw a strange object pass over the city.
On the same night Hon. J. S. Bound of Hillsboro, on his way to visit a sick friend, had an experience he will not forget soon. He was jogging alone quietly, when suddenly his horse whirled around and came near overturning the buggy. There was a brilliant light, as if coming from an arc light. This light, he says rested on him less than a minute and then he saw it gliding over a field nearby. It then turned upward and he watched it until he says it must have been 1000 feet in in the air. The light appeared to him to be the headlight of some kind of it ship. While he watched, the light went out and small ones such a incandescent lights, appeared all around the body of the vessel, or whatever it was.
The strange craft sailed slowly in a southernly direction and while Mr. Bounds watched it all the lights were extinguished and then it disappeared.
On the same night, about 2 o'clock, J. A. Black of Paris, Tx., night watchman at the Paris Oil and Cotton company's plant, observed a faint but luminous body in the northeast heavens. It looked at first like a luminous cloud, but as it drew nearer he saw it was some, huge monster. He hurried over to the cabin of a negro named Jim Smith and woke him up, and when Jim caught sight of the heavenly visitor his wool promptly straightened out and Jim piously went to praying. Mr. Black watched the object carefully, and to a Dallas News reporter he said its body was shaped something cigar, and appeared to be 200 feet long. It carried sails and attachments that looked like great fans. It finally disappeared, going in the direction of the Mississippi river. Mr. Black's dog was with himi when he first discovered the monster and he was greatly agitated and moaned until the thing disappeared.
On the same night Conductor Virgil Brown and his brakeman on the Texas-Pacilic Railroad saw the curious monster near Jewella. La., about thirty miles east of Marshall. It appeared to have a search light attached to it that threw out rays in several directions. It appeared to be going in the direction of Marshall and traveled faster than his train. On the same night at Marshall, Marshal Dick Wentberby. night watchman at the Pacific Railroad shops, saw the monster pass over. From Jewella to Hillsboro is some 300 or 400 miles, and the ship being seen at both places only a few hours apart shows it is a traveler. Whence is it? 'What is it and whither is it going, anyhow? Are we living in the days when strange sights are to appear in the heavens?
From this point onward the word was out that these things were being seen in Texas. What follows in the coming days in the Statesman seems like borderline mass hysteria.

April 20, 1897 - Rickety Airship

The report that Deputy Sheriff Thorp and Uncle Dick Boyce, afraid of the airship, were sleeping in the boiler room at the court house, is untrue. They stay in the basement of the Capitol. No weak boiler room for them with a rickety airship sailing overhead.

April 20, 1897 - The Heavenly Mystery

Possible soldiers from warlike Mars out on a terrestrial reconnoiter
An astronomical theory about the mysterious stranger as seen in Chicago. The celestial craft the talk of the town.
The great and mysterious aerial vessel that has thrown north Texas and many parts of the country into a state of excitement and commotion, was first seen sailing over Kansas, but the stories about it did not excite much attention. Since then, however, the mysterious stranger has been seen in many parts of the country, and Friday night last reputable citizens in scores of Texas towns had a view of the aerial vehicle. It has traveled over Illinois, Indiana, Iowa. Wisconsin, Arkansas, Louisiana and other states, and everywhere has excited great curiosity and in some places provoked consternation. On Friday night, April 9, the strange light skirted over the northern border of Chicago and could be seen, according to the numerous reports of residents in that neighborhood. A great crowd gathered at the corner of Milwaukee and Oakley avenues and gazed at the object, trying to figure out to their satisfaction what it might be. It was an "airship" for lack of a better name to designate it by, but most were skeptical about the identity of the "manifestation." It was said the object looked very much like a balloon, but the "red light" was plainly discernible. Many of the people mounted the roofs in the neighborhood and all the field glasses in the vicinity were called into play.
In Texas:
The strange craft seen at many points in North and East Texas Friday night has thrown those parts of the state into a whirl of excitement. Col. R. N. Burt, cashier of the National Bank of Ladonia, Texas, saw the craft, or whatever it is, last Friday night. His description varies very little from that of others, only that it appeared much larger to him, as he says that it seemed to be about 300 feet long, its wiungs being enormous and looking like huge sails. It seemed to hover for a short time over the city and then rise and go rapidly in a southwesterly direction. At Farmersville, Texas, Friday night, as reported in the Dallas News, about 9 o'clock a dim tight was seen in the northwest, apparently moving slowly to the south or southeast. When first seen it did not look larger than an ordinary 30-cent silver piece. Those watching it soon discovered that the object was approaching the city. It traveled; at the rate of sixty or eighty miles an hour. Some thought it to lie a cloudless tornado, and those who had storm houses lost no time in getting into them, whilst the more unfortunate waited and watched the result, of the approach of the queer object. In a very short time fully two-thirds of the citizens of the city were out looking at what they then supposed to be a large planet or meteor approaching the earth. In a few moments, in fact, in less time than one can tell it, the queer thing was almost hanging over the city. City Marshal Brown was in the western part or the city making his rounds before going home and says the ship or balloon passed over him about 200 feet from the ground. Mr. Brown says he could see two men in the ship and something resembling a large Newfoundland dog. Mr. Brown says he was close enough to hear them talking, but could not understand one word of their language.
Mr. Walter L. Norwood, an undertaker at Galveston, had a professional call about 3 o'clock Saturday morning, and he says he and his driver. Bob Tevis, saw the airship and said to a Galveston news reporter: "The moon was shining brightly, and we could see almost as fully as in daylight. There was not a cloud in the sky. When we were out on the beach not far from our destination I happened- to look up and saw the thing. It moved to the eastward down the beach, following the line of the beach as closely as one would do in driving a buggy. We stopped and watched it. When down about the end of the island it turned and followed the bay front until almost Tremont street, when it turned and went south out over the gulf, disappearing in the distance." It was pointed at both ends, according to Mr. Norwoods description, and the headlight was directly in front. It looked like a great big bird, with wings flapping regularly and it traveled swiftly.
Statesman's Mystery Man.
The mystery man of The Statesman heard yesterday that Mr. R.H. Cousins had caught a glimpse of the mysterious ship Friday night, and Mr. Cousins was seen about it. 'No, I saw no ship," he said. "I stepped out into my yard and my attention was attracted by a moving light which appeared to lie some distance above the earth, not far from the residence of Mr. J. W. Graham. I first I thought it was a meteor, but I soon discovered it moved too slow for a meteor. In the light was not very large, I think possibly I could have covered it with my hand. I watched it as it moved and it passed over and down in the direction of Shoal Creek. I saw no dark object, nor anything that resembled a ship; I saw nothing but the light, and at the time thought nothing about it. The story, as reported, was that Mr. Cousins had seen a large ship-like shape, with the light attached to it. To the Statesman's gang last night the mystery man, to the utter consternation of the boys, gave it as his unalterable opinion that there was something in this airship business. "Where there's so much smoke there must be some fire," he said. "So many reports, from so many different points can not be fabrications. People may say what they will, but there's something in it."
The gang was visibly moved. "It is my opinion," continued the mystery man, "that the airship, so-called, is nothing more nor less than a reconnoitering aerial war car from warlike Mars, investigating the Conditions of the United States to see what reinforcements we'll need when the country is invaded by the allied armies of Europe, the Mars soldiers having no confidence whatever In the American jingoes as real fighters," "With these soldiers of Mars cavorting around over our heads, do you think there is any danger to us of the earth?" asked the gang in concert,' "I most emphatically do.
Last Thursday night one of their aerial boats exploded, and scraps of steel and piece of electric wire were found on the school house, the roof of which workmen were repairing. They heard an explosion during the night, and just before it took place the aerial vehicle was seen sailing through the air. There is great danger in venturing out these nights. What if one of those fellows from Mars should tumble out and fall on you ? The city editor and telegraph man were profoundly impressed, and last night they slept under a table in the editorial rooms.

April 21, 1897 - Shadbolt gets a package at the Driskill

Say, you people all know Shadbolt, manager of the Driskill, and are acquainted with his reputation for veracity? The fact that he is in the category with George Washington in this line, inclines me to take stock in these airship yarns that are at present flooding the country. Shad asserts that while on the roof of the hotel last Monday night engaged in taking clothes off the line, he was astonished first by a peculiar sizzling noise, followed immediately by a biff, bang, whiz, and a current of cold air that chilled him to the marrow. Dodging behind a chimney pot, he saw coming towards him a frightfully constructed cigar-shaped balloon, or something of that character.
His heart was in bis throat for a moment, but swallowing it with an effort, be sang out: 'Ship ahoy!' A voice replied: 'Howde? Is this Austin?' 'You're bloody right,' yelled Shad, whereupon the main guy on that flying monster called out: 'Stand by you lubbers, and let go that freight'. Something struck the roof, and the startled manager says as the thing went out of sight there was a man sitting cross-legged on the quarter deck, working a concertina. and grinding out the music of 'Me 'Art Is True to Poll,' (???) In the bundle, which smelled of stale fish and a few decayed things of that kind, was a note stating that the ship was en route to China, but would return in October next, by which time the writer hoped the Texas legislature would have passed all the blooming (democrat) platform demands formulated at Fort Worth. Now Shadbolt will not deny bis fondness for potted cheese and a bleeding glass of 'alf and 'alf, but be says neither of these appetizers had the slightest connection with his experience on the roof. He's got the note, and the brick that came with it, and will take pleasure in showing it to his friends.

April 21, 1897 - Weary Man Sick of Hearing About Airship

A weary man: "Can yon direct me to a boarding house where they do not talk of the airship?"

April 24, 1897 - Airship Resolution

Proposal to have the commission regulate them.
Yesterday morning, in a spirit of fun, Mr. Brigance offered the following resolution about airships: "Whereas, There is an airship sailing around Texas, carrying freight and passengers; and whereas the owners or incorporators of said airship pay no taxes for said traffic; and whereas, the railroad commission have been derelict in their duty in fixing rates tor said airship; and whereas, The State of Texas is badly in need of fund to run the state government; therefore,
Be it resolved that the advocate of revenue measures. Hon. J. T. Curry, the representative from Van Zandt county, is hereby requested to be the master of making rates for the government of said airship before the Railroad Commission of Texas and request that said commission proceed at once to make rates and charges for the transportation of passengers and freight in Texas, and in default of the payment of said rates, said commission shall apply to the Justice of the Peace of Precinct No. 1, Travis County, and procure an attachment and proceed to levy the same upon said airship for the purpose of collecting said rates, etc.
Now comes the second instance mentioned in the 2017 article.

April 26, 1897 - Airship Again

The airship made its appearance again early yesterday morning. At least three young men who were camping up on Bull creek, at Huddle's point, say they saw it. Messrs. Geo. Proctor, Ted Tobin and Jno. Caldwell went up the hike Saturday afternoon for a couple of days camp, and pitched their tents at Huddle's point. About 3 o'clock yesterday morning it began to rain, and the young men were compelled to get up and fasten their tent. It was at this time they saw the mysterious air craft. They claim it was in sight fully fifteen minutes and are positive they could not have been mistaken. At intervals of every few seconds it would throw its searchlight, and the boys say the light looked as big a four ordinary arc lights. It made its appearance from behind Mount Bonnell and traveled north. The boys broke camp last afternoon they say because it was raining so hard, but that mysterious light probably made the rain seem wetter than usual.

April 27, 1897 - Another Airship Again

It seems impossible to hide anything from the "argus eyes and ears" of a Statesman reporter. Mr. Teagarden of Teagarden & Shumate, "The Peacemakers," has been in "telepathic" communication with the inhabitants of Mars for some time past. In fact his summer location on the summits of various mountains in Colorado has been the means of enabling him to adopt a system of telepathic communication, and he intimates that "the airship" now voyaging around us is for the purpose of discovery, and not war, as some suppose. The ship is named "The Peacemaker" and is now used in the interest of his manufacturing centers of goods kept by this firm and perfect such arrangements as may be necessary for their interests. Upon his return early in May, Mr. Teagarden designs taking a trip over the eastern continent as a guest of the representatives of the fiery planet. No alarm need be felt by the inhabitants of Earth as the appearance of the ship only betokens peace. In fact, wars are a thing of the past in Mars, and the art is lost with them.

April 27, 1897 - Airship Located

It is en-route to Cuba to scatter dynamite for Wyler's forces.
A carefully planned expedition left for Cuba last night from near Sea Isle, N. J. The supply of arms and ammunition left New York Saturday on lighters and was placed on a tug between Barengal and Long Branch. The tug came steadily down the coast and was soon joined by another boat. In the way of munition, the expedition took along a Hotchkiss gun. 1000 rifles, 13000 rounds of ammunition, 2000 machetes, a lot of medicine and what is known as an experimental flying machine adapted to the use of dynamite.

April 29, 1897 - Airship Seen Here

It passed over the city yesterday morning in a rain.
Moved Slowly, Plainly Visible
Seen by more than one person. Work of Hiram Wilson, son of the master-mechanic for the New York Central (Railroad).
The airship, carrying a large headlight, passed over the city yesterday morning, apparently about 300 or 400 feet above the earth. It moved slowly at first, traveling in a northwesterly direction, but its speed seemed to lie greatly increased when it reach a point probably over Shoal creek. A gentleman out north of the capitol saw it, and a colored man living on Robertson Hill had a sight of the aerial visitor. A fine view of it was had by Mr, Otto F. Porsch, an intelligent and wholly reliable gentleman living at the corner of Colorado and Second streets and doing a grain and feed business at 402 East Sixth street. He is well known and has a large circle of friends. A Statesman reporter saw Mr. Porsch at his place of business yesterday, and he told the following story: "I was aroused from my sleep by my dogs barking and growling, and I went to a window and looked out. It was very cloudy and dark, and I saw the glare of a big light on the clouds. I thought a large fire was in progress and hastily put on my clothes and went out into the yard to see where it was. As I opened the door to go out, my young dog, greatly scared at something, pushed by me and went into the house. My old dog stayed in the yard, and I noticed he was barking at something overhead, and I looked up and saw great light slowly moving over the Salge Hotel. It was coining from the southeast and moved in a northwesterly direction. It appeared to me to be about 300 or 400 feet above the hotel, and it traveled very slow, the light being so blinding that I could not see the shape of the vehicle or whatever it was carrying it, I watched it carefully, and after it had gone some distance and has passed me, I could see the shape of the rear end of the vessel, and it appeared to be in this shape." And Mr. Forsch arranged his hands in a V shape, somewhat like the tail of a fish. "It was still moving very slowly, but as I watched 1 saw a movement on each side of it like a bird flap ping its wings, and its speed was once greatly increased, and I watched it until it disappeared, which was not long after it began to increase its speed. It was drizzling a little, and it rained pretty hard after the light disappeared. Asked if he saw any colored lights, he said "No, I did not. It was a very large, ordinary light and very blinding until it passed me." Mr. Porsch said that a gentleman living out north of the capitol told him yesterday forenoon that he had seen the ship at the same time Mr. Porseh did. Mr. Porsch said: "After it had disappeared I went buck into the house and looked at the clock, and it was exactly fifteen minutes after 4." A colored man named Gray saw the ship as it passed over yesterday morning.
The Galveston News of yesterday contained a story that the vessel landed in Uvalde a few days ago near the residence of Sheriff H. W. Baylor. Two men were aboard, with whom Mr. Baylor talked, one of them giving bis name as Wilson, and he said be had lived in Fort Worth, and the News of yesterday confirmed bis story and shows he did live in the Panther city, where he worked on an arship.

May 2, 1897 - Letter to Sheriff Baylor of Uvalde

A gentleman in this city has written Sheriff Baylor of Uvalde for the particulars of the airship he boarded and inspected at Uvalde.

May 4, 1897 - Cripple Creek Airship

The airship has been heard from at Cripple Creek. The information comes through a letter dropped from the airship. The letter states that there are three person in the airship, and that they are out of water and can not make a landing on the earth and have given up in despair. A man who could invent such an airship a that would have the ingenuity to condense water from the clouds, but the whole thing about the airship seems to be getting to be "in nubibus." (?)

May 4, 1897 - Airship demonstrated at Nashville

A sure enough airship
A Practical Demonstration Given at the Nashvllle Exposition
Today at the Tennessee Exposition, Professor Arthur Barnard, physical instructor of the Young Men's Christian Association of Nashville, began a jonrney in an airship constructed by himself. Professor Barnard promised to sail against the wind after arising into the air, and he did so. The airship will be continued in use at the exposition. Professor Barnard said he would land at the starting point tonight. The ship is 4 feet long and 20 feet in diameter

May 11, 1897 - Travis County Man Knows How To Build An Airship, But Won't

In a burst of confidence yesterday, Uncle Dick Boyce informed a Statesman reporter that Joe Costa had seen an airship sailing majestically through the deep blue heavens.
Joe was hunted up and asked if he saw the aerial mystery.
"I have not seen an airship, nor do I want to see one," he indignantly said. "If I wanted to see an airship I'd build one and be done with it. I know exactly how one should be constructed. You know I've watched buzzards and a ship modeled after them will fly"

May 23, 1897 - Webberville Airship

It was seen in Austin and Webbervllle Friday night.
Friday night, about 12:30 o'clock, Mr. O'Brien, the Associated Press operator in the Statesman office, while standing on the gallery in front, saw what was evidently the airship, or at least the mysterious aerial body that has been seen several times in these parts. Mr. O'Brien watched it about a half minute, and then hastened to the window and called to the telegraph editor to come quick. The latter, although mentally absorbed in the interesting St. Louis produce market, hastened to the gallery, but when he got there the airship had passed out of view behind the business buildings southeast of the office. Both watched for some minutes in vain, and then returned to their work, the operator with a puzzled look, and the telegraph editor with an incredulous smile flitting across his face. They resolved not to say anything about it till next day, to see if any other night hawk had seen anything of the sort. Yesterday word came from Webberville announcing that John T. McCall, a prominent citizen of that section, had seen the airship about 10 o'clock Friday night. It was sailing very low, and he had a good view of it. He said it looked to be about fifty feet long, and was brilliantly lighted, looking something like a steamboat at night. This description tallies exactly with Mr. O Brien's description. There is about two and a half hour s difference in the time the two men saw it, but this could be easily accounted tor. There is evidently something prowling about the heavens in this neck of the woods, whether it is an airship or some other illuminated body.

June 2, 1897 - Edison Says Mysterious Airship is Fake

Thomas Edison, Denounces It as a "Pure Fake" Thinks It Absurd, Believes, However, That Airships Will Be Successfully Constructed in Future.

June 2, 1897 - Legislature Sees An Airship

Along about 10 o'clock some enthusiastic member saw what be thought was an air ship hovering over the university, and in a many seconds as it take to tell it, all the dear solons were rubbernecking toward the airship. The House and Senate both were nearly disbanded in their vain endeavor to see the airship. It could be plainly seen hovering over the university, and the members spent some time in discussing exactly how the ship was operated. They will probably not feel so cheerful in the morning when they discover that the impossible airship that excited their admiration was but a kite -an aeroplane- the university professors were operating for the purpose of trying to secure electrical experiments. The horse is on the solons, and they might as well give in.
Well I'm almost out of space but I think you get the picture. It goes on like this throughout the summer of 1897 and into 1898 when primitive airships were used in the Spanish-American war. There is an old truism that says necessity is the mothers milk of invention, but I have always said ubiquity does the same thing. In this case it seems to fit, the materials for flight were available everywhere and a few visionaries put it together. As for all the Austin sightings, I can't say who it was or what they were trying to do. But I do think if even one of those sightings was real then there is probably a chapter on human flight in some history books that needs a little expanding.
No Bonus Pics today I'm afraid. I hope to make it up to you next time.
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2019.12.30 19:27 PloddingHarmony Texas - Speeding ticket, 25 MPH over, hired lawyer for plea for dismissal/lower charge; prosecutor denied both; just pay or try for a trial w/o lawyer?

State - Texas
In early July, I was clocked doing 80 in a 55 on a frontage road in a suburb of Austin where I live. I don't doubt I was speeding, but I don't think I was going 25MPH over, but that's what I was clocked via laser.
I was most concerned about my ticket on my record (I'm a future teacher in TX [moved here for grad school in August 2018 after 8 years teaching elsewhere]; currently drive for Favor as a side job paying bills; not trying to raise my insurance premiums). I have never had a ticket in TX before, and it's been almost a decade since receiving one in my last state of residence (but was always able to take the defensive driving course to remove points).
I hired a traffic ticket lawyer online who was highly recommended to plea for dismissal or lowering my conviction/deferred adjudication so I can take the defensive driving course and wipe the ticket off my record (since I can't do that on this ticket because it's right at 25 over). My plea date was delayed and delayed (lawyer is based in Lubbock), and this was tar more than the usual 1 or 2 months it apparently takes to get one, but I wasn't too concerned, but once it got passed the 4 month mark, I was a little wary.
I finally heard from him today (over 6 months later) with the worst outcome: the prosecutor isn't willing to dismiss the ticket, nor reduce the violation. I'm devastated.
My options right now are to go to trial ("time consuming and expensive," says the lawyer) as a last ditch effort to remove/reduce the ticket, or just pay the ticket and hope for the best for the rest of my future (rising insurance premiums, et al). I would attempt to go to court if it looked like I had a chance, but with the prosecutor not budging on a plea deal and the lawyer's language, I feel like nothing would end up in my favor, and I have to pay the ticket regardless. As a graduate student with no money, while I think I could squeak by on the additional few hundred dollars (in addition to the nearly $300 ticket) for court costs/trial, I can't afford a traffic ticket lawyer, and I feel like I should just pay the ticket and suffer the consequences the next few years.
Should I go attorney-less and request a jury trial (and how much would that run me)? Any ideas on how much my insurance will spike? Will my future employers see my ticket violation when I apply this fall?
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2019.10.28 21:52 zolak [Race Report] How to run a Half-Marathon in 13.8 miles

Race Information
Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 1:40 Maybe?
B PR Sub 1:48 Yes
Mile Time
1 7:32
2 7:35
3 7:34
4 7:37
5 7:37
6 7:33
7 7:34
8 7:27
9 7:40
10 7:30
11 7:46
12 7:27
13 7:14
14 6:06
This past year I decided to get serious about running again having previously run 3 marathons along with numerous other races from 5Ks up to half marathons several years ago. Once we started to have kids running took a backseat and was something I would only do recreationally every now and then. I signed up for a Cap10K held in the beginning of May at the start of the year and started the Daniels 16-week 10k training program only to have the race cancelled the morning of due to lightning. Fortunately, there was another 10k in the area in May that I ran in 46:44. I proceed to run a 5K in June (22:18) and set my eyes on the Austin Haunted Half Marathon.
I again turned to the Daniels’ Running Formula for their half marathon plan. The plan is broken out into 4 six weeks phases. Phase 1 is focused on building a base and Daniels recommends skipping if you are already running 5 times a week and approaching 30 mpw. I was probably averaging around 25 mpw at this time and opted to started in Phase 2 meaning the program would run 16 weeks. Phase 2 focuses on speed work, Phase 3 on intervals, and Phase 4 on tempo runs.
I did the majority of this training during a Texas summer which could be brutal at times, including the hottest September on record! I tired to do as much of the running in the early morning as possible but 3 days out of the week my wife does bootcamp in the mornings meaning those days I had to run in the afternoons after work. I ended up doing a lot of my speed workouts on the treadmill at my gym as that is the only type of running I can tolerate on a treadmill. I attempted to do some longer lower intensity workouts on the gym but those were even more brutal than running in 105° heat. I kept reading that training in the heat could beneficial to training much as training at altitude as long as you don’t succumb to heat stroke! I found that SaltSticks were essential to training in the heat as well as chugging as much Nuun as possible post run.
My goal throughout training was to run in the 1:30s meaning I would have to run 7:37 miles or quicker. I was running my tempo runs at 7:30 and honestly these were a bit of a struggle and I started to have serious doubts if I could hold a similar pace for 13 miles. I was however fairly confident I would beat my PR time of 1:48 set 7.5 years ago! I ended up averaging between 30 and 35 mpw for the second half of training working up from around 25 mpw and despite the heat this was one of the most successful training cycles I have been through and missed very few if any of the scheduled quality runs in Daniels’ training plan
The week leading up to the race I made several diet changes. I cut out all alcohol, increased from eating 30% carbs to 60%, and drank a daily serving of BeetElite a beet juice powder for it’s alleged nitric oxide benefits ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Having never been a fan of gels I started using TrailWind during my long runs and was a fan of being able to just sip on a handheld continuously during my runs instead of having to stop and scarf down a gel. My plan for the race was a 3x concentrated mixture in my handheld which give me 300 calories as well a gel in reserve just in case I felt a needed a little extra (x4 mixture was a little too strong for me stomach). The morning of the race I had a small bowl of oatmeal, a banana, coffee, a serving of BeetElite and on the drive to the race drank a bottle of Nuun and a Stinger Waffle. The race was pretty small so parking wasn’t a problem and was right next to starting area. Fortunately, the heat had finally left Texas and was a chilly 43 ° at the start of the race. I made sure to queue up my running playlist of exclusively hard-hitting metal (Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, etc) to get me in the right headspace for the race and proceeded to the starting corral.
Miles 1-7
The race started with the headless horseman leading the way from the starting line and I followed Forest Gump (did I mentioned this race was Halloween themed with many runners dressed up!) out of the starting chute. My main focus for the initial miles was to not go out to fast as is always the case and had to keep checking my Garmin every 30 seconds or so to make sure I was staying on pace. The course mostly followed a paved path through various parks and greenbelts but had quite a few turns that weren’t always clearly marked which wasn’t an issue earlier on as there was still a crowd to follow but would become increasing difficult as the race went on and the racers spaced out. I felt strong for the first part of the race but wanted to hold my pace close to 7:35 until I reached the half way point before trying to push any faster. The first half of the race ended up being uneventful as I quickly fell into a smooth rhythm. I noticed after the race that my10k time ended up being 46:37 which would have been a PR for me in the 10k.
Miles 8-11
Now that I was past the half way point, I felt strong enough to try and start pushing a little harder and upped my pace to 7:27 for mile 8, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea falling back a little in the next mile at 7:40.
As mentioned earlier the course had very few volunteers along the course and the course had a bunch of turns that were mostly marked by signs or spray painted arrows on the ground and by this point in the race I was leading a pack of half a dozen runners and the runners in front of me were now out of sight meaning I was the defacto navigator for our group whether I realized it at the time or not! Sure enough I ran through an underpass and when I came out I continued straight until the path ended and I was on a residential street. I stopped as it didn’t seemed right and turned around to see the other 6 runners had followed me and were as equally confused when I stopped. We did a quick survey of the area and finally saw other runners a ways back running in the complete opposite direction! Apparently we were suppose to pull a hairpin turn when came out of the underpass to proceed up and over the underpass we have just pass through. How those runners behind us has figured this out without ANY sign or arrow indicating the way is beyond me but at least we now knew where to go. Begrudgingly we double back the way we came and were back on track.
Miles 12-14
Ticked off that I had lost almost a minute to my wrong turn I was determined to try and make up of much as possible over the last 2 miles. I upped my pace back up to 7:27 for mile 12 and at this point I realized if I just stayed under my pace I had been running the entire race I would clear my goal of running sub 1:40, or so I thought.
As I passed the mile 13 marker I went as hard as I could at that point with the finish line being only a minute or so away. My watch had already passed 13.1 but it must be a little off from the course as my Garmin’s mile markers didn’t always perfectly sync with the course mile markers but I knew the finish had to be just moments away. As I started approaching 1:40 I was pushing harder and harder struggling for breath for what felt like an eternity and yet I still couldn’t see or hear the finish area. My watch hit 13.5 miles and still I couldn’t see the finish line as my timer went past 1:40, I had missed my goal. I was physically and emotional drained having pushed so hard the last mile + to get in under 1:40. I slowed to slightly faster than a jog just wanting to get to the end wherever that was. Eventually I started to hear the music in the distance and picked up my pace, I came around the corner and saw my wife and two kids cheering me on just short of the finish line. I begrudgingly gave them a wave and a smile and crossed the finish line in 1:44:11 with my watch reading 13.8 miles!
After I crossed the finish line I wasn’t sure what to think. Had my watch’s GPS just been off, or did I go further out of the way with my missed turn than I originally thought? As I was trying to collect my thoughts in the finisher chute the race director came up to me apologizing for the miscalculation in the course distance. Apparently the course was over a .5 mile long and he explained how frustrating that must be to all the runners and was apologizing profusely to me. I not sure what made him single me out, maybe he could see the disappointment/confusion on my face? Not really sure what to say I just told it’s ok mistakes happen and it is what it is and proceeded to collect my metal and a bottle of water.
I met up with my wife and two small daughters who reminded me that several people had finished before me and that I hadn’t won 😊 I explained to my wife what had happened with taking a wrong turn and the extended course length. They had barely gotten to the finishing area to see me so if I hadn’t taken a wrong turn and the course was actually 13.1 they would have missed me so there’s a silver lining to everything I guess.
My oldest daughter was super pumped to run in the kid’s race so we were going to hang around for that. We eventually made our way over to the awards area to kill some time where I was unexpectedly awarded first place for my age group! I have never placed in my age group before let alone come in first place so that quickly lifted my spirits. A little while later I got to run with my daughter in the kids race which was a thrill for both of us and my mood quickly improved.
My Garmin recorded me running a half marathon in 1:38:55 but since my official time is 1:44:11 I’m not quite sure what to make of my time for this race? Would you consider 1:38 my PR or 1:44? I mean either way it’s a PR and I’m pumped about that since I last set my half marathon PR over 7.5 years ago! I’m already signed up for another half marathon at the end of January on a notoriously fast course so finger crossed either way I will be able to set a new PR at that race and this race’s time won’t matter.
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2019.10.14 00:37 doubleandrew Prairie Fire Marathon 2019 - Wichita, KS

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 3:40 Yes
B Sub 3:35 Yes
C Sub 3:30 No


See Strava


I am a 34 year old male based out of Austin, TX. Before this, I had done 23 marathons in 23 states in my goal of doing the 50 state thing.
I hurt my right knee pretty badly last January and then ran a marathon in Anchorage last June that caused or exacerbated a lot of other issues. It basically knocked me out of anything except short/slow/casual runs for seven frustrating months.
I trained for and ran a relay event in March with some friends, which went well and served as my kickoff to return to longer-distance running. I didn’t adhere to any particular plan, but I slowly and carefully increased mileage week after week. My max MPW for the training cycle was 46 miles and max distance for any run was 20 miles. My very long runs generally went terribly, but I chalked that up to running in insufferable Texas heat.
I specifically chose this race because it was a doable driving distance from home. Had training gone south, all I had to do was not make the trip.


I drove 9 hours to Wichita on Saturday morning, arriving mid-day to pick up my packet. I got a surprisingly great pasta dinner, bought some breakfast foods for the next morning, and was in bed by 8:30. My alarm went off at 5:00, which gave me ample time to eat two cinnamon rolls, drink two cups of coffee, and stretch. I arrived around 6:30, chatted with other runners, and got in place.

First Half

The race began promptly at 7:30 at a brisk temperature of ~40 degrees and minimal wind. The first half of the race was so, so good for me. My strategy was to start with the 3:30 group, stick with them for a few miles, and then make a decision about speeding up or slowing down. By the fourth mile once I was all warmed up, I felt my pace naturally gravitating towards 7:40, so I leaned into it and pulled ahead of the pace group. The course is almost totally flat, with the sole exception of a few gentle hills between miles 3-5. Miles 7-12 veer around a river and a really pleasant neighborhood.

Second Half

This event is a double-loop of 13.1 miles. I have never done a race like that before, and I really wasn’t thrilled at the prospect...but it wound up not being a big deal. I hit between 7:35 and 7:50 like clockwork all the way until mile 18 when I couldn’t continue going without a bathroom break. I usually ignore that urge while marathoning, but there was simply no way around it. I lost a minute and a half to that.
My pace began to wane around mile 22 and I hit my wall around mile 24, and hard. The 3:30 pace group caught up to me at mile 25. The sweet lady leading it tried to encourage me to keep going, but then my stomach totally gave out. I kneeled down on the sidewalk to dry-heave for a while, but nothing came up. It was embarrassing and all I could think about was missing my goal even more. Once I collected myself, I did my best to trot out the last mile or so of the race. That was my worst mile, at ~11:00.
The race ends on a very long straightaway. I crossed at 3:32:25, chatted with the 3:30 pacer some more, and then fell back down to dry-heave some more. When I looked up, there were EMTs headed my way to come check up on me. I insisted I was OK, but one kept an eye on me until I was able to get up and walk.

Post Race

3:32 isn’t so bad, especially coming off of a tough year. I am bummed to just miss 3:30 due to gastro issues. But all things considered, I feel proud of the result. It turns out to be my 5th fastest marathon.
I’m chalking the dry-heaving up to dehydration. Once I got some fluids in me, I felt a lot better. Next time, I’m going to be more consistent in taking hydration throughout the race.
Post-race, I made some calls, picked up my t-shirt and my medal, and took some pictures. My stomach was in no shape for food right after the run, but I got a decadent lunch after cleaning myself up at the hotel.
The Prairie Fire Marathon is an excellent event. Kudos to the organizers for all of their hard work. There were tons of volunteers, well-placed aid stations, excellent pacers, plenty of porta-potties, a good bag check system, and a great course. If you are on the 50 state plan or are located within a couple of hours drive from Wichita, I’d highly recommend it.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph
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2019.10.07 01:34 parilmancy An overview of the competitive(ish) races in Texas in 2020

I wanted to do something a little bit more in-depth about exactly how bad the Republican bleeding in the suburbs has gotten in Texas. Even if the GOP manages to hold on to the statewide elections in Texas through increased turnout in rural areas, if they continue to lose the suburbs it is likely to cost them the State House, several Congressional seats, and possibly even the state board of education (and also some seats in major counties, but I won’t track those in detail here).

1. State Senate:

There’s not going to be much action in the State Senate in 2020, as most of the suburban districts were up in 2018. SD-19 is the obvious target, a district we lost in a special election that Hillary won by 11.5 points and Beto by 14.8.
The only other district I see potentially being competitive this time is SD-12, which has rapidly trended blue since 2012 (Romney+34, Trump+24, Cruz+12.4), but even if a statewide Dem manages to win it, I doubt we’ll actually flip the seat because of incumbency and how downballot results often lag statewide results somewhat during rapid shifts like these.

2. State House:

On the legislative front, this is where the real action is. Many of you know that Beto won a majority of the districts, but in addition to those there are lots of other suburban seats that have been rapidly trending our way and should be in reach in 2020. I’ll break these into a few categories: the seats we need to hold, the “Beto” seats, the “Tarrant Five”, then the various other seats that might come into play.
a) Holds:
Most of the seats that Dems narrowly won in 2018 I’m not too worried about given the recent trendline, but just for completeness, here’s a rundown of the districts that we won by 10 points or less.
District v Romney v Trump v Cruz 2018 Result
HD-45 -13.3 -3.6 +11.3 +3.2
HD-47 -18.7 -0.2 +10.8 +4.8
HD-52 -12.3 -1.5 +12.6 +3.4
HD-65 -16.7 -2.1 +9.1 +2.4
HD-102 -7.7 +9.6 +17.9 +5.8
HD-105 -5.7 +8.5 +18.2 +9.4
HD-113 -6.2 +1.9 +11.7 +7.0
HD-132 -19.1 -4.3 +3.5 +0.2
HD-135 -19.0 -2.1 +6.5 +3.2
HD-136 -13.9 +2.5 +17.5 +9.7
Like I said, I don’t think many of these are particularly concerning based on the fundamentals. HD-132 is likely to be the most problematic because we only just won it and it seems to be trending left somewhat slower than some of the other districts. Even then it still moved 7.8 points in two years – the question is how much of that was due to the national environment and Beto. Regarding that last point, it’s probably worth noting that, on average, statewide Republicans won the district (even with all the 2018 gains, the only D-held district where that was true!), but a few statewide Republicans even out-performed Trump’s 2016 margin (Abbott won this district by 6). This district reverting to Trump by a few points (enough to seriously threaten an incumbent) seems pretty unlikely to happen in this district, so again I’m not too worried, but we should make sure Calanni gets adequate support.
As for the rest, well, even if Trump miraculously manages to claw his margins back to what they were in 2016, they still won’t be easy for the Republicans to take back given incumbency advantage. According to journalist Patrick Svitek’s list, the TX GOP is targeting a couple of districts even beyond these, which seems ridiculously ambitious since they'll have to play defense too.
Looking also at the seats Republicans didn’t contest in 2018, the only one I could potentially see being competitive in 2020 is HD-74, consisting of a lot of the mostly unpopulated counties between El Paso and San Antonio. Even there, the margin only closed from 15 or 16 in the presidential elections to Beto winning by 12.9, and not even Abbott managed to win the district, so it's really hard to see them winning it in 2020.
b) The Beto Nine:
These are the R-held seats that Beto won in 2018. Naturally, these are the top targets for 2020, though as you’ll see later there are quite a few more decent targets.
District v Romney v Trump v Cruz 2018 Result
HD-26 -27.1 -4.9 +1.6 -4.8
HD-64 -23.0 -14.5 +0.5 -8.3
HD-66 -23.7 -3.3 +5.7 -0.6
HD-67 -23.8 -5.7 +5.3 -2.2
HD-108 -19.7 +6.3 +15.1 -0.2
HD-112 -11.5 +1.2 +9.6 -2.0
HD-121 -23.3 -8.3 +.36 -8.5
HD-134 -14.6 +15.5 +21.3 -6.4
HD-138 -19.9 +.07 +6.3 -0.1
The one that stands out the most is HD-134, which is represented by Sarah Davis, who apparently is the only pro-choice Republican in the Texas House, which surely helped her survive in 2018. In both 2016 and 2018 she’s had to fight off primary challengers – her losing the primary is probably the easiest way for us to win the seat, as it would basically be a guaranteed flip in that case.
Other than that, these should all make for phenomenal targets for 2020. Districts 66 and 67 (Western and Eastern Plano), 108, 112, and 138 (where the incumbent Bohac won’t run for re-election) could all be relatively easy flips given proper investment, but the others might take a bit more elbow grease.
As of today (October 5th), at least one Dem has filed for each of these seats.
c) The Tarrant Five:
Despite narrowly winning Tarrant County, Beto only won 3 of the 11 house districts within. Why? Because of gerrymandering, which leads us to the now vulnerable “Tarrant Five” that he only narrowly lost in, all of which are trending toward Democrats at incredible speed.
District v Romney v Trump v Cruz 2018 Result
HD-92 -23.9 -14.2 -2.5 -2.4
HD-93 -22.0 -14.4 -2.7 -7.8
HD-94 -22.2 -13.4 -3.2 -8.6
HD-96 -18.4 -11.1 -.14 -3.6
HD-97 -20.7 -9.8 -2.0 -8.3
The Rep in HD-92 (Jon Stickland) won’t run for re-election, but since he was a conservative firebrand and one of the only Reps in competitive districts to underperform Cruz, it’s not clear whether that’s a net positive for us.
Regardless, all of these districts should be in play come 2020, and should serve as solid insurance for the Beto districts that might fail to come through. It will probably be hard to flip districts 93, 94, and 97 if we can’t narrow the margin between the House result and the statewide results, though.
Finally, I’ll just mention that the other R-held Tarrant seats (91, 98, and 99) are trending left as well, and at a roughly similar pace (17 points since Romney for two of them, 23.5 for the other) but they all started far enough to the right that Beto still lost them by 20 or 28 points. Good sign for the Tarrant county-level elections, but unless we get really lucky in redistricting we aren’t going to be sweeping Tarrant counties HDs anytime soon.
Districts 92, 93, and 96 currently have two Dems filed to run, 97 has one, but we’re still waiting on someone to file for 94 (Westish Arlington).
d) Miscellaneous districts (and some reaches):
These are the other seats (mostly suburban) that seem to be trending our way enough to maybe be competitive in 2020 (or at least worth keeping an eye on the areas they contain further down the road).
District v Romney v Trump v Cruz 2018 Result
HD-14 -28 -15.2 -2.3 -12.8
HD-28 -29.4 -10.2 -3.2 -8.4
HD-29 -28 -13.6 -5.4 No Dem!
HD-32 -15.5 -11.5 -5.1 No Dem!
HD-54 -8.2 -7.0 -1.2 -7.6
HD-85 -23 -15 -10 -13.0
HD-89 -36 -23 -12.1 -19.0
HD-106 -37 -24 -10.9 -16.6
HD-122 -37 -20.1 -12.3 -23.8
HD-126 -25.3 -9.9 -3.6 -9.6
HD-129 -30.5 -15.2 -8.8 -14.7
HD-133 -38 -14.4 -9.3 -16.2
HD-150 -38.3 -22.6 -14.7 -15.6
Plainly, some of these are big reaches that will almost surely remain out of reach in 2020, but several of them (especially HDs 14, 28, 29, and 126) are pretty tantalizing targets. At the very least, we can’t leave a district like HD-29 uncontested again.
HD-133 is also kind of interesting. Why did it move so much between 2012 and 2016? Why didn’t it move much between 2016 and 2018? Maybe it’s simply that it moved so much in 2016 – if it had “only” shifted 20 points left in that time it would look like a more normal progression. Also worth noting that HD-133 Rep. Murphy was recently named the Vice Chair of the Republican Caucus. Probably won’t be able to knock him off, even with a strong candidate, but they could be forced to spend some resources to defend this seat.
HD-54 is something of a racial gerrymander that goes through most of Killeen, so it hasn’t been particularly elastic and will likely be pretty hard to break through in. Still, Beto came close enough to winning it that it’s definitely worth trying. It’s also worth noting that Bell has been a low turnout county (in 2018 registered voter turnout was 44.2% while statewide was 53.0%, and 51.4% in 2016 while statewide was 59.4%, and turnout in the part of Killeen in the district seems to be several percentage points below those county-wide numbers, circa 38% in 2018), so getting turnout juiced up there could be what’s needed to flip this (and could also help with flipping TX-31).
Regarding HD-14, from what I can tell the Dem candidate in 2018 pretty much shunned fundraising (going through all his filings, I think he spent less than $10k throughout his entire campaign), so I’m not too concerned about the 2018 result in that district. If we get a compelling and well-funded candidate running a vigorous campaign this is definitely a district that’s in play.
We’re still waiting on candidates for districts 29, 85, 89, 122, 129, 133, and 150. Some of these are reaches, and ideally we’ll get someone to run for all of these (and some even more marginal) seats, but we should definitely put heavy emphasis on recruiting for 29, 129, and 133 in the near future. Depending on how his Q3 went, it might be worth trying to nudge Derrick Reed from TX-22 to HD-29.
Finally, note that HD-28 has a special election on November 5th. The general is basically a jungle primary, then if no candidate breaks 50% there will be a runoff (it’s one Dem against six Republicans, so if anyone wins it outright it will likely be the Dem Eliz Markowitz). A low turnout special under these rules definitely isn’t the ideal situation to win the district, but winning now would make a major statement about the state of the Texas suburbs and make it easier to win the district for a full term in 2020. If there’s a runoff, it might be Dec. 3rd (not sure how that would work with Thanksgiving during early voting, though), less than a week before the 2020 filing deadline, or after the filing deadline (the only date that avoids problems from Thanksgiving and Christmas would be Dec. 17th) – I’m not 100% sure on the rules for when the runoff would be held and I haven’t found a similar situation in recent years.

3. Congressional districts:

This will be a pretty quick rundown of all the potentially competitive districts in Texas in 2020 (and a couple suburban/mixed ones not likely to be super competitive quite yet). As you can see, the trend is quite positive for Democrats in pretty much all of them (the only real exception being the racial gerrymander of TX-23, which has still been moving toward Dems, but much more slowly).
District v Romney v Trump v Cruz 2018 Result
TX-02 -27.4 -9.3 -1.2 -7.2
TX-03 -30.1 -14.2 -3.5 -10.0
TX-06 -17.2 -12.2 -3.2 -7.7
TX-07 -21.3 +1.4 +7.3 +5.0
TX-10 -20.3 -9.2 +0.2 -4.3
TX-17 -22.7 -17.5 -9.7 -15.5
TX-21 -21.9 -10.0 -0.1 -2.6
TX-22 -25.4 -7.9 -0.6 -4.9
TX-23 -2.7 +3.4 +5.0 -0.5
TX-24 -22.5 -6.3 +3.5 -3.1
TX-25 -22.1 -14.8 -5.1 -8.7
TX-26 -36.9 -26.5 -14.3 -20.4
TX-31 -21.3 -12.7 -2.2 -2.9
TX-32 -15.5 +1.9 +10.6 +6.5
First, it’s worth mentioning that for a few of these districts Dems didn’t have particularly serious, well funded campaigns, usually in the districts that ran more than a few points behind Beto. This is particularly notable in TX-03, TX-17, TX-24, TX-26. I think it’s important not to let the 2018 result color our impression of these districts too much, particularly with TX-03.
I expect our 2018 flips in TX-07 and TX-32 to be relatively safe: they weren’t even districts Trump won in 2016, they’ve continued trending our way since then, and we’ll now have incumbency advantage. Republicans will need either top tier candidates, Dem scandals, or a huge shift in national environment to have a real chance at these.
We have great flip in the DCCC targeted districts, TX-10, 21-24, and 31 (note, there have been GOP retirements in three of these districts, making them even more attractive). I would also argue we should be making a forceful push in TX-02 given the trend in statewide results and the possibility we could cut Crenshaw’s career short.
A few more districts like TX-03, 06, and 25 could also come into play given recent trends. The question is how much the trends will continue (and maybe also how much Beto overperformed other statewide candidates in 2018), and whether that will be enough to overcome the incumbency advantage.
TX-17 and TX-26 also have favorable trends, but are almost sure to remain out of reach in 2020, even with Flores retiring in TX-17.
Furthermore, I’ll note that a lot of these districts contain or overlap with several important State House races.
Many of these overlaps are fairly insubstantial (yay gerrymandering!), but in total they show that you can also help out large swaths of the competitive Congressional districts by investing in the State House districts (which are much more likely to be under-resourced than the Congressional races) – Congressional districts 2, 3, 6, 7, 22, 31, and 32 are all pretty competitive and have especially significant overlaps with important House districts, so those areas are great places to target to have an effect at multiple levels, both for voter registration now and for GOTV later.
In particular, House Districts 26, 28, 29, 47, 52, 54, 92, 94, 96, 102, 108, 112, 113, 121, 126, 132, 134, 135, 136, and 138 are all party-targeted districts that are mostly (or even entirely) contained within the more competitive Congressional districts. Also throw in 66 and 67 if (like me) you think TX-03 is a good target, and 45 if you think TX-25 will be competitive.
Most of the districts in the Austin gerrymander don’t have a lot of particularly competitive districts around, as they mostly overlap with districts that should be fairly easy holds, or districts incredibly far out of reach, with little in between.

4. State Board of Education:

Dems currently hold 5 of 15 state BoE districts, but Beto won 9 of 15 in 2018 and three of the R-held districts Beto won are up in 2020. Thus, it’s conceivable that Dems can take the state BoE in 2020.
District 5 is South Austin, N and E parts of Bexar county, the stuff in between, and some rural areas. Beto won it by over 10 points and the incumbent is retiring (I think?), so it should be fairly easy to win in 2020, especially if Hays County and the San Antonio suburbs keep trending blue.
This district has a lot of overlap with TX-21, and some with TX-23 and TX-25. HD-45 is entirely within the district, 121 and 122 are mostly inside, and some portion of 47 is also within it.
As a top target, this has attracted a few Democratic candidates, namely Rebecca Bell-Metereau (a Texas State English Professor who narrowly lost the Dem primary runoff for HD-45 to Erin Zweiner) and Steven Apodaca. Meanwhile, tea party Republican Lani Popp is running for the Republican nomination.
District 6 is Western parts of Houston and some of Northwestern Harris County. Beto won this by 3.8 points and the local trends are good so I wouldn’t be shocked if one of our statewide candidates wins it by 10 in 2020. This was the previous chair of the BoE’s seat, and she just announced she is not running for re-election, so this is another great flip target.
This district has substantial overlaps with TX-02 and TX-07, and a smaller overlap with TX-10. Regarding State House districts, it has substantial overlaps with districts 126, 134, and 138, with a small overlap with 132, and also some overlap with less competitive districts unlikely to come into play in 2020 such as 133 and 150.
Two Dems so far have filed for this seat, Debra Kerner (who filed for TX-07 in 2018 but dropped out before the primary) and Michelle Palmer.
District 10 is Northern Austin and Williamson and Bell counties, then mostly rural counties (that assiduously avoid the big college towns of Waco and College Station). Beto won this by only 1.1 points, so it’s quite likely this will be the tipping point district. Turnout in Austin and Williamson was sky-high in 2018: will they be able to overwhelm the rural parts of the district again? Will continued population growth and leftward trends in Austin and Williamson help significantly? How much of the margin was due to the national environment and Beto outperforming all other statewide candidates? There are a lot of question marks here that likely will make it quite tough to win, but there are also reasons for optimism.
This district completely covers TX-31, and also has some overlap with TX-25, TX-10, and TX-17. For the State House districts we're mostly looking at the ones in TX-31, so 47, 52, and 136 for defense and 54 on offense.
Finally, we’re still waiting on a candidate here. The filing deadline is December 9th, so if you know anyone who would make a good candidate, encourage them to run!


There’s a huge amount of competitive ground in Texas in 2020, and almost all of it is in the suburbs of the major metro areas. A lot is at stake, including control of the Texas House, several Congressional districts, Congressional (and maybe legislative) redistricting, and the Texas Board of Education.
I not yet optimistic on Dems winning statewide in Texas in 2020 (though a lot can still happen!), but it’s clear that Dems are making major inroads in suburban areas across the state. Current Republican strategy seems to be going all-in on the rural areas while alienating the suburbs. Such a strategy may let them keep hold of Texas in statewide elections, but it could cost them dearly in the local elections. And this isn’t just true in Texas: it could also hurt them in Georgia and Arizona, which have similar dynamics in their big metro areas.
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2019.04.30 15:22 wishyouwhale Please dont rain, Austin

Worried come Friday that the predicted rain and thunderstorm in Austin will cancel the show. I'll be going with my date that I've been seeing coming up to 2 months to the show and I just want the rain not to rain on our parade as well as the others who will be going. Please send thoughts and prayers to the weather gods in Austin, TX. Thx
EDIT: it's an outdoor venue so even if it doesn't rain Friday, the humidity from this week's forcasted rain is going to kick everyone's asses. God speed and have mercy on all our souls ✊
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2019.04.30 04:20 gonzlofogous Flair Change! New Instrument Aviator - Checkride Write-Up!

Thank you to the Reddit community as all the posts I've read have helped me come a long way in my path towards becoming a better pilot!
The write-up:
3 days before the checkride, to be conducted out of San Marcos (KHYI), I received a flight plan from the examiner from San Marcos to Alpine, TX (E38). The aircraft for the checkride is a 172S.
I planned the route of KHYI BETTI V222 FST E38 at 8,000'. What I didn't plan for is the altitude from FST to E38. I only realized this when reviewing it during the ground portion. Lesson #1 learned.
To flight directly from FST to E38, I would need to clear the OROCA of 9,900'. I planned for the RNAV 23 approach. To descend, I would need to enter the required hold and lose about 4,000' altitude before shooting the approach.
The aircraft I rent is out of Austin(AUS). Looking at the weather days before, I probably wouldn't be able to depart in the morning due to low ceilings. The day before, I elected to fly down the night before, stay in a hotel, and be ready first thing in the morning. On checkride day, the ceilings didn't clear until noon, so I'm glad I elected to do this.
Before hand, I gather all the maintenance logs and ensure the VOR check and GPS database are up to date.
I meet with the examiner and we get set up in the conference room. We review all required aircraft maintenance and determine it to be airworthy.
Next we review my government issued ID, medical, and PPL license and determine that I am able to be pilot in command.
After paying the fee, we start the ground portion. I review the Pilot Bill of Rights. We review my personal minimums of 1000' ceilings and 1 1/2 mile visibility. We continue on to reviewing my flight plan.
We review the plan from HYI to FST and determine that my plan meets the MEA along V222. He inquires about what altitude I should fly from FST to Alpine. Here's where I realize that my 8,000' plan is too low. I pull up the IFR chart and find the 9,900' OROCA and update the plan.
Next, he asks what would happen in a lost comms in IMC after takeoff. My answer was to continue on with the plan and expected altitudes. If VFR conditions I would land. He adds, that there are no VFR conditions throughout the whole route.
I state I would fly from FST to the IAF of RNAV 23 at Alpine and hold until my ETA time.
During the review, I would find that I'm required to fly from FST to E38 before starting the approach because that is what is in my clearance. I also fail to mention to squawk 7600.
We review weather information. I decode a METAR and TAF and slightly stumbled on the TEMPO entry in a TAF. Know this cold. We also go over SIGMETS.
Next, he asks if I would be able to depart Alpine with a 1,500' overcast on a 30º day and meet the OPD. Here's where I mess up. After taking ~10 minutes to calculate the aircraft climb performance with given winds, I am unable to figure if the aircraft can meet the 432' / nm climb. I have to take a break and calm my nerves. After revisiting the problem, I divide the GS of 90kts by 60 and multiply by 432'/nm given in the OPD for a required climb of 648'/min. I determine that my aircraft is only able to climb 475'/min, thus not able to meet the required OPD climb under these conditions. At this point, my nerves have gotten to me. I have not worked a problem like this in months.
We go over icing conditions. I get the pitot tube is both a de-ice and anti-ice system. I, however, did not know about the windscreen defogger vents in a 172. Next, he asks, what would happen is the air filter were to become blocked with ice. I did not know about the spring loaded door to provide alternate air to the engine.
He asks what should I do if the static port becomes iced over. I eventually answer to use the Alt air source knob inside the cockpit. We go over what I would do if I encounter in-flight icing. I state I would climb to an altitude where ice is frozen. I did not know that you should climb to an altitude where the air temperature is outside of -20º to 0º.
We next review convective weather and what actions I would take if forced to fly into a convective cumulonimbus cloud. The correct answer is to slow the aircraft down to between stall speed an Va to limit the possibility of structural failure.
After stumbling my way through the ground portion, he informs me the ground portion is complete. We review the practical flight to be taken and informs me to file a flight plan.
Our plan is to depart San Marcos, fly radar vectors to ILS 13, then fly the VOR DME A into New Braunfels(KBAZ) for a circle to land approach. After we would cancel IFR and conduct unusual attitudes followed by the RNAV 35 full procedure to circle to land runway 17. The last approach would be conducted partial panel. The flight was very short and very busy with 2 close by airports and back-to-back procedures.
The flight went mostly as planned. During the VOR approach into New Braunfels, Austin approach had me switch to New Braunfels Tower. During this portion, I get task saturated having to brief the very soon to be coming VOR approach and I don't switch to Tower for about 2 mins. He gives me a hint that something isn't right. I catch it.
During the circle, I don't bust minimums but I climb 200' too high and he informs me we are back in the clouds. I execute the missed approach.
Here we cancel our IFR flight plan and conduct 3 unusual attitudes which I knock out with no problem.
From just east of New Braunfels, we are 2 miles away from the IAF of CILAK where the RNAV 35 approach begins. He covers up the DG and Attitude instruments.
At this point, I'm behind the aircraft and don't have time to get set up for the approach. I inform ATC that I will be entering a hold at CILAK. This gives me time to get the weather, get set up, and brief the approach. I enter in a teardrop entry and perform 1 hold. Just before crossing the IAF inbound I catch that the receiver is still on VLOC and I switch it to GPS mode. That would have been bad if I missed it. I did, however, neglect to set the approach CRS in the VOR indicator. Being partial panel, with a million other things going on, I never catch the flashing yellow "MSG" indicator on the GPS. Luckily I was on an RNAV approach. I call to ATC that I'm established inbound.
During the circling approach, I'm quite close to the runway in a tight pattern. I manage to get my altitudes not above 100' and perform the circle to land slightly overshooting the final approach. We land and taxi and I'm greeted with a handshake informing me I passed!
I am beyond relieved and very worn out from the flight but ever so thankful it's over.
After issuing the temporary certificate, I recollect myself and plan my FIRST IFR SOLO flight back home to Austin. The flight was a walk in the park compared to the flight I just had.
I learned an immense amount today and no doubt I'm a better pilot today than I was yesterday.
I hope this write-up may help other students in the future!
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2018.10.20 22:50 ramoncacho Marketing Project Manager @ PerfectKeto.com (Remote or Austin, Texas)

Marketing Project Manager at Perfect Keto

Location: Remote; Austin, TX

Change the world through nutrition with Perfect Keto! 💪

Link: https://goo.gl/XH2zna

About Perfect Keto:

If you’re part of our team, you believe in changing the world through nutrition with other equally passionate and ambitious change-makers. That’s why everyone at Perfect Keto is given the freedom, support, and resources they need to do their best work, surpass their goals, make a positive impact, and have fun along the way. We believe that a real food, ketogenic diet is not a silver bullet, but is an entry point to changing people’s lives for the better.
We have offices in Austin, Chicago, and soon Portland. We also welcome remote work. We have team members working from different countries and cities around the world 🌎


Perfect Keto is seeking an organized, detail-oriented Marketing Project Manager with a proven track record of managing product launches, organizing team members and flawlessly executing to build bulletproof systems for promotions, campaigns, and marketing projects.
You can coordinate and manage a process including multiple players and moving pieces from start to finish flawlessly. You know what types of questions to ask and tests to perform to find holes and potential errors in process to catch them before they turn into costly mistakes.
Reports to: Sarah Peterson, VP of Marketing


Develop rock-solid systems for successful product launches. You will own the entire product launch project process, including coordinating deliverables through a project management system, executing on pieces of the launch, coordinating due dates and deliverables, and hitting aggressive launch goals.




We can't take care of others (our customers) without taking care of ourselves (our people) first. That's why we pay extremely competitive salaries and offer a variety of perks to help you optimize your health.
💰 Salary: We pay top of market because we want the best people at our company.
🕑 Office Hours: You design your own workday. Work whenever you want, from wherever you want.
✈️ Vacation & Holidays: We have a strict two week minimum of vacation taken per year, and anything over that is unlimited and up to you. Take any holiday you want, but also feel free to work on any holiday you want.
🏥 Health insurance: You have the choice to opt-in to the best health insurance we can get. We’re also working towards providing dental and vision coverage.
🥑 Nutrition: You get a monthly budget to invest on getting fresh food locally.
💪 Fitness: You get a monthly budget to invest on a gym membership, personal trainer, yoga classes, and anything else that helps you increase your physical fitness.
📚 Books: You get a free Kindle and four books per month.
🧘 Meditation: We cover any app or class you use to improve your meditation consistency.
🎓 Continued Learning: We cover anything that increases your work skills and provide a monthly budget for developing any personal skills you desire. You want to learn Spanish? How to do pottery? We have you covered.
❤️ Free product: You need to be able to brag about how awesome Perfect Keto products are, so team members get free product for their personal use.
🏖️ Retreats: Having fun is one of our core values. Join us on our all expenses paid retreats to fantastic locations.
👶 Parental Leave: Take the time you need to take care of your baby and yourself. Work will be there when you come back.
Apply Now: https://goo.gl/XH2zna
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2018.05.06 19:11 ju_bl Sunshine 5K - A happy surprise

Race information


Goal Description Completed?
A Win as a Team Yes
B < 19:00 Yes
C Relive those High School Glory Days Yes


Mile Time
1 6:01
2 5:52
3 5:56
.12 0:47


This race and decision to run it pretty much came out of nowhere. One day our cadre asked me and my officer in charge (I'm second in charge) if we were going to do a race for our ROTC Run Team. We decided on the Sunshine Fun Run because of its date before finals and the fact that there was a team competition. The problem though was that we had not necessarily been training for a 5k or anything in particular so we would basically be going in blind. Despite that we figured people would have fun and it would be a good close to the semester.


It was honestly a beautiful morning and we couldn't have asked for better weather. First we met up and had some pre-race snacks and then started by going on a nice little warm-up jog and did some plyometrics, strides, and static stretches. A lot if it was teaching them some of these moves but I was happy they learned a good way to warm-up (compared to what they told me they normally did).
After warming up we made sure everything was set and we headed to the start line. Unfortunately, myself and two others had to go to the bathroom real fast so we got separated from the team. The other three members of the team got to the front of the gate and started from there. Me and my bathroom buddies ended up about mid-way back, which led to an interesting start.

Miles [0] to [1]

This start was quite the challenge. I had to dodge my way through lots of people although it cleared up about 100~200 meters into the race. I think this worked out better for me as it forced me to start at a conservative pace and work my way up. By 400 meters in I was sitting very comfortable at a 6:00 pace and was content on sitting there for the first mile. I set my goal to get to the front pack and catch up to my teammates that started at the front of the gate.
First Mile - 6:01

Miles [1] to [2]

I crossed the first mile mark feeling pretty dang good but I was hesitant to speed up and lose myself in the last mile. I did however pick it up a bit because it was net downhill and I really wanted to get to the front / catch my teammates. At about the 1.5 mile mark I passed my first teammate and was still feeling excellent so I picked it up in the last .5 of this mile to try and get out of the no mans land I was now in. Still felt good but definitely could feel the suck creeping in.
Second Mile - 5:52

Miles [2] to Finish

About .25 into this second mile I remember what it felt like to be in pain racing a 5k because I was feeling that very pain. In a weird twist a part of it felt good and motivated me onward. I tried to maintain the same pace from my second mile but this was a bit uphill so I ended up going slightly slower. My teammate and I joined up with about half a mile left as I finally caught up to him and he tried to stick with me for the sprint in. I was feeling really good though and maintained a nice kick to finish.
Last Mile - 5:56 +:47 for .13

Total Time - 18:35


After everyone finished we gathered together for team pictures and to get some snacks/food. We then waited for the awards and cleaned house. I could not have been happier for my team and I cannot wait for the next year with them.


1st Place Male 20-24 (ME!)
2nd Place Male 20-24
3rd Place Male 20-24
3rd Place Female 20-24
Fastest Team Overall

Final Thoughts

For a nice little fun run with little training I'm incredibly happy for what I accomplished and what my team accomplished. Not only that but it was fun to race again and take a break from studying for finals. What most excites me though is the potential for next year as we prepare for our main race the Army Ten Miler. We have a lot of talent on the team and with the right training we can dominate.
This post was generated using the new race reportr, a tool built by BBQLays for making organized, easy-to-read, and beautiful race reports.
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Speed Dating Austin Matchmaking in Austin

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Austin Texas - Things I wish I knew before i moved! If you are thinking about moving to Austin Texas, here are the top 3 things I wish I knew before I moved ... Tips On How To Pick Up Women In Austin, TX If you're ever in the Austin, Tx area then you'll need these tips to pick up the women here. You can thank me once you're happily married with an Austin gal. An insight into our first Trustee Speed-Dating event. An insight into our first Trustee Speed-Dating event. ... Admiral McRaven addresses the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2014 ... A city full of young, creative and friendly people Austin seemed like an excellent place for singles, until it turned it kind of wasn't all it seemed to be. ... speed dating austin speed dating portland speed dating in chicago speed dating long island ... speed dating louisville speed dating dallas tx speed dating in speed dating kansas In Texas they sure like to shoot them guns... But what is the heart of the Lone Star State really like? Join us for part II of my journey around Texas to dis... Michael Ching: Speed Dating Tonight - Duration: 50:07. SUU Music Department 2,405 views. ... The University of Texas at Austin Recommended for you. 19:27. Good morning, El Paso - Duration: ...